The Week That Was: Aug 19

I’m a day overdue but only because my day job demanded a lot yesterday. Now that I’ve caught a breather, here are few stills fresh off my Instagram feed from this week. The past seven days have been amazing, especially with all the attention I’ve been getting on the app thanks to the Suggested User feature.

All those followers make me want to do better, try newer things and push myself when it comes to my amateur photography skills. This week I tried my hands on some minimalism and a bit of food shots too.

*New Series* Monday Muse

I could never write poems when happy. For me to generate words, misery was necessary. Or at least I thought it was for the longest time. But the other night, as I tossed, turned and floated in and out of a dream-like state, a muse found its way to me. I didn’t grab on to it nor did it push it away. It took its course and I let it be. In a semi-sleep stage, I typed out a few short poems on my phone.

Having written while under the spell of sadness, I can safely say that writing while happy gives a much better feeling. Yes, churning out poems when blue is cathartic and there is no denying the weight that comes off your shoulders. But penning when content elevates happiness to a whole new level. I, for once, felt light as a feather and slept like a baby with a smile on my face. I highly recommend it.Do you write when you are glad or sad?

Now on, Mondays are going to be about happy things and happier thoughts with this new series. I really hope you like it.

The Week That Was: Aug 11

This week a whole lot of food was consumed. Good food that made me feel even better inside. I tried out Nordic Kandie Magic’s mazipans and ended up helping myself with another. I can be a glutton sometimes.

A grandmother was remembered (mother’s mother). I called her Amamma. She was a beauty. She really was. See for yourself.

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EDIT: Something major happened at 12am Saturday. Instagram chose little old me as a Suggested User. I could barely believe my eyes. It’s a big deal for me and Im stoked. I never would have imagined that the pictures I take from my phone would have such an impact. Thank you, Instagram…I’m honoured.

Love always, xoxo

*New Series* The Week That Was

So, I didn’t end up following through on the #100happydays challenge. Everyday cannot be happy. As much as I’d want it to be, I personally found the task rather daunting. So, I’m going to try something new. This new photo series will document the nicest pictures (1-2) i have taken all week. This one ill see through, this one is achievable.

This week I was baffled at the number of wires that fill Bombay. They are all over the place, so much so that we tend to delete them from our vision. Sometimes though…they surprise you with their fluency in geometry.

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Hanging by a thread 

Image by Slow Motion Thoughts 

Journal: And the livin’ is easy…

Sultry and sweaty, it’s that time of the year again…. 

I love the Indian summer. I know it’s hot and sometimes even ikky but the cheerful blooms, sweetly singing birds and the cloudless azure skies make it all worth it. And the colours, oh don’t get me started on the colours. They are everywhere…even grey concrete streets are lined with hues of fallen flowers. Besides, with the glorious sun beaming down on us it’s the perfect time for a li’l vaca somewhere by the sea, don’t you think? 

Happy summer, my lovelies! And to celebrate the season and the my new iPhone, I’ve decided to take the #100happydays challenge. Find me on Instagram under the username slowmotionthoughts. Also look out for the #100happydays weekly round up on the blog.

Friday Finds: Christopher Poindexter

Today isn’t Friday. But forgive me as I try to rewind a wee bit. I missed last week’s  Friday Finds as I was preoccupied with Goa (a post on that soon).

His words make me swirl. I have been reading his work for a while, falling slowly in love with his mind. His poetry penetrates realms that lay somewhere in-between the head and heart. The simplicity and depth that they exude… oh, how they make me travel into dreamland.
I’ve been trying to stalk this boy all over the internet but by the looks of it, he is a bit of a phantom. There is precisely one image of him on the net and one etsy store where he sells prints of his poem typed on hemp paper. Go on and support this wordsmith: link

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Image by Slow Motion Thoughts

Hello there starlings. I’m back from a teeny tiny holiday where I drenched myself in sun, sand and spirit! More on that soon… but for now, a little heads up. Slow Motion Thoughts is now on Bloglovin. Go on and hit follow.

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Friday Finds: Pin Up Flask + The Lil Flea

Now that I am on a diet and doing surprisingly well at that, Im always hungry… for information. See what I did there. Hee Hee. To satiate that appetite, here we are at a new section called Friday Finds.

Seduction Hip Flask. Like who doesn’t love pin up art? This flask on is totally adorable and at Rs 1800 a piece, rather sasta too.

Psst: The Lil Flea will be held at Bandra Reclamation, Mumbai on the 5th and 6th (that’s this weekend). Looks promising.

