#Recycle: Organise your accessories with “trash”

Have you realised how much trash you generate as just one individual? I never thought of trash or its consequences or the sheer size of it until very recently. In a bit to recycle and repurpose trash, I’ve been making small changes at home, hoping that someday it will all add up.

For starters, I’ve been collecting plastic boxes and glass bottles to repurpose them around the house. While reorganising my jewellery shelf, I put some of them to use. No, they aren’t ground breaking ideas, but I want to share them with you to get the wheels turning, to inspire you to repurpose.

For my bangles, I used a cider pint. It’s so handy and you can see all your bangles at one glance.


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Make like Meghan Markle: 3 Outfits Inspired by Suits Actor turned Princess

OMG. We’re incredibly excited about Prince Harry and Meghan Markle. Their engagement and marriage make a massive statement and I couldn’t be gladder. The Meghan Markle from Suits, a mixed raced Hollywood actor and humanitarian, is soon going to be Princess Meghan. Now, that’s a fairytale worth telling! One that says a big in-your-face to the rigid world, nasty media, racists and elitists of the world. And have you seen their CNN interview yet? It’s literally the cutest thing in the world. Both of them are rather “real” and that’s refreshing for a change. If you haven’t seen it, here is the link.

I’ve always loved the way Meghan dressed – super feminine with #girlboss vibes & a whole lotta casual, chilled out outfits. So I put together three of my favourite Markle looks to steal like a pro.
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New Launch: Whisper Ultra Soft

Let’s talk about periods. It’s as much a part of our lives as breathing and burping (yes, girls burp ok). Hormones are all over the place but then again that’s why we have chocolates. For me, I’m constantly worrying about staining my dress or the chair I’m sitting on for 8 hours straight at work. Did I mention overall discomfort that leads to general crankiness? Yeahhh… add that to the list right next to checking the pad every few hours. Why am I tell you all this?

Because I truly believe that periods are not the end of the world. It’s no reason for us to stress or worry and it’s definitely no reason to stay away from normal activities that make us happy. According to me, the one thing that makes periods a trying time is the discomfort – physical and emotional. And we must do what we can to eliminate this feeling. We have chocolate, wine, books and Zayn Malik to keep us emotionally upbeat. In a bid to reduce the physical discomfort, Whisper innovated and came up with something cool.

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Look: Time Traveller

Girl in vintage ruffled lace dress

She believes she was born a century too late. For ruffles and lace make her swoon.

She dressed up in a vintage-esque dress for Race day on a breezy Saturday. She bet on a subdued fascinator, black tie-up heels and simple black clutch. #VictorianMuch

Ruffled dress: Koovs.com #SaleHaul
Floral headband: Accessorize
Tie-up black heels: Ajio.com #SaleHaul

CC creme:
Lakme S# Bronze
Mascara: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara –  01 Extreme Black
Eye Shadow: The Little Black Book Palette from Elf– Volume II
Eye Liner: Maybelline New York The Colossal Liner – Black

Photographer: D.R.R TrollKill
Shot on: Moto G3 

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Frida Khalo’s Beauty Statements

Artist, feminist, communist, fashion icon, LGBT idol – Frida was a great many things. She embodied unconventionality and put Mexico on the fashion and beauty map. A look at how the Mexican artist celebrated individuality through her make-up. We break down the rebellious artist’s signature statements.

Chic Cheek

Olive-skinned Frida was unafraid of using colours in her art, attire and make-up. She loved highlighting her cheekbones and often wore a bold red lip stain to match.

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Button Down 2.0: The Shirt has been Upgraded

If you thought shirts were monotonous, think again. It’s hard to imagine that the all-holy shirt was once just an undergarment and not a must-have basic. Over the years, the simple shirt – the uniform for 9-5 shifts – has evolved, metamorphosing into a street style staple. Whatever be its form, the shirt continues to exude power and formality. We break down its latest avatars this season.

Wicked Victorian


Ruffle some feathers by embracing your inner Prince (RIP). In-your-face romantic, this blast from the past has stiff collars, girly gathers and a steady following.

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Pro Golfer Sharmila Nicollet’s Beauty Secrets

At 25, Sharmila Nicollet is making headlines on and off course. The Indo-French athlete is the second and youngest Indian to earn a full card on the Ladies European Tour. She spends her time training, Instagramming and being a regular girl with flawless skin.

