New Launch: Nu Skin’s ageLOC LumiSpa Skin Cleanser

Singapore, March 15: I cannot do makeup. It’s not that I hate makeup, it’s just that I don’t know much about it. I admire people who can turn their face into a piece of art. But so far, I haven’t been able to do that. On most days, you’ll see me with black eyeliner (kajal) and a random lipstick.

But I do LOVE skincare. I like thinking about what I eat/drink because it affects my skin and using skincare products when I find one that suits me. I’ve almost always had not-so-good experiences with skincare products because my skin is weird as hell and can break out with the slightest provocation.

One thing that usually sits high on my skincare routine is cleansing. Because it’s a basic thing that can make a helluva difference. So that’s why I was excited to see Nu Skin‘s latest product – the ageLOC LumiSpa Skin Cleanser. Here’s what I learnt about the product at the event.

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The Nu Skin team explained to us that it’s a dual-action skin care device that treats and cleanses the skin. The ageLOC LumiSpa device uses a counter-rotating action to purify pores by removing dirt, oil, makeup, pollutants and toxins while delivering skin benefits. It’s a waterproof, rechargeable device that can be taken into the shower. They say it lets you cleanse your entire face in 2 minutes.

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They also showed us that the ageLOC LumiSpa comes with two treatment heads made of nonabrasive silicon — normal and firm. The folks at Nu Skin also showed us 5 treatment cleansers they’ve developed to optimise the effectiveness of the device. These cleansing foams come in five formulations for skin that is dry, normal to combination, oily, sensitive and acne-prone.

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The ageLOC LumiSpa Starter Kit is priced at S$372.00

Disclaimer: The blogger was invited to the launch event. This is not a review and the blogger has not used the product. 

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