Today, I Love… Mason Jars

Look at these beauties! Their shape, size and the plethora of things you can do with makes these simple mason jars into a creative mind’s muse! From votives to drink servers, from hanging planters to snow globes, there are thousands of things you can do with these pretty things. I’ve been looking for these babies forever now but in vain. If you know where to find them in India, phaleez drop a line.

The next time you see a jar, look at it closely. Admire its shape, prod your mind to its capabilities… you never know what you might find.

Today, I love… Mason Jars. What are you loving today?

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Today, I Love…

There are waaaay too many ‘hates’ and ‘dislikes’ and waaaayyy too less ‘I loves’ in this world for my liking (ironically)! But I’m going to change that, one post at a time!

‘Today, I Love…’ is all about finding one small… or large (no one is holding a gun to your head) thing that made me utterly happy today. There is so much beauty in the world and this is my everyday tribute to all things lovable!

Today, I Love… Duckie Earrings. What are you loving today?

Facebook Groups

Facebook Groups. I love the concept more than I like Facebook pages. Whatever the group might do or stand for, they all have a purpose. They all have a direction. What’s commendable is the sheer genius creations that they eventually become. One person’s idea, a few mouse clicks and voila…you have a user generated, cause-oriented space in the matrix.

Each Facebook group is personified by each and every person who posts on it. The collective mindset of the members give the group human-like traits. The people become the digital space that they attach themselves to. Personally, I enjoy Facebook groups much more than the brand pages mainly because a page is run by 1 person, while a group is a democracy (productively active or annoyingly aggressive or hopelessly spammy or frozen dead). 

Here are my favorite Facebook Groups.

Swapbook: A concept that turns one today. Born from the mind of Pravin Subramanian, this group of avid readers meet up once every month (second saturday) to discuss and exchange books. They laugh, chat, eat, make new friends and take home an interesting new read, what more can you ask for! 

Second to None: Created by Anu Gummaraju, Reena Chengappa and Shilpa Kamath Prabhu, this group has become a phenomenon in Bangalore. This highly active group promotes upcycling, reusing and recycling. 

A similar group that’s based out of Mumbai is called Bombay Bazaar

Put Me in Touch: Information seekers pool. You post a question, someone …somewhere has a relevant and helpful answer for you. For every doubt, there is a solution and this FB group proves it. 

Mumbai Short Story Writers Group: A lot of people have been taking about these guys, thanks to their latest self-published book called ‘The Labyrinth. These short story writers meet up regularly too!

Pet-Sitters India: Wattay concept! This group aims to connect pet parents who need sitters for their pets to people who would like to baby sit them. Lovely, indeed. 
For all those guys who came up with the idea of these groups, thank you for taking time off your day and managing them. Thank you for adding more value to facebook. Thank you for doing this for the love of it and not for money. 

*Slow Clap*

Media Movements: This group acts as a platform for media professionals in India. Where journalists and PR executives and their symbiotic relationship thrives! 

Gulzar’s Aandhi (1975)

I spend a good 20 mins rummaging through a pile of CDs at Magnet, Matunga (W). It was so worth it. I always loved the songs in this movie and when I laid my eyes on the DVD I just had to have it! Watched it the same night.

Wattay movie. The movie resembled the lives of two powerful women politicians — then PM-Indira Gandhi and Bihari freedom activist Tarkeshwari Sinha. Written and directed by non other than Gulzar. Rhea Sen’s grandmother Suchitra Sen plays Aartidevi and Sanjeev Kumar plays her estranged husband. The film toggles between a past and the present in the lives of these two and ends with maturity, effect of time on human nature. What you see is two people who made mistakes as young lovers and when fate hands them a second chance they play the cards right by making the same decisions. Only this time round, its a conscious decision, not made by the rage of youth.

Picture of a film: Taken on my laptop

To think and have the guts to make a movie like this during the mid 70’s in a volatile India, commendable. Much to my surprise, Aandhi didn’t end with your typical Bollywood happily ever after. The climax was real, mature and brave. 

