5 Project Wood designs to love + 20% discount code

It thrills me no end to see the product design scene in India is suddenly on an adrenaline rush. It’s like watching a garden bloom on Discovery channel time lapse video. I’ve been writing on design and interiors for five odd years now, so I’m constantly coming across new brands, labels, studios and designers to admire.

Recently, I came across a new furniture design studio called Project Wood. No brownie points for guessing that they love making things with wood. Run by Kanika Pahwa, Project Wood organically grew out of Studio Ezube, New Delhi based interior design firm.

Styled and photographed by Aditi Gaitonde

“As an interior designer, I’m constantly on the lookout for accessories that I can use for projects. Since I often couldn’t find accents to suit my requirements, I began designing and making my own accessories and furniture pieces,” explains Kanika about Project Wood, a 2-month-old product design studio. Most of their creations are handmade and almost all of them can be customised too.

Newer products are added every fortnight to the e-shop, I’ve already made a wishlist of my favourite five. Use the Code: SMT20 to get 20% off site wide discount on ProjectWood.in.

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New Launch: Whisper Ultra Soft

Let’s talk about periods. It’s as much a part of our lives as breathing and burping (yes, girls burp ok). Hormones are all over the place but then again that’s why we have chocolates. For me, I’m constantly worrying about staining my dress or the chair I’m sitting on for 8 hours straight at work. Did I mention overall discomfort that leads to general crankiness? Yeahhh… add that to the list right next to checking the pad every few hours. Why am I tell you all this?

Because I truly believe that periods are not the end of the world. It’s no reason for us to stress or worry and it’s definitely no reason to stay away from normal activities that make us happy. According to me, the one thing that makes periods a trying time is the discomfort – physical and emotional. And we must do what we can to eliminate this feeling. We have chocolate, wine, books and Zayn Malik to keep us emotionally upbeat. In a bid to reduce the physical discomfort, Whisper innovated and came up with something cool.

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DNA India: How to Travel like a Millennial by Aditi Gaitonde

I am one half of a two member editorial and content development studio called The Short Staff. As a full-time freelance writer and editor, I contribute to a bunch of print and digital publications including DNA India’s DNA Money supplement. Here’s my piece that was published on Mar 3, 2017. Here’s an excerpt and link to the full article.

It’s safe to say that millennials have a perpetual case of wanderlust. The young Indian traveller has evolved from cookie-cutter tours crammed with “touristy” sight seeing. They want more from their holidays than just Instagram-worthy pictures and Facebook check-ins. They want experiences over luxuries, purpose over presentation and stories over stringent itineraries. They want to put to work, leave a mark, get inspired and take away skills and stories.

Image courtesy The Remote Life

Online travel company Make My Trip’s India Travel Report 2016 revealed that young Indians are the driving force behind the changing travel landscape, and about 66% of the total trips on the website were made by travellers in the age group 18-35 years. Travel entrepreneurs across the country echo the insight but reveal an underlying trend that promises to turn into a movement.

To read the full article, click here.

Photo Essay: Anish Sarai’s Winter Epiphany

I’ve known Anish for a few months now. And if there’s anything that can be said about him, it’s this – his passion for photography is as evident and blazing like the sun at the peak of summer. Professionally, he’s a fashion photographer who equally loves shooting portraits. Personally, he’s my favourite Punjabi.

The photo essay that you’ll experience in a few scrolls from now was shot a few years ago in his homeland. The words describing it are his. The perceptive will gauge the irony in the title of the essay. But they would also be right to think of it as gloomy. It is. In most parts, it’s hazy to a point of distorted. There’s a sense of longing and uncertainty that pricks through the skin. It’s cold, yes, but winter is more than the drop of temperature and the absence of warmth. It’s also a brutal reminder of death where the landscape mourns and come to terms with closing curve of life.

