One Minute DIY: Bottle Cap Fridge Magnets

I can’t begin to tell you how easy this DIY really is. So I love beer/cider bottle caps. I usually collect a few, admire them for a while and trash them. Mainly because I didn’t know what to do with them. Lately, I’ve been trying to be conscious of the trash we create in our home and have been actively seeking ways to recycle and repurpose things.

Recycling like a boss! Never trash a cute beer bottle cap again, thanks to this easy 1 minute DIY. You’re going to make so many cute fridge magnets in a jiffy. No glue gun, no sandpaper, no cutting, no major tools required.

The other day while reorganising my accessories I put an apple cider bottle and an egg carton to good use. It was a Little Creatures Pipsqueak Cider bottle that’s a beautiful brown. It also has the cutest little bottle cap and I couldn’t help but save one. I love the illustration on it.

I contemplated making a keychain, pendant or whatnot out of it. But I didn’t have any of the tools and buying them just to make one pendant seemed like a lot of work. So I thought of this easy DIY.

Also when I say it took me 1 minute to make it, I’m totally overexaggerating! It literally takes a few seconds if you have the things handy.

Recycling like a boss! Never trash a cute beer bottle cap again, thanks to this easy 1 minute DIY. You’re going to make so many cute fridge magnets in a jiffy. No glue gun, no sandpaper, no cutting, no major tools required.

You only need 3 simple things
2 Round Table/Chair Leg Pads: These are essentially felt protectors to safeguard the floor. They minimize scratches and screechy sounds when you pull on a chair. They are self-adhesive and come in a pack.

They are also very cheap (which is why I’m using them) and you get them online/local stores. They come in various shapes but we need round ones for this DIY.

1 Magnetic Tack – Daiso has this big slab of magnets that are pre-cut into small self-adhesive pieces. If you can’t find magnetic tacks, feel free to use a small magnet.

1 bottle cap that you absolutely adore

Step 1: Clean the bottle cap well on both sides and dry it.

Step 2: 2 medium size chair leg foam pads fit right into the back of the cap. No cutting/adjusting required. Just peel the self-adhesive pad and stick. Stick two on top of each other. This gives us a nice protruding surface to stick our magnet.

Step 3: Stick the self-adhesive magnetic tack.

And donzo!

Wasn’t that just incredibly simple!WhatsApp Image 2018-03-09 at 10.43.37 AM (1)


Singapore Expat: Most essential apps to download when you reach the country

Moving to a new city can be fun, exciting and daunting in equal parts. But it helps to know that technology has your back. When we moved here late 2017, we relied heavily on apps and websites to make ourselves feel at home.

If you’ve just moved to Singapore or are just passing through, I guarantee this list right here is gonna be a lifesaver. My husband and I use all these apps on a regular basis, so rest assured these are reviewed and well-loved. This is one of two apps based stories.

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This list includes only the Most Basic and Most Essential apps you will need on arriving in the country. No smartphone in Singapore ought to exist without these all-holy apps. Our second list of Must-Have apps which you can pick and choose depending on your preference.

* this info is relevant as of March 2018. I hope the future me will update the app list! 

Never Get Lost with CityMapper
There’s no use relying on Google Maps in Singapore. What you really really need is CityMapper. Yes, there are other apps to help find your way around like MyTransport and Bus@SG, and I’ve tried them all. But CityMapper comes out on top as a clear winner.

It detects where you are, punch in where you want to go and CityMapper will list out all the possible routes and means of transportation to get there – from bus stops, bus numbers, MRT stations nearby to the exact transit time, which exit to take at the MRT and various heat safe routes. It even notifies you just before your bus stop and tells you which part of the train is emptier. I can’t get over this app!

CityMapper also has a fully functional website which lets you do the same thing.

Con: If I need to walk from the MRT or bus stop, CityMapper shows me the map and directions. Only this bit can get wonky sometimes. Sometimes I’ve got not-so-accurate (longer) routes. To fix it, I usually jump to Google Maps to crosscheck.

Free Internet with Wireless@SGx
Singapore has tons of places that provide free, public access internet to everyone. It’s fast, safe and always functional. Data by telecom providers is rather expensive, so you’re gonna want to download this little app for free internet.

Wireless@SG is is a wireless broadband programme developed by the Infocomm Development Authority of Singapore. If you’re passing by the country, download Wireless@SG where you have to input your number everytime you want to use free public access internet.

If you’re here for a longer time or moving here as an expat, download Wireless@SGx. If you have a local number, you only have to register once and it automatically connects to free public access internet when you’re in range.

Find a flat with & PropertyGuru
Ah, the dread of the house hunt. Housing hunting can be fun and tiring. If you’re moving here, finding a nice place to live is probably numero uno on your checklist. Apart from FB groups, and PropertyGuru are the most popular platforms to find rentals. Almost always, the posts are uploaded by agents – which means you might have to pay them one month’s rent as a fee. But sometimes you’ll find homeowners listing their flats too. Both these apps let you call and message the person who uploaded the listing and coordinate conveniently.

Honestly, I’m not sure which of the two platform helped us find our home because we were really really active on both of them. We got lucky because our listing was posted by the homeowner himself, so we didn’t have to pay an agent fee. We just paid the deposit along with the first month’s rent.

There are several new and upcoming websites/apps like hmlet and roommates, but I haven’t really used them. So cannot vouch for them just yet.

Call a cab with Grab & Uber
Singapore is small and has one of the most connected, smooth transport systems. If you want to get somewhere quick or don’t prefer using public transport or are being lazy on a rainy day, then Grab or Uber your way around.
Be nice and use my reference codes that let both of us get free rides. 
Referral Code for Uber: aditig4063ui

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Disclaimer: Not a sponsored post. All views and reviews are mine. 