Tum Aa Gaye Ho – Aandhi (1975)
This song pretty much sums up the movie. These lines by Gulzar leave you with emotions that words cannot explain. Iss Mode Se Jaate Hai – Aandhi (1975)

Iss Mode Se Jaate Hai –  Aandhi (1975)
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25th May — Towel Day

Douglas Adams. The Douglas Adams. If this name doesn’t ring a bell, you are living a miserable existence and ought to be thrown into the black hole of no return. If you do know this genius man and have had many meals with him at the restaurant at the end of the Universe, you must celebrate him tomorrow. 
This event (poster below) is Bangalore specific but no matter where you are, in whichever nook and corner of this galaxy or the next, make sure you carry a towel with you. For all the brilliant he adds to your life, for every ride you hitchhiked with him…celebrate Douglas Adams tomorrow (25th May)

Deviant Art

I’m not an artist (much to my sadness) but an ardent art lover. But I like to scribble occassionally. But I can’t unless I’m looking at someone else’s drawing/painting. I found this image on deviantart drawing beautifully by ~13blackroses07 and what you see up here is my pathetic attempt at replicating the image. Yes, I know she looks like she’s gonna eat you any minute now.
Like I said, I’m not an artist but an art lover. 
Th birthday card I drew

Deviantart is the best platform for artists of all types and shapes. What I love about this platform is how serious everyone is. You get appreciated by your peers and get useful suggestions as well. I’m always encouraging people with talent to go ahead and create an account with deviantart. Apart from showcasing your own talent, its a great place to explore other artists as well. 

The Avengers

Went for The Avengers a few weeks ago. The perks of living next to a cinema hall — you can stroll in at 10 am on a Sunday wearing rags, watch a fantastic movie and stroll back to be in time for lunch!
Amazing movie. Below is someone’s rendition of my favorite scene!

Picked this image up from a Facebook share. Due credit to the person who made it, whoever you are.

First time for everything

I never really do this. Set goals for myself and work towards it. Don’t get me wrong, I have my daily dose of post-its to strike off. But they are usually made to get me through the day.

I figured I’d give it a shot for once. Long term goals that I hope to achieve this year…everyday a step closer.

Things have been changing rapidly…sometimes faster than I can process. To cope and understand things better, I’ve decided to keep a organizer cum diary cum goal reminder of sorts. It’s my old Christ University diary (Good times!).

I find myself re-reading ‘Goals 2012’ atleast once a day. It sort of calms me down, somehow…

Admit it. We all need our custom-made tranquilizer(s). We all have one that we’ve found by trials and error. It could be anything from yoga, music, cigrettes, video games, blogs, shopping, rum, mindless TV series, cleaning or a poem.

My current experiment: A list on a page.

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Wishful Thinking

For the first time in all my existance, I have to make a decision. A decision that not only affects me but also those who I love ever so dearly.

Growing up sucks. It sucks bad.

I wish I could be at two places at one time. I wish I could skip this part right here.

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Day 3

Writers have blocks.
But I honestly don’t know what to categorise this emotion or the lack of it as.
Like any self respecting human creature I shall suppose I am the first of my kind to endure such hardships.
I wonder if I get naming rights?
I call dibs.

Point being ?
I have begun my days at the lonely house of the unemployed. We have 6 meals a day with a handsome helping of confusion.

Day 3: Im considering vegetarianism. Then you can call it a day and institutionalise me with good reason

Salary is a drug…
not the natural kind like weed but a filthy hallucinogen that lets you think your rich and bestowed with money management skills of a Wall Street G*d.

The monthly moolah is satanic because when you don’t get it, withdrawals happen.

They don’t prepare you for that in the best of schools, do they soldier?

There …now that rambled myself to a bermuda triangle point, I shall go dance in the rain.

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"To Kirket"

Wednesday 30th March,2011

Ind Vs Pak WC Semis 2011

Much to the irritation of my pals in Bombay, I chose this day to fly back to B’lore.
Yes, I didn’t calculate the odds that of the WC and weighed the chances of us playing Pak in the semis. Why? B’cause I don’t care for cricket AT ALL. It’s highly overrated.
There I said it. Sue me

A brilliant day to drive. Our ride from Shivaji Park to the airport took to mere 15mins without a single halt. The airport was mighty deserted. No lines to check-in, no crowd to push through. The dreaded Gate 2 (low cost airlines gate) didn’t look like a fish market. I felt utterly lost. This didn’t look like the Bombay airport I know and love/hate.