Photo Essay: Anish Sarai’s Winter Epiphany

Timeless thoughts of a winter’s stare;
eyes gazing over a landscape bare.
Memories drift on a blustery breeze;
dying light ushers in the freeze.
Reaching out for a grasp on the present;
stillness sets in, alone, and desolate.
Future unknown, outcome uncertain;
brilliance shadowed by a drawn curtain.

— By Michael A. Barron

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Journal: Making a Home

Couple in Indian wedding clothes

As we inch our way towards our big day, date undecided, I find myself marvelling at the concept of marriage and making a home. We’ve had eight years to know each other as two separate entities. As we stand on the cusp of a new life stage, I guess I’m not mighty concerned about the legality of it all. A piece of paper, a few random rituals and a couple of signatures don’t make a marriage, do they?

In the “civilised society,” it does. From where I stand, it makes a wedding, maybe a few nice photographs but certainly not a marriage. To me, marriage is more like the second definition thrown up by Google: “a combination or mixture of elements.” It’s an amalgamation by choice that riots against everything to continue to be an amalgamation. A coupling of the mind and heart and soul that cannot comprehend life as a singularity.

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Look: Time Traveller

Girl in vintage ruffled lace dress

She believes she was born a century too late. For ruffles and lace make her swoon.

She dressed up in a vintage-esque dress for Race day on a breezy Saturday. She bet on a subdued fascinator, black tie-up heels and simple black clutch. #VictorianMuch

Ruffled dress: Koovs.com #SaleHaul
Floral headband: Accessorize
Tie-up black heels: Ajio.com #SaleHaul

CC creme:
Lakme S# Bronze
Mascara: Estee Lauder Sumptuous Extreme Mascara –  01 Extreme Black
Eye Shadow: The Little Black Book Palette from Elf– Volume II
Eye Liner: Maybelline New York The Colossal Liner – Black

Photographer: D.R.R TrollKill
Shot on: Moto G3 

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Recipe: Cinnamon Honey Whiskey Sour

From the many things that bother me, migraines are somewhere on top of the list. This, much to my dismay, has resulted in several lifestyle choices. I cannot eat Chinese food with MSG, cannot drink alcohol as much as I want, cannot have too much chocolate, cannot deviate from a strict schedule etc.

recipe whiskey cocktail drinks

Why am I telling you this? Because lately I’ve realised that the only alcoholic drink that doesn’t give me a headache is the good ol’ Whiskey Sour. Maybe it’s in my head (pun intended), but I’m going to stick to my chubby glass of Whiskey Sour for a while with lime and not orange. Orange is next level yucky.

So I figured I should learn to make this at home for emergencies like… Mondays or Wednesdays or afternoons. Most recipes online involved a sour mix which I don’t know where to find in Mumbai, mainly because I haven’t tried looking for it #LazyGoose. But this recipe is different. Not only does it not need a sour mix, it also combines utilises one of my favourite spices – Cinnamon.

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Recipe: No Churn 3 Ingredient Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

I remember when I was about seven or eight years old, my ever experimental mom bought an ice cream maker from one of those teleshopping networks. I was forbidden to enter the dining room where she was attempting to make her first batch of homemade ice cream. Mom used to do all sorts of mad things back then. Despite having been given strict instructions to stay out of her way, I slowly crept up the long corridor in our old house and pushed aside the stiff door curtain to the dining room.

recipe easy ice cream homemade

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Maybe it was because I was so little, but to me it looked like there had been an explosion. White powder, water and ice were all over the place… on the floor, the table and on mumma. She chased me out before I could enter. If my memory serves me right, that was the last time we used that wretched ice cream maker. We still have it though, tucked away on a higher shelf in the kitchen where no one can (and should) reach. I don’t really remember the taste of the ice cream but I’ll never forget that scene. We still laugh about it.
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Adriel George’s Playlist

I’ve been terrible these past few months. Ever since I’ve got that neck and back problem, I’ve been ignoring my commitments and promises and spending precious time writhing in bed with a cold pack. But enough. Enough of pity, enough of pain sensitivity, enough of ignoring my blog/friends/family/life. It’s 2017 dammit. My 28th chance to finally get it right.