My skincare routine 
I’m a little OCD about my skincare. I don’t like using many chemicals on my face. I use a soapless face cleanser and follow it up with a moisturizer twice a day. I’m in the sun a lot, so a sunscreen is a must. Mom makes me natural face packs – papaya, banana or mango with multani mitti. I get a clean-up done once every two months.

My fitness schedule 
I eat a small meal or a few bananas before hitting the gym. I gym six times a week – twice on upper body, twice on lower body and twice on core. My regime consists of mobility and heavy weight training. I love weight and muscle training and mix it up with balance and core. Plus, I get a deep tissue massage at the end of the week.

Signature look on course 
I don’t wear too much make-up – basic mascara, some concealer, sunscreen, foundation and lip balm, all for protection and cover-up.
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A/W 2016: Runway trends to Heart

Whether you’re aiming for dainty, badass or the girl next door, there’s something there for everyone. The lowdown on A/W 2016 biggest fashion trends… 

The 80s

L-R: Fyodor Golan, Moschino and Paul Smith
The era of rock and roll is back to shake things up. Some of the loudest retro trends, from crop tops, shoulder pads and fishnet stockings to off-shoulders and blinding neons, have made a big comeback. And animal prints on everything from fur coats to boots are righteous again.

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Street Style: 10

My sister from another mister, Aditi Sharma Maheshwari looked like a piece of art today when we met for lunch. An ex-colleague, my namesake’s sense of style spells sophistication. A brilliant writer and even better confidante, AM (as she’s fondly called) brings her fun side to her dressing.
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Street Style: 9

Raisa Tolia is a good friend and an ex-colleague. The fire in her is almost contagious and the passion with which she does everything in life is admirable. Sweet girl that she is, she want to meet her girlfriends from work for lunch a day before her birthday.

I absolutely loved what she wore. A navy blue accordion pleated midi teamed with a cream shirt, casually tucked it. Sans jewellery. She almost never needs jewellery. She teamed it with studded, strapped sandals and a giant tote that could fit a small to medium size baby. I’ve always admired the grace with which she carries off her outfit. I’m going to call it and say…this one’s full #girlboss material.

Happy birthday, Rice Bowl!
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Fashion trend: Throwback to the 90s

Because what goes around, comes around…

We have news and it’s rather big. Hang on to your fanny pack because the greatest decade of all time is making a fashionable comeback. The freaking 90s are back! Fashion has always had a tendency of rehashing the past and it’s finally made its way back to the 1990s when Friends aired its pilot episode, Bill Clinton was President, Britney Spears was a good girl and the Macarena was invented.

Several style statements from the 90s are making their cute (some even ugly) presence felt and we’ve picked our favourite four fashion trends for you to adopt right away.
      Denim Dungarees or Overalls
Essentially made for farmers and mechanics, the dungaree soon trickled its way to everyday fashion in the 90s and it’s back this year, albeit in a skinner (perhaps even ripped) avatar.

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Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) in Friends to Joey (Katie Holmes) in Dawson’s Creek aced the short dungaree with sleeves tops

Look: Pep Talk

Shit happens. Most times, you don’t see it coming and the other times, you’re in deep denial of its arrival. But like it or not, painful unpleasantness is as much a part of this wretchedly beautiful life as is unconditional love (care for some short poetry).
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Review: Himalaya’s Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub

Let’s start with an open secret. No girl in her right mind can do without a face scrub. It exfoliates by cleaning dead skin…you know the ugly stuff you can’t really see, but is definitely there. It also helps remove stuff that you can see – the dreaded blackheads and whiteheads. It’s an essential part of any skincare routine – a step before cleansing-toning-moisturizing – and must not be missed. Having said that, scrubs are not to be used everyday. Twice a week is ideal.  I tried out Himalaya’s Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub (Rs 130) for 4 weeks before I came to the following conclusions.
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Review: Himalaya’s Purifying Neem Scrub


Gritty. Dirty. Polluted and icky. City life finds its ugly way onto me, and my skin is the first place it shows. Okay fine, I might be getting old. But I’m not talking about discolouration and crow’s feet. My madly oily face is a collector….of rubbish. To improve my skincare regime, I tried out Himalaya’s Purifying Neem Scrub (Rs 130 for 100gms) for 4 weeks and here’s what happened.