The few folks who dared book their tickets on this eventful day perched their behinds conveniently facing the LCDs that the airport so considerately installed for this occasion. As I immersed myself in India Today, I hear our National Anthem. As I raised my egg shaped head to face the TV, this moderately filled lounge was on their feet with pride in their stance and hope in their eyes. Like a scene out of a TV commercial.

We sit & inspect the area around me wishing I had to knife to cut the tension in the air. The marshals pressed themselves against the glass doors, their florescent jackets hurting my eyes. Wonder who was watching the planes…?

Go Air’s regular flight to B’lore was hauntingly empty. More leg space for me, I say. Now miles above the ground, I fought to keep my eyes open when I was interrupted by the Captain. He panted like I presume Hercules did, ” Hello. This is the score of the match. India is 175 for 4 after 35 overs. (I don’t remember the exact numbers).” Now my sleep evaded me. Thank you Mr. Pilot man for making me laugh my lungs out & doing what only caffeine could have done.

Touch down B’lore, only to be at the receiving end of another short breath score update. Endearing how every time the pilot the contacted the radio towers, they gave him an update.I wondered if anyone else found it as funny as I did. I strained my ears for a chuckle. Nothing. 

Back to the city for dinner at a small restaurant. They kept forgetting to bring me food! Next stop, Chocolate Room & LCD TVs. We entered to find fellow college mates. I didn’t know them but one can tell a fellow Christite in a crowd. After the chocolates disappeared, the staff didn’t mind all those people hogging space.

The winning catch (Virat Kohil *drool*)… fire crackers… howling… jumping on seats… screaming…hugging…kissing… balloon bursting…crazy dancing….

It’s funny how a highly fragmented and sensitive nation unites for against a common perceived ‘enemy’.
It’s hilarious how much fuss a game of cricket can garner.
I don’t care for cricket but the last two matches got this nonbeliever to chant ‘India Jeetega’.

India’s loose adhesive is unarguably the unanimous love this ‘religion’.

I don’t care for cricket but if this is what it takes to piece together my country, I sure as hell respect the game.


Why do we love Dexter Morgan?

This is an excerpt from my research paper on ‘The Growing Popularity of American Anti Hero (TV Series) among Indian Audiences’. The paper was written over the course of a month and completed (& approved) in Oct 2010. The paper essentially tried to connect human psychology & the popularity of gory/dark TV shows. This passage is the heart of my research paper.

Why do we love Dexter?
On conducting primary research on a small sample of avid Dexter viewers, the researcher found answers to some compelling questions.

In the show, a lot of Dexter’s thoughts are voiced out loud with a sarcastic dark undertone to it. His thoughts make the viewer seem like they are inside his head. The captivating screenplay and gripping dialogues, grab the viewer who somehow in a strange way ‘relates’ to him.

The researcher would like to use Sigmund Freud’s Psychoanalysis Theory to interpret this phenomenon. Dexter talks a lot about his ‘dark passenger’ who he needs to satisfy to live. Sara Colleton, executive producer of “Dexter” says that we all have a bit of the dark passenger in us. She feels most of us have it firmly in check, and it’s just that extra piece of fudge that we can’t control. According to the in-depth interviews conducted by the researcher, most Dexter viewers root for him when he kills and can’t stand the thought of him getting caught.

According to Sigmund Freud’s Structural Model of the Psyche– the Id, the Ego and the Superego are three parts of the psychic apparatus. According to this model of the psyche, the Id is the set of uncoordinated instinctual trends; the ego is the organised, realistic part; and the super-ego plays the critical and moralising role. The Id is the function of the psyche that we are concerned with while analysing the popularity of the anti-hero.

The id is unconscious by definition. In Freud’s formulation,
“It is the dark, inaccessible part of our personality…and most of this is of a negative character and can be described only as a contrast to the ego. We all approach the id with analogies: we call it a chaos, a cauldron full of seething excitations… It is filled with energy reaching it from the instincts, but it has no organisation, produces no collective will…” — Sigmund Freud, New Introductory Lectures on Psychoanalysis (1933)
Freud claims, the Id is responsible for our basic drives such as food, water, sex and basic impulses. It is amoral and selfish, ruled by the pleasure–pain principle; it is without a sense of time, completely illogical, primarily sexual, infantile in its emotional development, and is not able to take “no” for an answer.