So, meet Adriel George. I met him over nine years ago when we were studying in the same college. I remember watching him with my jaw on the floor as he danced during our graduation party. Although he studied IT, Adriel chose to string together his own path, note after note. He’s now a music composer (a damn good one at that) and producer for films, theatre and those Youtube ads that you sometimes can’t skip and end up liking.

That’s our man on the keyboards

A much sought-after piano teacher, he loves sneaking into hotel lobbies and malls with grand pianos and serenading late-night guests with his renditions of famous movie themes. Although I’m yet to catch him in action, I have heard him tune out the world and drown in chords at his studio in Santacruz (W), Mumbai.
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Recipe: Super Easy 3 Ingredient No Bake Oreo Truffles

Ah, kitchen… we meet again. As much as I love eating, reading recipe books and watching MasterChef, the patience one needs to cook evades me. Up until now. I’d like to think I’m getting better. Maybe it’s age, maybe it was a just a slow Saturday. We’d never know.

This isn’t so much of a cooking recipe but more of an assembling one. If I can put this together, happily ace it and watch my biggest critic (See: D.R.R. TrollKill) pass out momentarily with glee…anyone can do it. And I mean ANYONE.

What I love about this brilliant recipe is how insanely easy it really is. It’s simple enough for kids to make too. Since it requires bare essentials when it comes to utensils or appliances, even young adults and college kids staying by themselves can give it a shot.
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Meet Biscoot & Rain’s Sirawon Khathing & Ben Ningtoutao

This one is long long long long looooonnnnggg overdue. I met Sirawon Khathing, one half of Biscoot & Rain, back in 2014 when we worked together at Elle Decor India. She’s been one of my closest friends ever since and one of my favourite Indian illustrators of all time. She has been the photographer for some of my fashion stories.

She runs a unique design and illustration studio along with her childhood friend Ben Ningtoutao. Professionally both of them are stellar designers… Sira works in Mumbai, India and Ben in Christchurch, New Zealand. A cross-continent collaboration, their sole source of inspiration and interest is North East India, especially Shillong, the hill station where they grew up. No ocean can keep this creative duo away from their one true love.
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Recipe: Garlicky Yogurt Dip

When Tupperware sent me their Speedy Chef, I remember thinking to myself, “Oh my gondola, I need make THE yogurt dip.” So, D.R.R.TrollKill‘s mom makes an addictive garlicky yogurt dip that I can eat by the bucket.

This supremely easy dip is so creamy and yummy, you’ll find yourself piling it on your chips, crackers or veggie sticks. Best part is there isn’t a microwave, oven or stove involved… just a cool mechanical kitchen appliance that will blend the ingredients effortlessly. Once you’ve aced the dip, give this super simple no churn ice cream a go.
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Journal: Bring It On

Warning: Emo post coming your way

Birthdays are miserable. And so are New Year’s eves. The build up to these two days, the days themselves and weeks following them are soul sucking. They are a painful reminder of what we haven’t done and what we will never do. Wretched are the seconds where the mind and heart dwell on the lost. Lost time, lost opportunities, lost experiences, lost fun, lost travels, lost conversations, lost anything that could’ve enriched your soul…
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Meet the Puppeteer behind Puppet Diaries

I’ve been out of action for a while trying to deal with a physical aliment. You know what they say… As you grow older, you slowly die inside. While macabre might be my mood of the hour, it is certainly on hold as I type this blog post. Meet the Puppeteer behind Puppet Diaries.
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D.R.R TrollKill: See You Soon, Proxima Centauri b

Click-bait heading of a scientific story with a hopeful ending. Slow Motion Thought’s favourite sci-fi nerd Regan Fernandes aka D.R.R.TrollKill tells it like he sees it

Why it’s cool?
While we have been hunting for exoplanets (planets outside our solar system) for a couple of years now, we never had one this close before, that too in the habitable zone.

