Review: Novotel Clarke Quay’s Special Seafood Buffet (2017)

I’d give up every kind of food, except seafood. I’ve been relishing all kinds of seafood ever since I can remember. My parents tell me I used to enjoy fried fish and prawns more than candy. And to tell you a secret…I still do! So you can imagine I was mighty excited when Novotel Clarke Quay in Singapore invited me to try out their special, limited period seafood buffet at The Square restaurant.

WhatsApp Image 2018-04-21 at 5.14.52 PM (3)
From April 6 to May 26, 2018, The Square is serving up a fabulous seafood buffet. And I can’t wait to tell you all about it. For starters, I love buffets. They’re a total value for money and you get to sample so many dishes. This one, in particular, is a steal as it features several expensive and exotic seafood.

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DIY art to gift your Potterhead bae

I started something new recently. For every birthday, anniversary and random celebratory day, I’ll DIY a gift for close family and friends.

No doubt, it shall be supplemented with a practical and useable store-bought gift. But I love the idea of spending the time to creating something with my hands for people who mean something to me.

And with Valentine’s day around the corner, I thought I’ll share a cute and romantic gift you could make for your Harry Potter loving partner.

I made this little artwork for my husband for his birthday earlier this month. Like every child of the late 80s-early 90s, he grew up reading books and watching movies about JK Rowling’s fascinating world of wizards. If you’re dating or married to a Potterhead, you know in your heart this little DIY will make their day.

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A Love Poem: The Brightest Star


Endless night bullies my soul
Leaving me with qualms instead of hope
Quiver and gather courage to stand
Shoveling roads with my own two hands
In the pitch black dark I saw a ray
Bright enough to light my way
When the moon erased from the sky
The brightest star was in your eyes

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4 Things I Absolutely Love about Singapore

Apart from getting married to D.R.R TrollKill aka the Love of my Life, we made another life-altering decision in 2017. We moved from India to Singapore. And from the word go, we fell in love with this place.

Singapore is a tiny red dot on the world map but it’s big on everything else. This listicle isn’t about fun Singaporean facts or a history lesson (that will come later because who doesn’t love history). It is, however, a lineup of things that make living here truly amazing. We’ve been here for almost three months now and although we have A LOT of exploring to do, we have managed to set up our little nest from scratch. And here’s what we love about this city-state we now call home.
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Mandatory New Year Post: Thank you, 2017!

Ah. Once again, this year pulled a Flash and sped away. I cannot believe it’s going to be 2018 in 30 days. In 30 days and nights, kids who were born at the turn of the millennium (80s and 90s kids, remember the Y2K frenzy?) will be legally old enough to vote, drive and get married. To give you a scarier sense of time… As of January 2018, Donald Trump would’ve been the President of USA for a whole year.

It’s been a long year.
And what a year it has been.

A lot has happened to this little lifestyle blogger in 2017. Almost all of it was unplanned, crazy, fun and life-changing. There were hard days and I’m trying harder to forget about them. But the good times, they supersede. Officially, 2017 will go down in my history as the MOST MONUMENTAL year of my life.

We’re legally a team now, D.R.R TrollKill & I. We got married in May 2017 and we did it on our terms. We moved out of India, away from everything/everyone we know and love. We set up our little nest in less than two weeks in the island country of Singapore.
Professionally, I made some bold, risky and pretty often stupid choices. I don’t regret them one bit.

In the story of this insignificant human, 2017 was the Year of Adulting. Having said that, I refuse to act like an adult. Being an adult is bloody boring. You might as well be a toilet brush or the filter that covers the sink drain – dead inside but full of crap.

Instead, I’ll try my very best not to let stereotypes, hypocrites, cynics and conformers put me in a mould. Instead of staring at my feet like an adult, I’ll stare at the sky and play connect the dots with the stars. Instead of living in a box like an adult, I’ll dance with the clouds. Instead of doing things because “what will XYZ say” like an adult, I’ll do things depending on “what will my heart say”. Instead of being afraid of change like an adult, I’ll chase it down at the speed of light. Instead of mindnumbing 9-5s like an adult, I’ll try to live and love 24/7 x 365.

Thank you, Twenty Seventeen. You’ve been the greatest.
Hello, Twenty Eighteen. You better be a riot.

2017-09-13 05.36.46 2.jpg
This Thank You card was given to my husband D.R.R TrollKill by his ex-colleagues. Sums up exactly what I feel about 2017!