Freud divided the id’s drives and instincts into two categories: life and death instincts. Death instincts (Thanatos) as stated by Freud, are our unconscious wish to die, as death puts an end to the everyday struggles for happiness and survival. It also indirectly represents itself through outward and inward aggression.
The Ego and Superego keep a check on the Id keeping it from taking over the psyche. A criminal, for instance, has a dominating Id which leads to his aggressive behaviour. All of us have innate aggression in us which is kept under control by laws, religions and other controlling ‘system’ mechanisms. Dexter’s viewers mirror their aggression off the loveable killer thus giving vent to the pent up and suppressed aggression/anger.Dexter in all his being is the manifestation, although fictional, of our Id. With all the stress of living in a fast developing country, Dexter is a digital ventilator for his legions of fans. This is one of the reasons why Dexter is so famous among Indian audiences.

Another reason could be that Dexter’s ‘condition’ is due to an unconscious childhood memory of the murder of his mother which is witnessed. Dexter as an infant was left in a pool of his mother’s blood along with his older brother. Scriptwriters of Dexter have used this Freudian concept of suppressed memory to ‘justify’ his actions. This along with Harry’s code leads his viewers to excuse his kills as a ‘service to society’.

Déjà Vu or Jamais Vu?

I honestly don’t know where to start.

The past two years of my life have metaphysically evolved me into whoever I am today. I owe to it all to…

a) Mum.
For being brave enough to send her only child to another city.

b) B’lore.
Continues to be the city of my birth, in more ways than one.

c) Karma.
I knew I could always count on you.

d) BFFs
You’ll know who you’ll are.

I’d like to dedicate this post to a certain article in the New Indian Express’ magazine supplement Third Eye. The cover story in the Feb 6-12 issue is Nandini Nair’s New Kids on the Blog. I must say, the magazine happens to be one of my favorites mainly because all the articles are so comprehensive. Delightful read, indeed.

This article in particular, resuscitated the blogger in me.

*Gasps for another first breath*

The Transcript

For sheer neglect & namesake uploading of class assignments under the pretext of ‘blog post’, the jury(I, me, moi, mein, & myself) of the court of blogsphere holds Aditi G


For promising to breathe life into this blog & failing to do so due to ‘time constrains’, the jury & court of blogsphere hold Aditi G


The criminal is sentenced to a lifetime of rigorous blogging to make up for the vegetative state that this virtual diary has suffered.

CONVERGENCE: The Future of Communication

“A table, a chair, a bowl of fruit and a violin;
What else does a man need to be happy?
Albert Einstein
Oh! The disillusioned physicist. If only Einstein knew. It’s been over said – Man is a social animal. While applying Darwin’s Survival of the Fittest theory specifically to human, the quintessential communication process cannot be ignored. The better you are at communicating, the better the quality of your life. Communication is required to build, maintain and sustain relationships. It is necessary for co-operation, persuasion, inclusion and power. Societies and communities are deep rooted in communication via customised language, both verbal and non-verbal.

Gutenberg’s Printing Press, the revolutionary invention of the millennium, forever changed the way we communicate. Time and the ripple technological evolution unintentionally changed the definitions of ‘I’ and ‘We’.

Historically, there have been two ages of information dissemination since the known development of language— The Interpersonal Age followed by the Mass Media Age. The interpersonal age was characterised by limited audience and access, partial accuracy and authoritarian power over content. This age presumably lasted the longest. Face to face communication has been around since cave men but over the years messages have become more complex in nature. The hallmarks of the Mass media age are mass production, larger reach, gate-keeping and noise to name a few. This age saw/sees its own share of censorship under the facades of democracy, communalism and secularism (call it what you may).

The final decade of the gone millennium gave us digital technology. This heralded the third age evidently called the Digital Age –The age that broke conventions and norms with the blink of an eye.

Digital Age is identified by its beauty to combine two or more media, thus creating convenience. For example, let’s dissect our humble cellular handset. We can browse the internet and use GPS for navigation purposes. We can video chat. We can read instant SMS. We can take pictures and record videos. We can listen to music as well as radio. It has an inbuilt planner and organiser. It can be customised to suit you. And it can also make calls. As for the internet, the sky knows no bounds. Technological convergence has essentially changed the way we communicate. The complexity of convergence and new media has resulted in it being an intriguing problem statement for many communicators world over.