And it would also the first planet outside our solar system that we could be able to sort of explore. While we haven’t yet visited another planet with humans, we have sent robots and probes to almost every planetary body in our solar system.

Pic Credit: ESO/M. Kornmesser

And now we’re aiming for the stars, quite literally. Russian billionaire Yuri Milner and real life super genius Stephen Hawking along with a host of backers that include social media mogul Mark Zuckerberg are helming a project called Breakthrough Starshot. It aims to send thousands of rice grain sized “starchips” to investigate nearby stars.
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Frida Khalo’s Beauty Statements

Artist, feminist, communist, fashion icon, LGBT idol – Frida was a great many things. She embodied unconventionality and put Mexico on the fashion and beauty map. A look at how the Mexican artist celebrated individuality through her make-up. We break down the rebellious artist’s signature statements.

Chic Cheek

Olive-skinned Frida was unafraid of using colours in her art, attire and make-up. She loved highlighting her cheekbones and often wore a bold red lip stain to match.

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Button Down 2.0: The Shirt has been Upgraded

If you thought shirts were monotonous, think again. It’s hard to imagine that the all-holy shirt was once just an undergarment and not a must-have basic. Over the years, the simple shirt – the uniform for 9-5 shifts – has evolved, metamorphosing into a street style staple. Whatever be its form, the shirt continues to exude power and formality. We break down its latest avatars this season.

Wicked Victorian


Ruffle some feathers by embracing your inner Prince (RIP). In-your-face romantic, this blast from the past has stiff collars, girly gathers and a steady following.

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Pro Golfer Sharmila Nicollet’s Beauty Secrets

At 25, Sharmila Nicollet is making headlines on and off course. The Indo-French athlete is the second and youngest Indian to earn a full card on the Ladies European Tour. She spends her time training, Instagramming and being a regular girl with flawless skin.

My skincare routine 
I’m a little OCD about my skincare. I don’t like using many chemicals on my face. I use a soapless face cleanser and follow it up with a moisturizer twice a day. I’m in the sun a lot, so a sunscreen is a must. Mom makes me natural face packs – papaya, banana or mango with multani mitti. I get a clean-up done once every two months.

My fitness schedule 
I eat a small meal or a few bananas before hitting the gym. I gym six times a week – twice on upper body, twice on lower body and twice on core. My regime consists of mobility and heavy weight training. I love weight and muscle training and mix it up with balance and core. Plus, I get a deep tissue massage at the end of the week.

Signature look on course 
I don’t wear too much make-up – basic mascara, some concealer, sunscreen, foundation and lip balm, all for protection and cover-up.
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A/W 2016: Runway trends to Heart

Whether you’re aiming for dainty, badass or the girl next door, there’s something there for everyone. The lowdown on A/W 2016 biggest fashion trends… 

The 80s

L-R: Fyodor Golan, Moschino and Paul Smith
The era of rock and roll is back to shake things up. Some of the loudest retro trends, from crop tops, shoulder pads and fishnet stockings to off-shoulders and blinding neons, have made a big comeback. And animal prints on everything from fur coats to boots are righteous again.

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Meet Nadia Azavedo

D.R.R TrollKill met her before I did. Not in real life but virtually. The three of us are a part of a highly volatile Facebook Group about Goa. D.R.R TrollKill thinks he’s Goan because he spent one year there and his grandfather was from there, I heard so much about that group from him that I had to join it and Nadia…well, she’s a young thinking Goan with an opinion and a cracking sense of humour.

I met her when a misogynistic creature decided to spew crap and neither Nadia nor I could hold back. We somehow joined forces in an attempt to talk some sense into him. The long, long fight ended with the admin blocking further comments on the post. More importantly, it ended with Nadia and I becoming friends. 