Make like Meghan Markle: 3 Outfits Inspired by Suits Actor turned Princess

OMG. We’re incredibly excited about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Their engagement and marriage make a massive statement and I couldn’t be gladder. The Meghan Markle from Suits, a mixed raced Hollywood actor and humanitarian, is soon going to be Princess Meghan. Now, that’s a fairytale worth telling! One that says a big in-your-face to the rigid world, nasty media, racists and elitists of the world. And have you seen their CNN interview yet? It’s literally the cutest thing in the world. Both of them are rather “real” and that’s refreshing for a change. If you haven’t seen it, here is the link.

I’ve always loved the way Meghan dressed – super feminine with #girlboss vibes & a whole lotta casual, chilled out outfits. So I put together three of my favourite Markle looks to steal like a pro.
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#HeckOfAHome: 20 Decor Secrets to Swear By – Part 2

Numero deux of a five part series for decor secrets to hold dear.

    1. Ironically, throws are not meant to be…err… thrown around. Keep throws under control. Fold them lengthwise, then in half and tuck them into cushions.
    2. Shimmer and shine away. Gold is back in a big way. A few accents will warm up a room.
    3. Nothing softens a lonely corner in a big room like a potted tree. Enough said.
    4. The most indestructible fabric for dining chairs is leather or vinyl, especially if you want white.
    5. Mix up the seating at your dining table. Those days when all dining chairs had to be identical have gone with the wind. Ask Scarlett, if you don’t believe us?
    6. Headboards are the perfect combination of form and function and can be created out of every imaginable material including hardwood with wrought-iron inlays, illuminated acrylic and fabric panels.
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Who am I as a writer? 

A year and a half ago, I was asked to describe myself as a writer during a team writing workshop held by my then-boss. This is what I penned down.

I often find myself wondering if writing is all I truly have to offer to this world. Or maybe I’ve been asking myself the wrong questions all along.

Processed with VSCO with 4 preset
Q: Who am I as a writer? 
A: To be fairly honest and precise: Insecure. It is a strange sort of a relationship where writing makes me incredibly nervous. So, I know what you’re thinking, why would I pursue something that terrifies me? Well, because it’s the very thing that simultaneously brings me peace. And isn’t that what we are all eventually after?


Poem: The Sweetness


The sweet smell of nothingness
I like it
But it taunts me
I crave it
But it pawns me.

The sweet sight of emptiness
I brave it
But it fought me
I fill it
But it locks me.

The sweet sound of hollowness
I welcome it
But it haunts me
I caress it
But it stabs me.

The sweet touch of bareness
I call it
But it mocks me
I want it
And it has me.

DNA India: Vintage is the New Gold

I am one half of a two member editorial and content development studio called The Short Staff. As a full-time freelance writer and editor, I contribute to a bunch of print and digital publications including DNA India’s DNA Money supplement. Here’s a article that was published on May 5, 2017. Here’s an excerpt and the link to the full article

As fate of the Kohinoor continues to be a giant question mark, this April, the Directorate of Revenue Intelligence (DRI) announced the homecoming of over a hundred antique pieces stolen and smuggled out of the country. As the interest in Indian antiques surges, auction houses, dealers and stores dealing with antiquities, vintage items and collectables are garnering new-found interest.


Image courtesy Pexels

International auction house Saffronart’s CEO Hugo Weihe points out, “It’s one area that has seen enormous growth in the past few years. But it’s quite undervalued, in more senses than one. India has an extraordinary heritage of 5,000 years or more and it has really been overlooked.” Saffronart holds live and online auctions of modern, contemporary and classical Indian art as well as offers services like art advisory, appraisals and valuations, and specialised art storage. Viewed on web and smartphones, their online auctions have seen sizeable activities and also exposes a larger, newer audience to the art of collecting rarities. Adapting to this democratic new medium makes auctions hugely accessible.

To read the full article, click here.


Journal: All In The Name

I’ve been cleaning out my closet… not figuratively, quite literally. I’ve been physically going through all the crap I’ve accumulated over 28 years of living. I’ll be moving out soon and I find myself holding on this aforementioned crap harder than ever. I haven’t even packed a little because the hoarding is a genuine problem.

Hoarding is also amazing. I’ve found so many forgotten things including a long exercise book. It’s hardbound and horrendous looking in green and yellow. Inside are meticulously number poems and self-pep talks from a teenage me. As I sat crossed leg on the cold floor of my lil’ bedroom, I flipped through pages of a young girl I don’t remember but somewhat recognise. It’s a fairly angst filled except I don’t remember the backstory/inspiration of each poem. I barely even remember who it’s for.