Convergence is not just restricted to the technological aspects of media. It runs deeper. The stringent wall of divide between content generators and content absorbers has been crumbled to a large extent. The provision for the power structure and dictation of content from gate-keepers and authority figures has taken a steep downhill dive. This significant change in the relationship between the dictator and the dictated is by itself convergence. The subtle union of the ‘sender’, ‘receiver’ and the ‘message’ into one intertwined medium where borders are only chalk drawn. The silence has been broken and the lines blurred.

Convergence started as a luxury. Over time Desire slowly slips into becoming Need. Once it has evolved, there is no turning back.

Question: Is convergence the future of communication?
Answer: The Future is here. It’s Now.


James Cameron’s path breaking film Avaatar (2010) has been minutely dissected ever since its release. This review attempts to look into the communication aspect of the most expensive film ever made.

The film is of the classic ‘good over evil’ format. It starts off with the Commander –in-chief giving the new batch a military safety drill speech. How some things never change! History stands witness that good orators and speeches of twisted ‘truths’ have manipulated crowds and caused wars.

The whole concept of Avaatars is very similar to multi-player virtual role playing games like World of Warcraft etc. The player here assumes a character or ‘avatar’ in a fictional world. Avatars on the World Wide Web also refer to customised characters that are meant to represent you.

The Ecology of Pandora, the distant moon planet, is of special significance in the film. It stands as a brilliant example of communication and media. The biological brilliance of its trees is depicted by the Signal Transduction between the roots of trees. All living creatures are connected via Eywa (Mother Tree) who, at the time of dire need, sends out signals to the animals and birds to fight the Sky People. This concept of a network is highly similar to Digital Platforms. New Media mainly allows a satellites or a server to connect many computers, cell phones and thus individuals. Apart from that, the writer also attempts to depict the sacred relationship between indigenous population and Mother Nature.

The Na’vi People have a special language of their own all complete with war cries. The director along with linguistics experts Professor Frommer created unique syntactic and grammatical rules for the Na’vi Language. Example: Kaltxì – Hello, Nga – You, Tolaron – Hunted. With the coming of The Sky People (Earthmen) and Dr. Grace’s schooling initiatives, select Na’vi people learnt English. Thus, literally universalising the English language. Non-verbal signs from Eywa are taken very seriously by the people. Seeds of Eywa are considered an auspicious sign from her to the people.

Prayers are a way of communicating to the Mother Tree Eywa and their ancestors. This age old earth tradition continues to be depicted on Pandora but with a twist. This alien species have tentacles at the tip of their hair plaits. These tentacles are their used to make a ‘bond’ (Zahelu) or connection between animals, The Tree of Souls (of ancestors) and Eywa. When two tentacles intertwine, the sensual bond results in a strong union of sorts. The power of this bond has no bounds. Communication is possible by only thinking it. When all the Na’vi people together make a bond with Eywa, she is capable of transferring life from one body to another.

Communication by way of physical touch is portrayed several times. The physical act of touching among the indigenous is a non-verbal communication of unity and support.

Jake Sully, our loveable protagonist, video logs his experiences. This undying need of human to record their feels and memories is evident here as well as in the Tree of Souls. The Tree of souls records the memories of the ancestors of the Na’vi Clan.

What strikes me the most is the sense of community is beautifully revealed. Inter and Intra community harmony and the combining of forces by communication for the greater good of Pandora is touching.

New Media & Freedom

Man forever delves in his obsession of creating ‘bridges’ to interact and communicate for selfish needs. The latest milestone he successfully invented is fondly termed New Media. This mainly comprised of the hailed Internet, Cellular Phone, Video Conferencing, Satellite TV, Satellite Radio and other awe worthy communication technology. The quintessential difference between Traditional Mass Media and New Media is the question of content control. Speaking of tradition, the lay man had been used to only receiving information disseminated by mass media and its gatekeepers. Yes, he was skeptical and made his own opinions irrespective of media bombardment but he lacked a voice.