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Look: Rule Breaker

She chooses to do the “right” things always. But once in a while, she doesn’t care. Maybe it’s the moon, maybe it’s the hormones, maybe it’s the tides. Things are worn backside front and colours that “don’t go with each other” are mixed without damn.

Red body con skirt: Rs 250 on sale at Forever 21(similar)
Checked shirt worn backside front: Hand-me-down
Socks: Thrifted, Rs 50 for 3 pairs on Linking Road
School boy shoes: Rs 350 at Bata (same)

Tote: 20 Dresses on Jabong
Glasses: Lenskart

Photography by Aruna Gaitonde

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Street Style: 8

Zeenat Kulavoor is a massively talented typographer and graphic artist who works at Bombay Duck Design. Her arabic calligraphy is out of this world and she’s even holding a workshop at TARQ on June 29 to teach enthusiats. She also loooooovessss cats and runs a sweet blog called I Spot Cats.

I met her an event a few months ago and simply loved what she wore. She was in a black short sleeve shirt buttoned to the collar. Look closely and you’ll see it’s printed with fried bacon and eggs (hmmm….bacon). She bought this fab shirt at a small shop on Colaba Causeway in Mumbai. She teamed it with black leggings and running shoes. The pop from the neon green shoe laces is super. See that clutch in her hand… it’s actually a tin storage box she picked up in Crawford Market, Mumbai! Love how artists get creative with everything….

Look: True Blue

It’s about to pour. She can almost hear it. She wants to swim in the rain and drench herself entirely. She loves the sound of the rain meeting concrete, tin and earth. She can almost hear it. Looks like the clouds might take a while, but she can’t wait. She drapes herself in the wateriest print – does it look like a turbulent ocean or a slab of melting marble?

Dress: Rs 1999 on Stalkbuylove.com (here)
Wedges: Clarks (on sale)
Necklace (headband worn as chain): Rs 100 at M Block, New Delhi

Photography by Aruna Gaitonde

Look: Grand Winter Gala

Winter and her parties have always allured her. The nip in the air, the layers of warm clothing and the tingling goosebumps on bare skin that she almost instantly forgets when in deep conversation. A Saturday evening Gala is an occasion enough to take the faux fur overcoat for a spin. It is mild pink, so tender a hue that it almost disappears into white. She loves the feel of it on her skin and it shows…
Faux fur overcoat and black dress: Marks & Spencer
Ballerina shoes: Forever 21  
“211 Red Rush” Colourshow Lipstick: Maybelline New York 
Cat eye spectacles: Lenskart.com 

Street Style: 7

Adrian is dressed casually to meet his friends on a Sunday afternoon. He is wearing shorts bought from Hill Road, Bandra in Mumbai and a casual short sleeve purple button down from Check-Up also on Hill Road. He never leaves the house without his Fossil watch and is most comfortable in Crocs.

Street Style:6

Cara was dressed to go to the movies with me. Her music themed white and black top was bought from one of many stalls on Hill Road, Bandra in Mumbai. The black stretch denims were gifted while those black rubber gum boots were purchased at Pink Paisley on Hill Road. Also look at those natural curls…

Review: Nivea In-shower Skin Conditioner

My favourite season is here. Although Bombay pseudo winter is a sham, even the slightest change in temperature bring me joy. I’d take cold hands over sweaty ones any day. But winter also means crazy dry skin. As my moisturizing routine goes into overdrive, I tested this In-shower Skin Conditioner from Nivea (Rs 250).

The Dope
The body conditioner is meant to be used directly after cleansing. The instructions say you ought to leave it on the body for 2 minutes but I can never really keep track of time in the bathroom. Although I washed it off in what I thought was a minute and half, the result was still visible. My skin feels moisturized and plump, even after drying off. It rinses off easily so I didn’t have to put much effort into it. Cons, you ask? Washing the conditioner off is a lot like washing hair conditioner too, it leaves the bathroom floor a tad slippery. But the bottle warns you about that beforehand, so can’t really complain. The overall effect wears off after a few hours, but it is nice while it lasts.

Look: At the Movies

She prefers watching movies from the comforts of her bedroom. But once in a while, she ventures into movie theatres to experience the big screen. Always with friends, never alone. She likes to dress comfortable so that she can fold her legs and sit back. The shoes come off, the diet goes for a toss with a bag of popcorn and pepsi and wide-mouthed watching commences.

