5 Contemporary Wallcovering Trends to Heart

Sure, wall paint is everyone’s go-to option. But the decor savvy people of the world have tapped into another pool of resource. Wall coverings have been around for ages but the past few years, the humble stick-on option has undergone a massive update and gained an even bigger following. From prints catering to every whim and fancy to iconic collaborations that will have you drooling, this is a revolution you cannot ignore.

With the plethora of options to choose from, you have the liberty of narrowing down on the right wall covering to suit your home, personality and identity. That’s one of its biggest perks -– it lets you show-off your individuality and describes you in more ways than one.

If you’re anything like me, picking one out of thousands of delicious wall coverings can be overwhelming. Luckily, design authorities have zeroed in on a few global trends that are here to stay. Out of them, I’ve hand picked 5 of my absolute favourites that have timeless and trendy written all over them.  

1. Jiggy with Geometry
It might not have been my favourite subject in school, but it sure is a helluva looker. Shapes have a tendency of resonating with a lot of people – it provides a sense of order and symmetry that many find comforting.


I particularly love Qila from the Good Earth collection for its glamorous treatment. The much-loved chevron has been given a subtle glitz while the soft background colour lends a sense of uniqueness and elegance. If you’re near a Good earth in Mumbai or New Delhi, you can go see this darling collection at Good Earth for Nilaya Wallcovering Salon.

Then there’s April Showers as well as Rain Dance from the Signature Collection that is incredibly modern, graphic and almost soul-stirring in their simplicity.

My picks are Good Earth for Nilaya Collection and the Nilaya Signatures Collection

2. Pretty Painterly
One of the biggest trends in graphic design has blotted its way to the realm of wallpaper and coverings. Smudged, imperfect and delightful, watercolours are here for the win.

Inky, bleeding watercolour prints tend to look like hand painted murals as well as lend a relaxed, no-fuss atmosphere. I’m all heart eyes for Soak – Nilaya’s Wall Covering of the Year 2016 – for its unabashed boldness and contemporary look. A two-coloured covering, it looks like it has been tie and dyed to perfection.

My pick is the Nilaya’s Signature Collection

3. Forever Flowers
Big and bold or small and tenderly, flowers are an eternal, never wilting favourite. I love how there are countless ways to treating this motif – it can make your room look like an English garden or like a Japanese cherry blossom orchard. It can turn your home into a light, airy and fresh space or dark, moody and opulent one.

Much like in fashion, current decor trends lean towards large oversized flowers in darker tones that are high on depth and sophistication. I’m particularly gravitating towards deep coloured Sea Floral wallpaper that’s reminiscent of 17th century Dutch Golden Age still life paintings – moody and magnificent.

My pick would be the Nilaya Sea Floral Wallpaper

4. Tropical Times
Are you a beach bum always in a state of wanderlust about your next sand drenched trip? If you’ve been paying the slightest attention to fashion and decor offerings in the past two years, you’ll notice a staggering number of products featuring tropical prints.


From palm and monstera to every coastal leaf in between, tropical wall coverings are a breath of fresh air. Predominantly green and leafy, these patterns are sometimes peppered with tropical fruits and fauna like pineapples and parrots.


Imagine having a feature wall in the living or bedroom filled end-to-end with Nilaya’s Bali Leaves or Fiji Garden covering, giving all new meaning to the concept of “staycation”. Also, can we take a moment to admire the detailing…

My picks are from the Nilaya Bali Wallpaper and the Fiji Garden Wallpaper

5. Water Works
Ask me where I want to vacay, Ill scream BEEACCCHH every single time. Confession: I cannot swim. Second confession: I love the water. Beach bums and water babies rejoice for the ocean is making waves in this season.

Drench those wall with coverings inspired by the sea and you don’t even have to fish for compliments. They’ll keep hitting you in waves. You sea what I did there. Okay, I’ll stop with puns now before you get crabby.


Think intricate corals, seahorses prancing in your living room, starfish swimming through your bath in lovely shades of blue, coral and sandy beige. I’m totally onboard with this trend.

My pick is the Nilaya Sea Escape Story

Disclaimer: This post was written in collaboration with Nilaya by Asian Paints 


#HeckOfAHome: 20 Decor Secrets to Swear By – Part 2

Numero deux of a five part series for decor secrets to hold dear.

    1. Ironically, throws are not meant to be…err… thrown around. Keep throws under control. Fold them lengthwise, then in half and tuck them into cushions.
    2. Shimmer and shine away. Gold is back in a big way. A few accents will warm up a room.
    3. Nothing softens a lonely corner in a big room like a potted tree. Enough said.
    4. The most indestructible fabric for dining chairs is leather or vinyl, especially if you want white.
    5. Mix up the seating at your dining table. Those days when all dining chairs had to be identical have gone with the wind. Ask Scarlett, if you don’t believe us?
    6. Headboards are the perfect combination of form and function and can be created out of every imaginable material including hardwood with wrought-iron inlays, illuminated acrylic and fabric panels.
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#HeckOfAHome: 20 Decor Tips to Trip On – Part 1

One of a five part blog series, these decor secrets will make you feeling rich… with information.