New Media is just that. It’s his voice. It’s a gargantuan platform for him to scream as loud as he can. The sheer beauty of being able to put one’s opinions, thoughts, beliefs and view out there for the world to see made New Media an instant hit. Virtual Diaries called Blogs to rant away, single line blabs called microblogs, forum and communities to meet global netizens of the same wavelength, instant message and reply facilities on the go…what more could one ask for. It’s safe to say, new media takes individual’s right freedom of speech and expression to newer dizzy heights beyond the curb of nations and their chalk drawn boundaries.

It’s a long information superhighway with no stop signs, no signals or anyone to stop you. Is that necessarily good? Do anti-social elements allow for a clean positive use of such a phenomenon? Will control crazy governments of the world allow for such ruthless freedom?

The freedom of this revolutionary technology reaches far and wide even into the hands of anti-social elements. Rouges, terrorists (the trendy tag), scamsters et al ruthlessly use new media to concretise their plans. The 26/11 terrorists used satellite telecommunication to communicate with each other while taking Mumbai hostage. Religious extremists and propagandist continue to use the internet to for disseminating hateful and instigating messages.

Governments such as in China and Pakistan have imposed severe restrictions on their citizens over the internet. The Pakistan Telecommunication Authority in Feb 2008 ordered the banning of Pakistani access to the popular video hosting site though access was eventually restored. In 2010, Britain passed a strict cyber law against piracy and websites hosting peer-to-peer sharing as well. Currently concerns regarding a growing tendency of governments around the world attempting to selectively restrict access to the user-generated new media content are on the rise. Censorship is catching on in many countries and pressure for websites and service providers to practise self censoring is soaring.

But man has always found a way around obstacles. Owing to the ban on political blogs in China, campaigns like Adopt a Chinese Blogger cropped up where a non-Chinese would get in touch with a blogging enthusiast Chinese by mutual consent, thus allowing the Chinese blogger to write via a mediator non-China IP.

This is merely one of thousands of examples depicting how no mountain is high enough to gag man and his innate need to communicate. New media has effectively given power back to the people.


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"All the world's a stage,

And all the men and women merely players:

They have their exits and their entrances;..."


Drama…ah there’s nothing like real life drama

Perspective is a clear road map when YOU yourself are out of the picture. It just seems clear and obvious to you as a third person, the attentive audience…untouched by the gruel reality of the drama.
As much as you scream out the right answers, the ones on stage never hear you. Empathize you do, but apart from that you are utterly powerless till you jump on stage uninvited.
Somebody always gets hurt, someone has to win. Somebody always walks away untouched and someone is forgotten in the bargain.
Advice from a pro: Like it or not, everyone gets their turn in the spotlight.Remember never to back the audience(else you’ll be stabbed). Improvise and impromptu …anything works as long as you don’t look like a fool on stage. And don’t worry about the spotlight, your eyes will get used to it.
Perspective, the manual to winning, is handed to you after the race the lost. Consolation prize? No…
It’s the trophy of wisdom. Epiphany galore served on a platter after a hard day’s work.
Congratulations you’ve won…hope you like the prized perspective
Drama…ah there’s nothing like real life drama

Media Laws Vs Freedom of Expression

There is no such thing as absolute freedom.
Freedom is accompanied by responsibility”
— Jawaharlal Nehru

The fourth pillar of a nation—The Press ­­— is forever on guard when it comes to their right to freedom of expression. Ideally, they’d want absolute freedom with no strings attached. But they are rarely given this gluttonous privilege. Comparatively, Indian media is given far more leeway than other countries. There are always extremes. One on hand, you have the out-of-control US media while on the other you have the ‘gagged’ Afghanistani media (Taliban’s). But do we have to choose between this’ devil’ of complete government control and the ‘deep sea’ of absolute unmonitored freedom? There must be a middle ground…

Law makers opine and quote the apparent effects of media branding it ‘a spoilt child who was spared the rod’. To make up for this historical mistake, they push vigorously for amendments and laws that bring out the cane on the media/press when they stumble on their pursuit of truth. This tug of power has always been around and the press has marked its favourite rivals already. The press usually stands alone in their never ending crusade against all things bad including politician and other powerhouses. Most people in power (Read: Politicians) find it hard to fathom than the press has the ability to expose them and this constant fear is behind their animosity against the press.