Want to hear the best part? It doesn’t matter anyway. It’s for me and now as I share this petite poem on this tiny blog… it’s for you.

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The 2017 Update of Slow Motion Thoughts

I did it. I moved from the painful clutches of to semi-painful I’m still not sure how right or wrong the decision was. All I know is right now, I’m not equipped to handle and the .com version allows me some time to concentrate less on the backend and more on the front.

This year is going to be epic. I’ve recently joined the Full-time Blogger and Freelance Writer and whatever-fun-things-come-my-way club. I’ve been in it for a grand total of 2 days and it’s been busy, liberating and even a little scary. As I mentioned in my recent Instagram post, this is perhaps the riskiest thing I’ve ever done. That’s part sad to think I haven’t done anything risky and also amazing because there’s always a start.

There’s a lot on the cards for 2017 – so many changes, so much evolution. For starters, I figured Slow Motion Thoughts ought to get a facelift too. Although I didn’t have the liberty to choose my own template from the web ( doesn’t let you do that), I picked this particular pre-loaded theme Toujours. I love how it embraces negative space and totally resonates with my current fave aesthetic of minimalism.

I don’t have Photoshop or image editing softwares, so when I needed to work on the Site Title and Site Icon, I found myself on this web editor called Fotor. It has an odd URL with H5 in it but it’s totally legit. A few hours looking for free vector online (in jpeg and not ai) and chewing the brains of my Designer friends (Sirawon & Ayushi), resulted in this.

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How to Tidy Up your Home in a Jiffy

Ah, the dread. A relative decides she wants to behold your beautiful face and says she’ll drop by soon or the husband calls and casually drops a bomb about his colleagues visiting or you entirely forgot that you called work friends over for tea. As you rack your overworked mind with all failed excuses you can use to get out of this predicament, a silent realisation sinks in. The house is in a complete mess. Panic, you will and rightly so but we suggest you keep the “why me?” wailing session short and crisp. A quick clean-up is on the charts and you are your own help. Good thing you have us to walk you through it.



Start with reminding yourself the best news of the day: Your unexpected guests are not going to set foot in the bedroom. This realisation will set you free, calm those nerves and bring out the sly evil in you! You thought right, the bedrooms can be utterly ignored and utilised as temporary dumping grounds (Insert: creepy resonating laugh).

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#Manspiration: The Genius of James Charles

Remember when you were a 17 year old kid who thought it was so cool to skip class and hang out in the canteen? Well, James Charles is a lot like you… NOT. He is perhaps the coolest 17 year old around right now. An internet sensation, James is a makeup artist with skills that will put anyone to shame. More recently, an American makeup brand even signed him up to be their first male model, making history of sorts.

Screen Shot 2017-04-23 at 9.07.47 PM

We’ve been following James on Instagram and YouTube for a while and well, we cannot get enough of his extraordinary skill. We love his ideas, his 100 km/hr talking speed, those insanely relatable tweets and the way he deals with haters.

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Meet D.R.R TrollKill

This boy. This isn’t the first time I’m talking about him. He has been referred to as The Boy or R several times on the blog.

I can never seem to find the right words to describe him. Even after 8 odd years of knowing him, studying him, understanding him, hearing him, loving him

Anything I say falls short of who he is and what he means to me. Languages can be a shallow thing like that. Well, late last year he and I decided we’d like to spend the rest of our lives creating our own language, our own little world.
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The Week That Was: June 25

Last week was tough. Lesson learnt: No eating outside food during the rains. Now that I work in my favourite part of the city (Bandra, duh), after work involves a lot of aimless loafing. On one such walk, I met and had a silent conversation with the cutest boy. Look at him! *heart eyes*

On another rainy day, I came home to something sweet and spicy. A little something from the good people at Paper Boat. I loved their Jaljeera drink but then I discovered their Guava Chilli drink. Now I can’t decide which one I love more (pakka Libra girl). Anyway, they also sent me a sweet tin box for memories and a copy of Jungle Book that I’ve started reading.



Friday Finds: 7 Star Wars Merchandise under Rs 900

Christmas is almost here and so is Star Wars! I have a *good* feeling about this. I’ve been hunting for Star Wars merch that doesn’t break the bank and I figured you’d appreciate a heads up too. Did some insane amount of searching and found 7 amazing deals on Star Wars-y stuff and they are all under Rs 900 bucks.

