Recipe: Cinnamon Honey Whiskey Sour

From the many things that bother me, migraines are somewhere on top of the list. This, much to my dismay, has resulted in several lifestyle choices. I cannot eat Chinese food with MSG, cannot drink alcohol as much as I want, cannot have too much chocolate, cannot deviate from a strict schedule etc.

recipe whiskey cocktail drinks

Why am I telling you this? Because lately I’ve realised that the only alcoholic drink that doesn’t give me a headache is the good ol’ Whiskey Sour. Maybe it’s in my head (pun intended), but I’m going to stick to my chubby glass of Whiskey Sour for a while with lime and not orange. Orange is next level yucky.

So I figured I should learn to make this at home for emergencies like… Mondays or Wednesdays or afternoons. Most recipes online involved a sour mix which I don’t know where to find in Mumbai, mainly because I haven’t tried looking for it #LazyGoose. But this recipe is different. Not only does it not need a sour mix, it also combines utilises one of my favourite spices – Cinnamon.

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Recipe: No Churn 3 Ingredient Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

I remember when I was about seven or eight years old, my ever experimental mom bought an ice cream maker from one of those teleshopping networks. I was forbidden to enter the dining room where she was attempting to make her first batch of homemade ice cream. Mom used to do all sorts of mad things back then. Despite having been given strict instructions to stay out of her way, I slowly crept up the long corridor in our old house and pushed aside the stiff door curtain to the dining room.

recipe easy ice cream homemade

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Maybe it was because I was so little, but to me it looked like there had been an explosion. White powder, water and ice were all over the place… on the floor, the table and on mumma. She chased me out before I could enter. If my memory serves me right, that was the last time we used that wretched ice cream maker. We still have it though, tucked away on a higher shelf in the kitchen where no one can (and should) reach. I don’t really remember the taste of the ice cream but I’ll never forget that scene. We still laugh about it.
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Recipe: Super Easy 3 Ingredient No Bake Oreo Truffles

Ah, kitchen… we meet again. As much as I love eating, reading recipe books and watching MasterChef, the patience one needs to cook evades me. Up until now. I’d like to think I’m getting better. Maybe it’s age, maybe it was a just a slow Saturday. We’d never know.

This isn’t so much of a cooking recipe but more of an assembling one. If I can put this together, happily ace it and watch my biggest critic (See: D.R.R. TrollKill) pass out momentarily with glee…anyone can do it. And I mean ANYONE.

What I love about this brilliant recipe is how insanely easy it really is. It’s simple enough for kids to make too. Since it requires bare essentials when it comes to utensils or appliances, even young adults and college kids staying by themselves can give it a shot.
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Recipe: Garlicky Yogurt Dip

When Tupperware sent me their Speedy Chef, I remember thinking to myself, “Oh my gondola, I need make THE yogurt dip.” So, D.R.R.TrollKill‘s mom makes an addictive garlicky yogurt dip that I can eat by the bucket.

This supremely easy dip is so creamy and yummy, you’ll find yourself piling it on your chips, crackers or veggie sticks. Best part is there isn’t a microwave, oven or stove involved… just a cool mechanical kitchen appliance that will blend the ingredients effortlessly. Once you’ve aced the dip, give this super simple no churn ice cream a go.
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Review: CupCake Factory, Bandra

We hit up the newest dessert parlour in Bandra on opening weekend last Sunday. Remember CupCake Factory from McCraig? The mother-son run brand now has their own standalone store near Mehboob Studios, Bandra. I was unwell that day so #theboy was the official taster for this review. Here’s what he has to say about about CupCake Factory…

The decor is pretty cool – whisks, ladles etc hanging from the entrance ceiling. There’s a stove that’s been turn into a light fixture. There’s a oven that keeps constantly one and also works like a fun light. The murals are super. The mural is hand painted to look like well…a cupcake factory! It’s fun and sweet. To think this little place was created by the owner Aditya and his friends and an posh interior designer…
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Review: Mojo Bar

Energy bars are the bomb. It’s a complete energising meal that you can eat in 10 minutes without getting your hands messy. I repeat, energy bars are the bomb. As a writer, the days I’m on the field travelling the lenght of the city for an interview, energy bars and coffee are the only things that keep me from getting “hangry”.
So when the folks at MojoBar got in touch with us to try out their brand new energy bar, I couldn’t wait. Turns out they have 3 flavours – Choco Almond, Yogurt Berry and Nutty Apricot. The yellow packaged Nutty Apricot bar, like all the rest, is free of preservatives and gluten. The pack says that all of them are made with mixed cereal, nuts and fruits which obviously makes them protein and fibre rich.
The yellow Nutty Apricot one, like the name so clearly suggests, has apricots that makes it extra sweet. The red one is Yogurt Berry with white base (yogurt powder) plus sweet and sour cranberries along with mixed cereal makes this a tangy bar on the go. Our most favourite of the three was the Choco Almond. This one has a chunky chocolate base that’s not overtly sweet, which came as a pleasant surprise. The chewy dates add sweetness while the almonds add crunch and the cereal fill you up.
In order of preference, we liked the Choco Almond then Yogurt Berry and finally Nutty Apricot.

You can buy these goodies online at here

Review: 3SqrMeals Food Service

Eating or ordering out always makes me feel guilty. I find myself cringing at the amount of grease or additives added to “outside food”. When 3SqrMeals approached me to review their service, I was struck by the fact that they aim to provide healthy eating options to working folks like me. Since they deliver in my area, I figured it would be nice to know if this new Mumbai based food service hits the spot.

They sent me one of their most popular dishes – the Quinoa Couscous Salad. Priced at Rs 200 for a chicken and Rs 180 for a veg, the salad was tremendous in quantity. I ended up having it for lunch and snack later in the evening. It came with a small box of flavour filled mustard vinaigrette dressing. All the ingredients were ridiculously fresh – the cherry tomatoes, french beans, lettuce and corn. The grilled chicken was well done and moist, in my opinion the hero ingredient of the dish, closely followed by those juicy cherry tomatoes. Overall the salad was mighty filling and refreshing – especially had cold. When I came to the end of the box, I felt rather proud of myself for eating a good high protein meal.

Along with the Quinoa Couscous Salad came half a loaf of brown bread with a spread and a banana. The entire dish comes in a disposable microwave friendly box, which is convenient don’t you think?

About 3SqrMeals: Their mission is unburdening busy professionals from the daily activities of planning and organizing balanced healthy meals. They are on a mission to make healthy eating delicious & effortless. Their menus are available online and can be ordered on a click. They also offer subscriptions that can be customized for a delicious wholesome meal to reach you daily. They currently cover all areas between Worli & BKC for Lunch.