In the name of protecting the public, laws are being made to curtail the freedom of press. A hypocritical move indeed! We have the privilege to reside in a nation that calls itself democratic. India gives its people the esteemed right to choose its own leaders out of a bag full of candidates. If the people are rational enough to elect their own leader, why discredit their rationality when it comes to the content in the media and press? They can very well differentiate between what’s good, bad, right or wrong for themselves. Censorships and other laws curtailing the press and media under the disguise of protecting the public are absolutely unnecessary.

There is always a BUT…

But the media does get ‘high’ on this freedom. There have been, are and will be instances when the press and media, so drunk on freedom, lose sight of their responsibility towards society. Instead of hard core laws that will only straight jacket good journalism and gag creative freedom, a voluntary self-regulatory organisation keeping a watch on unethical activities is advisable. Opinions and information that harm national defence and/or instigate communal disharmony obviously require laws which are rightly in place. But cutting scenes of ‘vulgarity’ from movies when you have satellite TV broadcasting worse profanity at the click of a remote is preposterous. Media ethics that come from within the industry are a better solution to the current haywire condition of Indian media. The PCI for example, ought to pull up its socks and take corrective measure where needed before laws restricting media is put into place.

Debating over such a dicey issue, it’s hard to say if laws are a boon or bane to media freedom of expression. Its contextual than hard and fast. Say for example 26/11 terror attacks in Bombay. The minute by minute update about the action of the Special Forces and cops might have unfortunately helped the terrorist drag the highjack on for days. This unintentional err should prod the PCI to include such matters in their code of ethics. Media professionals are sceptical when outsiders draft laws that affect them. Instead if the PCI is given some power to take substantial action, thus putting the onus on media itself, appropriate rules and code of ethics would be in place. As for censorship, a decent and more logical rating system like USA would be appropriate in this day and age.

Chemistry labs teach you more than you know. To succeed in an experiment, you have to get the mixtures right. The exact measurement of liquid X and liquid Y gives you Solution Z. But this simplicity and perfection is rarely possible in real life. Laws often steps on the toes of pursuit of truth and the fingers of creativity thus backstabbing the universal human right of freedom of expression. But having said, one must admit that the press and the media don’t walk around with a halo over their head. Like Peter Parker’s (Spiderman) wise uncle said, “With great power, comes great responsibility.”
Yes I know I sound biased. But I strongly believe that a hand full of journalists still have their heart in the right place and media still has to power to sweep out the dirt under every seemingly innocent looking furniture.

The crumblings of half a cookie DATED 9 nov 09

I’m surprised at my threshold. In the auto I wondered, how I’m managing to stand so still when the land beneath my feet swirls vigorously. I guess you never know your limits till you’re pushed beyond it.

I positively had at the worst night of my life. Well I know I throw around the terminology loosely. But this day, ought to go down in my history.

Why is it that when Pandora opens her box all the evil things come out at once? Why can’t it happen a day at a time? Why can’t spread out? A punch per pay is a much better recipe than truck loads of it.

Murphy has always been at the receiving end of all my curses. The Honorary Ph.D from the reputed Institution of Jerkland must be twisting in his grave just because I want a punching bag.

Its funny how people get threatened by other people’s mere existence. We are truly animals. Nahh…’Animal’ is too nice a word, ain’t it? Cannibalistic Sadistic Savages …Now that more like it, no?

Why does it always rain on a ‘bad day’? It’s a universal phenomenon stereotyped by cinema. But, it’s true. Example: Nov 9,2009.

I tend to vent on people who don’t deserve it. Then I drown intentionally in guilt. I wonder what’s peoples’ sh*t taking threshold when it comes to me?

I like meeting new people randomly and striking serious conversation about randomness. B’lore people are nice.

Small talk aint by big cuppa tea! I hate being in it, around it, close to it or in a 5mile radius of it.

Everyone eventually goes away. And yea, life is unfair. “Happy Realization… Egyptian Civilization.” (once more in chorus)

Every notice, we get tons of calls from friends and family on a day that you are being treated like a purple robed blue blooded royal by your good ol’ pal Sinister Luck!

I sleep tonight with one question flashing before my mind’s eye like the hourly breaking news concept of Indian News Channels … “What Makes The Cookie Crumble?”