Edit: Entry fee Rs 50 (which goes to  planting of trees in Mumbai)

Journal: 10.03.2014

Eight hours of non-stop work and all one needs is a 30 minute solitary cab ride to un-focus. Riding fast or slow, rarely matters. The stillness of things in the back seat, the displacement of self and the silencing sights and sounds of chaos are marvellous. Uneventful, today is like yesterday that bears striking resembles to the day before. Traffic jams are not much of a bother. I like it when it eats up wasteful time. 
Eyes blink slowly as the mind draws a blank. Head tilted and resting on the side of a window, gazing aimlessly as other living being pass by. The taxi halts as the lights turn red. Between two parked cars, there is a opening. Boredom forces me to stare. He is on his knees, cloaked in over sized rags. A once white piece of cloth spread neatly before him. Was he praying?

A bag of unknown things sits next to seven or eight white sticks lined in descending order. Nearby, lay a morsel of black dust. His hands break the ninth stick and empties its flakes into the dust pile. Cigarettes. Used, smoked and butted. Ones which the original smoker didn’t burn till the filter. These were chosen carefully for the potential of their leftovers. In his hand, a brown pipe that he wouldn’t put down. Trembling hands struggle to tear the eight half-smoked cigarette.

Clutch, Gear 1, Release.
The taxi moves and he’s gone.  

Journal: A Free Ride

The strangest thing happened last Sunday. R & I were in South Bombay visiting grandma. We were late for the first visiting hour slot and had time to kill before the second. We went scouting for food and finally ended up munching on Leb-Mex food at Cafe Chikita while we wondered how in the world does Lebanese and Mexican food fit in the same menu.

It was almost 4pm and we had to get to the hospital. We stood on Causeway waiting for a cab. A cabbie, an older man, stopped and said ” It’s time for me to turn in my cab so I can’t take you where you want to go. But come along and I’ll reach you to cab for free.”

We hesitate. Looked at each other puzzled and quietly got into the cab. He drove ahead. We drove in silence. He found us a cab and we found our voice, said our “Thank you very much”. He grinned, said its alright and that he knew we had to get to the hospital in time and sped away.

We took a seat in the new cab. Looked and each, smiled. “Did that really happen?” I said. “Yeah, I think it really did,” R smiled. There was a warm sort of feeling in our hearts.

True Story.

Today, I Love… Tea Time!

All the problems in the world seems to fade away when you have a hot cup of breakfast tea in hand.
Warm, soothing and infused with all things good, tea time is my favourite time of the day! 
You can’t buy happiness but you can buy tea. And that’s kind of the same thing.
Image by Slow Motion Thoughts

Journal: Decisions

A tough decision has been made. I am not sure if it’s the right one. Not sure yet. 
But I am certain that if one tries hard enough, consequences of not-so-right decisions sometimes smile. Sometimes. 
Ah, we children of compulsion… Only when thrown into the deep end, will we learn how to swim. 
Big obstacles need stauncher conviction. 
And bad decisions. They need better comebacks. 

Today, I Love… Mushrooms

Admit it! Aren’t they the cutest things ever! Look at them … how they look like miniature bald trees or even fat umbrellas, if I may. Also, have you ever tried cutting a mushroom? So soft and mushy, you almost don’t feel like ruining it but you really can’t help yourself.

Today, I Love… Mushrooms
What are you loving today?

Image by slow motion thoughts

Journal: That Special Spice

What’s life without some spice?
Yes, your first, most instant thought went to sex and lust. 
But that’s not the kind of spice I’m talking about. 
That one thing, that thing that’s yours and that only you can create – Talent!
To have talent is to have the power to create. 
What’s life without some spice? I ask you again.
With the sheer joy of having created something from a collective effort of all your senses. 
I fear I haven’t realised mine yet. Tell me what’s yours?
 The exaltation of a creator that I crave so very much to feel, has still evaded me. 
But I shall find it soon enough
What’s life without some spice? I’ll tell you
It’s like soup without salt. 
Image by Slow Motion Thoughts

Journal: Meet Patch Fernandes

Meet the newest love of my life. R’s puppy dog Patch Fernandes. Yes, those who know me can pick their jaws of the floor, I like dogs now. Ever since Lulu, her puppies, Betty and her baby Ugly, my fear of dogs has melted into oblivion, only to be replaced by this crazy-person intense love for all things doggie.

Image by Slow Motion Thoughts

Patch is one of the most ‘human’ puppies I’ve ever met. Well, he ain’t a puppy no more, he is almost 4 now but I like to call him that. If you’d stare into his eyes and you’ll do the same. His mum was a Pom and his dad a Dalmatian, or so I’ve been told. Like all things wonderful, Patch is beautifully monochrome with distinctive black patches on his left eye and his bum.