    1. Quick and cost effective way of refresh a bedroom? Updating the bed linen and adding plenty of cushions and throws.
    2. Measurements matter. Before buying any piece of furniture, check how much space it will take. To do this, take a piece of newspaper and make a template of the item. Place the template on the floor and fix it with masking tape to see if the dimensions work with your existing furniture.
    3. Accent colours can be used as complementary colours. Use bright and vibrant hues in small quantities for that “wow factor”. Try to keep most of your room in tones and shades of a single colour, then pick out a few objects that can be in the accent colour.
    4. Furniture with mirrored surfaces bounce light around and make a room look larger than it already is.
    5. Interior design books are full of huge sofas that look great but in a small room they can be very overwhelming and might make a room look and feel tiny.

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How to Tidy Up your Home in a Jiffy

Ah, the dread. A relative decides she wants to behold your beautiful face and says she’ll drop by soon or the husband calls and casually drops a bomb about his colleagues visiting or you entirely forgot that you called work friends over for tea. As you rack your overworked mind with all failed excuses you can use to get out of this predicament, a silent realisation sinks in. The house is in a complete mess. Panic, you will and rightly so but we suggest you keep the “why me?” wailing session short and crisp. A quick clean-up is on the charts and you are your own help. Good thing you have us to walk you through it.



Start with reminding yourself the best news of the day: Your unexpected guests are not going to set foot in the bedroom. This realisation will set you free, calm those nerves and bring out the sly evil in you! You thought right, the bedrooms can be utterly ignored and utilised as temporary dumping grounds (Insert: creepy resonating laugh).

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5 Project Wood designs to love + 20% discount code

It thrills me no end to see the product design scene in India is suddenly on an adrenaline rush. It’s like watching a garden bloom on Discovery channel time lapse video. I’ve been writing on design and interiors for five odd years now, so I’m constantly coming across new brands, labels, studios and designers to admire.

Recently, I came across a new furniture design studio called Project Wood. No brownie points for guessing that they love making things with wood. Run by Kanika Pahwa, Project Wood organically grew out of Studio Ezube, New Delhi based interior design firm.

Styled and photographed by Aditi Gaitonde

“As an interior designer, I’m constantly on the lookout for accessories that I can use for projects. Since I often couldn’t find accents to suit my requirements, I began designing and making my own accessories and furniture pieces,” explains Kanika about Project Wood, a 2-month-old product design studio. Most of their creations are handmade and almost all of them can be customised too.

Newer products are added every fortnight to the e-shop, I’ve already made a wishlist of my favourite five. Use the Code: SMT20 to get 20% off site wide discount on ProjectWood.in.

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New Store: Sarita Handa, Mumbai

Enter Laxmi Woollen Mills Estate to find one of my all time favourite brands. Bombay has waiting what 15 odd years for this… Sarita Handa has opened shop in the city! According to Suparna Handa, Brand Director, Sarita Handa, “We have always been in the business of creating classics and Sarita Handa is all about timeless designs made with uncompromising craftsmanship. And with the onset of 2015, we are proud to take it to the next level as we unveil our Mumbai store.” 

At 2,500 sq ft, their newest outpost welcomes you with a teal blue facade, only to further enthrall with textiles, dhurries, furniture, illuminators (from Lightbox) and decor accents. I instantly fell in love with the high gabled roof and the in-flood of natural light. Nooks have been created in soothing palettes that allow each embroidered piece to shine its brightest. 

Psst…. Although they have been open for 2 odd months, we hear Bombay has already met them with open arms. 

Address: 36, Ground Floor, Laxmi Woollen Mill Estate, Shakti Mill Lane, Off Dr E Moses Road, Mahalaxmi Mumbai -400011. Ph: (022) 40052686

New Store: Room Therapy

Albeit I have only seen images of the brick and mortar store, Room Therapy in Hyderabad is still one of my new favourites. Owned by interior designer Sona Reddy, this 3,000 sq.ft home decor store is bursting at the seams with beautiful finds. Here’s a little looksee…

The space itself was designed by Sona and features half bare walls, iron Corinthian pillars and vibrant patterned tiles that team perfectly with distressed furniture and industrial additions. Find an array of decorative accents across varied categories: Wall pieces, candle holders, figurines, art, rugs, furniture, vases, garden accessoriesand more.

But the best part of it all – you can buy them online too at www.roomtherapyhome.com. Currently they ship only to India. Apart from her ecommerce website and her store, she also provides services in interior designing and decorating. This girl is on a roll!

Store Address: Road no.45, Jubilee Hills 500033 Hyderabad. Ph: (040) 6444 2200