Black lace top: Zara (on sale for Rs 1000)
Grey skirt: Jabong.com (similar here)
Pink canvas shoes: Bata (on sale for Rs 500)
Metallic chain: Vero Moda (on sale for 200)
Giant black bag: Forever New (Rs 5000)
Photography by Cara Fernandes

Journal entry: Phew. The past couple of months have been crazy. But I’m not going to rattle on excuses justifying my absence. Sorry for the unintentional sabbatical. Trust me, it wasn’t planned.
On a happier note, something majorly amazing has happened to me and I cannot wait to share the news with you.

Street Style: 5

Raji was walking down a quiet street in Bandra, Bombay on a lazy Saturday afternoon. She teamed a black Vero Moda top with ethnic print Fabindia dhoti pants and Steve Madden sandals. Her blue mirrored sunglasses from Ray Ban matched with a Swatch watch.


H’appy’ Shopping!

On my way back in the local train everyday, the sights are pretty much the same. Tired women playing Candy Crush while those in groups passionately discuss office drama. Admit it, the rest of us sit there with a ear trying to decipher the conversation and another eye in someone’s phone judging them as they suck at the stupid Candy Crush. I cannot be the only one doing this. And I cannot be the only one wishing and hoping for something more interesting to do than counting the seconds between every station. But… my secret commuting prayers where answered by some genius techies.   
The nation’s newest past time is app shopping. Flash back to your last month, remember all those times you pretended to be busy texting or checking “urgent office emails” but you were actually looking for those palazzo pants at a great cost. I love how apps have made everything personal: from buying groceries and finding the right doctor to shopping leisurely for apparels and accessories…it is all between you and your phone. Speaking of which, did you know fashion giant Myntra is now going all app. You heard that right! Very soon the website is going to phase out its .com and concentrate wholly on the mobile platform. It makes perfect sense to switch to a more intimate and personal platform, especially when I hear that almost 80% of their sales come from the app itself. Think about it, we are not always on our computer (even when we are, we are busy hiding the screen from our boss) but we are almost always on our phones (ah, the perks of privacy).

E-commerce websites gave us competitive prices, choices and the comfort of shopping from home. Apps take it a notch higher: the same amazing prices, the same variety but now we can shop from anywhere…while smelling armpits in the train on our trek home, drinking overpriced coffee at a cafe or running that extra mile on the tread at the gym. 

Gosh, I can never get enough of technology. I sense a lot of these e-commerce sites are going to make that leap and go all app. But by the looks of it, Myntra is setting some major trends. 

PS: To initiate myself with app shopping, I went ahead and splurged a tad on the Myntra app. What do you think of this dress? Me likey, you likey?

Photography by Sirawon Khathing

Shopping: Dark and Boho

Look: Late for Work

She is always running against time, forever wondering if she will make it before the attendance register changes hands. To the rescue is a black and white chevron A-line that almost never needs ironing. Running for the taxi needs sturdy shoes…so everyday school boy oxfords are teamed with neon hued ankle length socks. The emergency necklace she keeps in her bag comes out of hiding. Too late for make up, she goes into her world famous chameleon mode. Bham! Wednesday got owned
Dress: GK I M Block (Rs 200)
Oxfords: Bata (Rs 400) 
Tribal Necklace: Thrifted on Linking Rd (Rs 100)
Socks: Forever 21 (Rs 69)
Photography by Sirawon Khathing

Street Style: 4

Couple of friends and I were strolling through Dharavi during the Art Biennale when we came across Mr. Dapper here chilling by the side of the road, enjoying a conversation with a friend. I simply had to ask for a picture for which (much to my surprise) he willingly obliged. I love how he carried himself with that fedora, tie-less shirt and pin stripped suit. His shoes might have been a tad dusty and he seemed out of place (and easy to spot) but he didn’t seem to care (notice: he is neatly sitting on a handkerchief). He walked around like he owned the place. I guess he likes to dress the part too…

Vintage Fashion: 1975, New Delhi

“It was taken in 1975, in a small studio in Kalkaji, New Delhi. I was one year old and to celebrate we went down to the studio to take a pic. I had to be given a rattle because at first I was not smiling. I have a cutting of my mum’s dress in the Bible, she put it there to commemorate the moment!” 
Thank you, Georgina Maddox for sharing this precious picture. Love that classy detailing on your mom’s dress and those adorable booties you were wearing!