R’s family picked him from outside their home in Mumbai one day to tend to his foot that was run over by a vehicle. Patch’s foot never really recovered but he found himself a safe and loving family. He is one fussy li’l mutt that demands constant attention. If you stop scratching him, he’ll look with a WTF, did I tell you to stop?’ expression and if that doesn’t work, he’ll nudge your hand with this wet nose till you abide.

He need constant human contact. I love how he sits near me and leans on my leg, only to fall asleep. He gets mighty excited when he does his No.1 and No.2 business and makes sure everybody in the house knows of his accomplishment by running around the place in a frantic manner. When you eat, Patch will sit by and stare at your face and use his Jedi powers to make you feed him. I, for one, cannot resist his baby eyes and end up giving him a lot of food under the table. R says Patch knows that he has me wrapped round his li’l paw. I say what the hell, he deserves it for being such a cutie pie. Our main man is exceedingly famous with the girls and is a Facebook personality in his own right.

Also, sometimes when you are not paying attention, you might mistake him for a black and white pig because he is one Fatty Fatterson.

Image by Slow Motion Thoughts

Journal: Where’d I go?

The past year has been rather strange.
From my foray into journalism to braving Mumbai, from being in a long distance relationship to battling with weight issues, it has been long and short at the same time. This is me breaking it down…

Image by Slow Motion Thoughts

Foray into journalism
I work like every other 24-year-old out there trying to fill his/her days out. I believe in giving my all, still not sure if that’s a good thing or a bad thing. With a simple one track mind, I can see only one thing — Work, work and more work. And despite it all, I don’t seem to feel fulfilled. I don’t feel like Ive accomplished much in the past year at my job as a feature writer with a decor and lifestyle magazine. Don’t get wrong, I like my job, but I feel like something is missing… Maybe the lack of that something is in me, I don’t know. Working from 9 to 5.30 (the extra half hour counts) for 5 days a week for 12 months as of 25th April, 2013 with my name and byline in about 12 issues and I still want more… If you’d sit me down and ask me what that ‘more’ is, I’d give you a blank expression, a half-hearted shrug and a strange sound that when decoded means ‘I bloody don’t know’.

Braving Mumbai
I said braving mainly because it sounds better than avoiding Mumbai! But this past year has seen me take my first local train ride alone (last month. Yay me). I also ate a vada pav after much avoidance and face-making and I kinda like it. The faint memory of the last vada pav (stale) I ate when I was 10yrs old still lingers and makes me want to barf, but Im stronger now. Can’t keep making excuses that are in the past, correct?

Long distance relationship
It’s hard, yes… But not at all impossible. With skype, whatsapp, FB, Twitter and what not, are you really truly that far away from your loved ones?

Battling with weight issues
I’m fat and ugly now, but you already know that. Not that I was exceptionally pretty before, but the skinny-ness has a way of creating an illusion of hotness. So, I paid 10k for a 6 month membership at a fancy-ass gym, swore in front of the Gods of the weighing scale that I’ll workout religiously everyday and conveniently quit within 3 weeks. One of the reasons being those very Gods forsake me and I seemed to gain more weight than lose it. Right now, I’m 59 kg and 24 years old, when I was underweight at 35 kg and 17 years old and signed up at the exact same gym for a bloody weight gain program! Beat that. I dare you… BEAT THAT!

Oh Oh. Completely forgot to mention my new food blog started with a friend.
Roadside Gluttons — On the Prowl 
Check it out and let me know your thoughts!


Journal: Draw a smile

Today was a rather aweful day. Badly hung over from last night’s celebration (twas me bday), work was a disaster on ice. I felt sick, I looked sick and all I wanted to do was head off home for some much needed shut eye. But alas, life isnt that kind. She is a ruthless lil witch. So I stayed on at work till about 7pm. Half an hour of mindless waiting to get into a super crowded local bus that wud eventually drop  a good 10mins away from home. Then the strangest thing happened…

He walked into our bus. This old old man who could barely walk. He climbs into the bus and presumed that the first lady he saw would give him her seat. Before she could offer (or not), he smiled at her and insisted hes getting off at the next bus stop. He stumbled his way to the back of the bus to buy his ticket from a careless conductor. He shivered as he walk wearing his golf cap at 7pm. The bus was rather still…or emptier (i couldnt make out the difference).

We were getting off at the same stop. He and I. He stood in front of me in line at the exit. As we stood, he slowly reached out his quivering hand towards a small boy seated. He turn his hand over after revelling the shock on the child’s face. It was a small chocolate…a lozenge…
A hesitant bombay boy resisted for a moment and coaxed into accepting by his father. The old man silently smiled. His hand, however, continued to shiver. He put it in  breast pocket n quivered his hand to the boy’s lil sister. Same trick. Different child. Same happiness. Same smile… On the child and him. And me…

We got down. Him first, then me. He stood there, pulling up his pants…reminding me of the doctor.

