#100happydays Week 1

So now that I’m armed with an iPhone, the #100happydays challenge is long overdue. Come along and follow me on Instagram. Simply search for slowmotionthoughts. I know I promised a round up but change of plans. I’m going to post my favourite picture of the week instead! Here goes nothing…

Day 4
Risha’s dreamcatcher necklace: prettiest thing I have seen all day

Bought at a flee market in Goa (in case you are wondering)

The Sweetest Thing

Location: Koramangala 8th block, Bangalore, India
Left Picture: Betty waiting with me on the side of the road as I attempt to catch an auto to work.
Right Picture: Ugly (Betty’s puppy) greeting me in the evening at my doorstep.

If you could read, you’d know
If you were tech-savvy,  you’d know
If you could receive flying kisses via wind-mail, you’d know

How much I miss you, Betty & Ugly

❤ You'll Always,

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The Great Indian Head Nod

May be im a lil’ biased…but dang I *heart* this click. Taken by sheer artistic accident from a rubbish phone with a ghastly 5MP camera, I must say I’m proud of this image.

No photoshop effects. This is a plain raw image. Everytime I look at this picture, I find myself wondering was the boy in this picture nodding yes in agreement or no in denial !?!

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Poloroids are cool

How I love poloroids! These pictures where taken at the office from a Fujifilm poloroid camera. There is something so magnificently charming about this type of photography. Apart from the ‘instant’ feature, they look lovely on a tact-board or on the refrigerator. 

This is my girl pal Chens looking artsy in her short crop!
Yes, we made a pact to go bald together in college and a few years down the line, she did it.

Me? Well, I’m still a bit insecure about the oddly shaped egg I called skull .