Perfect for gifting your Jedi obsessed friend who has been quoting Han Solo all week or even for you as you continue to curse the hell out of Diwale and Bajirao Mastani for pushing the release a week. While we anxiously wait and dodge ever know spoiler on the internet, here’s something that will make you feel better.

Darth Vader cushion cover on Snapdeal for Rs 299 
Yoda t-shirt at Jabong for Rs 524
Star Wars bath towel at Flipkart for Rs 449
Bounty Hunter t-shirt on Voxpop for Rs 699
Storm Tropper figurine on Amazon for Rs 749
Luke skywalker attire phone case on PlanetSuperHeroes for Rs 899
Yoda 16GB pen drive at Amazon for Rs 799

Monday Muse: 10

Brave today. Brave tomorrow. Somedays are harder than the rest. Most afternoons are spent craving for the night. For sleep and rest. Shit happens now and then. Or so I’ve learnt. Hold it together. Wait for the night when no one can see you or hear you. And then let go…

Monday Muse: 9

Monday. It’s you again. You came knocking too quickly. But it’s almost December and we have only 6 more of you this year. So in your face, Monday!
I wrote this for R. Like every other corny/cheesy line I have written since 2009. I couldn’t have written truer words than these. With every song, happy or sad or funny, my mind wanders through the lyrics and ends up with him. Something about music, the very existence of it, makes me think of R. 
So, he asked me a question on Halloween day 2015. The most important question someone could ask someone. The answer to which I knew years before…  

Monday Muse: 8

Some Mondays are harder than most. Today was exceptionally difficult. But somehow we will ourselves out of bed and fling ourselves out the door. That essentially human trait of being ridiculous persistent will never cease to amaze me. We never stop trying, do we?         

Monday Muse: 10

Promises are nice. They are full of hopes, dreams and rainbow coloured prettiness. But sometimes words are just that…words. They evaporate into oblivion the moment they are uttered. Actions though, they stay longer than most things/people. 

Monday Muse: Six

Another start to another week. We’re closing this year and what a damn one it has been. A lot has changed…some for the good, others for the better. But we are still here. Still here together because of all the decisions we’ve made, even before we knew of each other’s existence.

Before you begin this day, take a moment and remember all the people you cherish. Take a moment and smile… Your life is wonderful. Happy Monday, hon!

The Week That Was: Oct 25

It’s a been over 2 months since my last The Week That Was post. I’m going to blame the lack of activity on my day job. We are creatures of convenience after all. This week took me Bangalore city (glad as I was), even if it was for a few hours.It brought back a lot of old memories that bring a silent smile on my face and a happy flutter to my heart.

Long weekends are often filled with resolutions. As hibernation consumes the body, the mind winds down and introspects. I’ve got so much to do, so much to change, so many priorities to rearrange. Maybe I ought to make a list… maybe writing it down in black and white might induce the sense of urgency that seems to be lacking.

Currently listening to So Far Away by Staind among other things.

New Feature: Geek Speak

I have a confession to make. I’m a proud geek in love with a bigger geek. It’s only natural for me to start this long overdue feature. This series will see a lot of tech, comics, science, sci-fi, TV shows and everything nerdy…most of which will come from my guest blogger.

Can’t wait!

Image by Slow Motion Thoughts  

Monday Muse: Four

Madonna had it right. I truly do wish it was Sunday. Manic as there are, Mondays are bound to come around. I wonder if it is raining where you are? We are in the middle of our monsoon and I didn’t have to look too far for inspiration.

Happy Monday, you guys!

The Week That Was: Aug 29

Tardy but here. Last week was rather uneventful, mainly because all my concentration was on my day job. It might not seem like it at first glance but I take most of my outdoor pictures from a moving cab.

It’s been pouring like there’s no tomorrow all week, which is a good thing for the water reserves and the farmers, but rainy days (a lot like Mondays) tend to bring on the blues. It’s grey everywhere, not that’s it’s a bad thing. Have you ever noticed how the blue palette simply tends to pop on cloudy, monsoon days? 
Here are some still from my Instagram account. My stint at the Suggested User roll is over. I am grateful it happened for it feels great to share your images with such a large audience. 

Grey beams

For there is a storm brewing in my coffee cup

Monday Muse: Three

Ah, another week is upon us. I’ve penned another few words to get you through today.
I find love is rather powerful mood uplifter, which is why most of these little #slowmotionthoughts are about it. I hope it adds cheer to your day…even if it is only for moment.