Mandatory New Year Post: Thank you, 2017!

Ah. Once again, this year pulled a Flash and sped away. I cannot believe it’s going to be 2018 in 30 days. In 30 days and nights, kids who were born at the turn of the millennium (80s and 90s kids, remember the Y2K frenzy?) will be legally old enough to vote, drive and get married. To give you a scarier sense of time… As of January 2018, Donald Trump would’ve been the President of USA for a whole year.

It’s been a long year.
And what a year it has been.

A lot has happened to this little lifestyle blogger in 2017. Almost all of it was unplanned, crazy, fun and life-changing. There were hard days and I’m trying harder to forget about them. But the good times, they supersede. Officially, 2017 will go down in my history as the MOST MONUMENTAL year of my life.

We’re legally a team now, D.R.R TrollKill & I. We got married in May 2017 and we did it on our terms. We moved out of India, away from everything/everyone we know and love. We set up our little nest in less than two weeks in the island country of Singapore.
Professionally, I made some bold, risky and pretty often stupid choices. I don’t regret them one bit.

In the story of this insignificant human, 2017 was the Year of Adulting. Having said that, I refuse to act like an adult. Being an adult is bloody boring. You might as well be a toilet brush or the filter that covers the sink drain – dead inside but full of crap.

Instead, I’ll try my very best not to let stereotypes, hypocrites, cynics and conformers put me in a mould. Instead of staring at my feet like an adult, I’ll stare at the sky and play connect the dots with the stars. Instead of living in a box like an adult, I’ll dance with the clouds. Instead of doing things because “what will XYZ say” like an adult, I’ll do things depending on “what will my heart say”. Instead of being afraid of change like an adult, I’ll chase it down at the speed of light. Instead of mindnumbing 9-5s like an adult, I’ll try to live and love 24/7 x 365.

Thank you, Twenty Seventeen. You’ve been the greatest.
Hello, Twenty Eighteen. You better be a riot.

2017-09-13 05.36.46 2.jpg
This Thank You card was given to my husband D.R.R TrollKill by his ex-colleagues. Sums up exactly what I feel about 2017!

Poem: The Sweetness


The sweet smell of nothingness
I like it
But it taunts me
I crave it
But it pawns me.

The sweet sight of emptiness
I brave it
But it fought me
I fill it
But it locks me.

The sweet sound of hollowness
I welcome it
But it haunts me
I caress it
But it stabs me.

The sweet touch of bareness
I call it
But it mocks me
I want it
And it has me.

Journal: All In The Name

I’ve been cleaning out my closet… not figuratively, quite literally. I’ve been physically going through all the crap I’ve accumulated over 28 years of living. I’ll be moving out soon and I find myself holding on this aforementioned crap harder than ever. I haven’t even packed a little because the hoarding is a genuine problem.

Hoarding is also amazing. I’ve found so many forgotten things including a long exercise book. It’s hardbound and horrendous looking in green and yellow. Inside are meticulously number poems and self-pep talks from a teenage me. As I sat crossed leg on the cold floor of my lil’ bedroom, I flipped through pages of a young girl I don’t remember but somewhat recognise. It’s a fairly angst filled except I don’t remember the backstory/inspiration of each poem. I barely even remember who it’s for.

Want to hear the best part? It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s for me and now as I share this petite poem on this tiny blog… it’s for you.

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Adriel George’s Playlist

I’ve been terrible these past few months. Ever since I’ve got that neck and back problem, I’ve been ignoring my commitments and promises and spending precious time writhing in bed with a cold pack. But enough. Enough of pity, enough of pain sensitivity, enough of ignoring my blog/friends/family/life. It’s 2017 dammit. My 28th chance to finally get it right.

So, meet Adriel George. I met him over nine years ago when we were studying in the same college. I remember watching him with my jaw on the floor as he danced during our graduation party. Although he studied IT, Adriel chose to string together his own path, note after note. He’s now a music composer (a damn good one at that) and producer for films, theatre and those Youtube ads that you sometimes can’t skip and end up liking.

That’s our man on the keyboards

A much sought-after piano teacher, he loves sneaking into hotel lobbies and malls with grand pianos and serenading late-night guests with his renditions of famous movie themes. Although I’m yet to catch him in action, I have heard him tune out the world and drown in chords at his studio in Santacruz (W), Mumbai.
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Journal: Bring It On

Warning: Emo post coming your way

Birthdays are miserable. And so are New Year’s eves. The build up to these two days, the days themselves and weeks following them are soul sucking. They are a painful reminder of what we haven’t done and what we will never do. Wretched are the seconds where the mind and heart dwell on the lost. Lost time, lost opportunities, lost experiences, lost fun, lost travels, lost conversations, lost anything that could’ve enriched your soul…
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D.R.R TrollKill: See You Soon, Proxima Centauri b

Click-bait heading of a scientific story with a hopeful ending. Slow Motion Thought’s favourite sci-fi nerd Regan Fernandes aka D.R.R.TrollKill tells it like he sees it

Why it’s cool?
While we have been hunting for exoplanets (planets outside our solar system) for a couple of years now, we never had one this close before, that too in the habitable zone.

And it would also the first planet outside our solar system that we could be able to sort of explore. While we haven’t yet visited another planet with humans, we have sent robots and probes to almost every planetary body in our solar system.

Pic Credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser

And now we’re aiming for the stars, quite literally. Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and real life super genius Stephen Hawking along with a host of backers that include social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg are helming a project called Breakthrough Starshot. It aims to send thousands of rice grain sized “starchips” to investigate nearby stars.
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