The End of Sem 1

I’m still stumped with the realisation that come 23rd one whole semester will be done and gone.  I only just got here. I guess you’re not checking your watch that often when your having the time of your life. Being here, by myself is by far the best thing that has ever happened to me. I can actually feel myself becoming this person…this person I always wanted to be.

Independence is much more than a state of mind. It’s much more than a physical activity. The environment that you reside in ought to allow independence. The conduciveness of one’s surroundings decides the degree of independence.

It has to be an ocean ….and you have to NOT know how to swim.
Some people are pushed into it but some of us JUMP head first.Either way, we all figure out how to swim.
Don’t forget to decide if you want to swim with the current, against it or find your own way to Paradise Island…

MissedTrainhummingtoday.jpg Jab we missed the train Munnar image by carecafeThis…This moment…A micro second I managed to steal to give a glance to the web extension of my identity.
There is no excuse. I cannot blame it on time. It won’t care even if i do.The amusingly taxing task of adaptation had monopolised my one track mind. What can I say…I’m only human(partially)
Mother of mine tends to make sense sometimes. Yesterday evening she said, “Don’t ignore your blog. It’s a part of your identity.” Funny how things we already know seem true only when some else says it!
The timing of the dialogue was perfect. I had just begun managing my course blog for my University. I had tasted the addictive again after unwillingly quitting cold turkey.An almost predictable behavioural trait when it comes to me. When I love something too much and give it my all…at some point in time I leave it. Just like that without rhyme or reason. I let myself miss it and long for it. And I come back rejuvenated with new vigour and zest.
Ummm…the sweet high of blogging…

Own Theory Project

HYPOTHESIS: The advent of technology to correct our spelling mistakes has made us a little less literate.
OBSERVATION: This theory is majorly based on personal observation and experience. In school, when technology in India was still not as rampant as now, we used to make an effort to spell. Spelling has always been an important aspect in our education system and more often than always a chuck of our marks depended on it. We were taught how to spell from a very tender age and that learning never really stopped as there are too many words in the English Dictionary. So unless you were one of those Spelling Bee Champs, the chances of you knowing and spelling ALL the words were close to slim. So students, in particular, would strive to spell words right. Even adults for that matter were good at spelling. By heart the spelling, ingrain it in our minds by writing it over and over again, repeating it orally or breaking down the words phonetically to get them right were different methods of learning how to spell. For the longest time we depended on these abilities (spelling phonetically in particular) to spell words we heard for the first time. Those were the times, we knew how to spell…or at least made an ernest attempt to.
Then came technology in all its splendour. It made almost every aspect of our lives easier. We in turn have consciously or unconsciously evolved and adapted ourselves to accept technology in all its luxury. Every coin has two sides and technology is no exception. For example, cell phones. No arguments about it being a novel invention but we now are increasingly depended on our cell phones to constantly be ‘in touch’ with the world. This ‘addiction’ if I may, has absorbed us… affecting our daily activities.
Cell phones have an inbuilt dictionary, Microsoft Word has a dictionary/thesaurus & spell check, Google and other search engines too correct our spelling.
ANALYSIS: Although good spelling ability is not a gift bestowed on all of us but the spell check option of these and more media have made us more reliant on them. The effort to even attempt to spell has reduced tenfold mainly because we know that there is spell check to do that for us. Past scientific research shows that the human mind can recognise words even if the starting and ending alphabets remain the same and the letters in between are in random order. I feel that the mind remembers words that way. We mostly know the letters that constitute a word and then go on to put them in order to make sense out of it.
With the predictable spelling on mobile and computer, we leave out the part where we re-order the alphabets. Instead, we leave that to technology. Another main reason is our mind thinks faster than our hands move. So in a bid not to lose the train of thought, we type an approximate word and bank on the spell check in MS Word to underline it red or Google to ask us ‘Did you mean: _____’. This also has given birth to the SMS language that we frequent in, another reason why our spelling has taken the back seat.
Grammar too has been adversely affected by this phenomenon. With omission of almost half the alphabets in words and sentences, there’s a significant drop in writing and researching skills. The greatest disappointment felt by the English language. This trend will continue until people realise to differentiate between formal and informal English and the art of keep one away from the other.