I pray you age as gracefully and as humbly as him.

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Chance Or Choice?

Watching a teen TV show to get my mind of the fact that my Saturday night out with #TheBoy and friends was ruined by committee ruling. PJ Club, Bombay says no girl or boy can enter if wearing shorts/skirts. Just my luck… to combat the sun storm that hit planet earth today I wore army green shorts and my batman tee. Invincible, I ventured out meeting him after months…Glee was cut short abruptly, thanks to unforeseen circumstances.

Coming back to the TV show in question, Awkward. is about a high school girl’s life. In the last episode of the first season, her mind is full of 1 question that she keeps asking herself and her friends  — Is destiny governed by chance or choice?

I can safely say…a bit of both. The choices I’ve made and the chances that have come my way have resulted in one thing and one thing only…this moment.

Am I complaining?


Music: The Dewarists

Single handedly, this humble avant-grade show hit an unexpected Indian audience and changed the way young India perceives home-made TV series.
I’m talking about…

Because The Dewarist deserved a Gold at the Cannes! 

This TV show goes down in history for winning the Bronze medal at Cannes. Must listen to these track.
Pure Genius!

There was a point in the past few months when I was busy clearing my head and making a decision about my career path. The sole reason I wanted to join TV production (having no experience or technical skill sets) was this series. It might sound like a bucket load of hog wash but its gotta be said…these episodes do something to you…something strange to your mind and heart. It’s extremely difficult to put into words. But …I guess you’ve watch it to believe it. Great part is, all these are freely available on Youtube.

1) Khule Da Rabb

2) Kya Khayal Hai

3) Sacred Science

Music: Rivers and Roads

Heard the first few lines of this song in  How I Met Your Mother (Episode: Where Ted proposes to Robin after she gets dumped) The episode ends with this song. I just had to look it up.    Love this song. It sings of my life right now. There is a song for every emotion, every relationship…every moment. This is my song, right now.

The Head & the Heart’s Rivers & Roads

The Sweetness

The sweet smell of nothingness
I like it
But it taunts me;
I crave it                                                                       
But it pawns me.
The sweet sight of emptiness
I brave it
But it fights me;
I fill it
But it locks me.
The sweet sound of hollowness
I welcome it
But it haunts me;
I caress it
But it stabs me.
The sweet touch of bareness
I call it
But it mocks me;
I want it
And it has me.


Yet another sad attempt to rhyme.

When we are older
its easier said that done
The sky is no longer the limit
and the walls around us have shrunk.

When we are older
rainbows are a passing glance.
Numbers and banks disseminate
our mind and soul apart

When we are older
Our dreams no longer fill
hunger of the real kind
or even pay the bills

When we are older
We ‘make do’ with our lives
swallow our pride with
limp in our stride 

The Great Wall that Divides

The greatest divide is always that between intention and action

You can mean what you say
But does it show in what do?

You can talk the g*d damn talk
But how well can you walk the crucial walk?

You can do a lot of ‘good’ to mankind
But how well do you sleep at night?

You can talk of peace & love
But behind closed door does you arm twitch so much?

You can plan & ponder all you want
But do they translate when the real carnival comes?

You can wish upon a falling star
But does it count for Hardwork’s scar?

The greatest divide is always that between action and intention

Long way to go

I’ve finally come to a point in my life where I no longer can hide behind the pretext of ‘higher education’. The Big Bad Wolf awaits my arrival. All I can do now is hope the past 22 years of my life have taught me well. 
It’s time to open that door. 
It’s time to write a new chapter. 
It’s my time to make a mark.

I wrote this poem with these thoughts in mind.

A Long way to go

Milestones overwhelm, as I drive by.
Perched in the corner of my mind, they
Talk,Weigh, Judge,Nod…
Relentless their pursuit.

This hybrid zooms, oblivious of patience
In the wilderness, a thought aimlessly wanders,
“If only I had fixed them when I had the time.”

Paths twist as the wind sings songs of grandeur,
And those headlight fail me
“I should have fixed them when I had the time.”

Brakes don’t work & pauses waste time,
A firm grip steers, mine.
This Inebriated momentum loathes caution

Moonlit & narrow, the turns bend again
This elastic, unpredictable tar has no Master
Amidst the resonating call of the next milestone,
A chant creeps,

“Eyes on the road”
“Eyes on the road”
“Eyes on the road”
“Eyes on the road”