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Street Style: 9

Raisa Tolia is a good friend and an ex-colleague. The fire in her is almost contagious and the passion with which she does everything in life is admirable. Sweet girl that she is, she want to meet her girlfriends from work for lunch a day before her birthday.

I absolutely loved what she wore. A navy blue accordion pleated midi teamed with a cream shirt, casually tucked it. Sans jewellery. She almost never needs jewellery. She teamed it with studded, strapped sandals and a giant tote that could fit a small to medium size baby. I’ve always admired the grace with which she carries off her outfit. I’m going to call it and say…this one’s full #girlboss material.

Happy birthday, Rice Bowl!
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Street Style: 10

My sister from another mister, Aditi Sharma Maheshwari looked like a piece of art today when we met for lunch. An ex-colleague, my namesake’s sense of style spells sophistication. A brilliant writer and even better confidante, AM (as she’s fondly called) brings her fun side to her dressing.
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Meet D.R.R TrollKill

This boy. This isn’t the first time I’m talking about him. He has been referred to as The Boy or R several times on the blog.

I can never seem to find the right words to describe him. Even after 8 odd years of knowing him, studying him, understanding him, hearing him, loving him

Anything I say falls short of who he is and what he means to me. Languages can be a shallow thing like that. Well, late last year he and I decided we’d like to spend the rest of our lives creating our own language, our own little world.
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Fashion trend: Throwback to the 90s

Because what goes around, comes around…

We have news and it’s rather big. Hang on to your fanny pack because the greatest decade of all time is making a fashionable comeback. The freaking 90s are back! Fashion has always had a tendency of rehashing the past and it’s finally made its way back to the 1990s when Friends aired its pilot episode, Bill Clinton was President, Britney Spears was a good girl and the Macarena was invented.

Several style statements from the 90s are making their cute (some even ugly) presence felt and we’ve picked our favourite four fashion trends for you to adopt right away.
      Denim Dungarees or Overalls
Essentially made for farmers and mechanics, the dungaree soon trickled its way to everyday fashion in the 90s and it’s back this year, albeit in a skinner (perhaps even ripped) avatar.

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Rachel (Jennifer Aniston) in Friends to Joey (Katie Holmes) in Dawson’s Creek aced the short dungaree with sleeves tops

Look: Pep Talk

Shit happens. Most times, you don’t see it coming and the other times, you’re in deep denial of its arrival. But like it or not, painful unpleasantness is as much a part of this wretchedly beautiful life as is unconditional love (care for some short poetry).
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When I drank mango beer and painted a Husain at a pub…

I haven’t picked up a paint brunch since I was 20. That was a long long time ago. So I was rather intrigued when I got an email from the PR representing a new art-social called Paintstorm. When descriptor read as “a social event at a pub where you can drink, eat and paint”…who wouldn’t wanna know more!

Last month, a bunch of us were invited to attend an MF Husain sesh by Paintstorm at The White Owl. I rarely attend events on weekdays (ahem, I rarely attend events but aim to change that soon) but curiosity got to this cat and I showed up with a friend in tow. Turn out, Paintstorm was started by 4 young people who just wanted to spend time out at a pub doing something fun. I love how simple problems birth inventive solutions. So for a price, you get paint supplies, booze, finger food and a good time.
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Friday Finds: Fancy Salad Bowl

Salad bowls are my new thing. Too bad I’m still trying to get my grip on making a awesome salad.
While I stare at pinterest with interest (I’m sorry for that) looking for “easy salads”, “healthy salads” and “taste but easy salads”…. I found this beauty.

Elvy from New Delhi has these super fancy salad bowls from Vietnam. White and wood are a classic combination. Somehow this bowl and salad spoons look equal parts oriental and Scandinavian. I love the clean lacqured white and the classy gold rim.
Website: Elvy.in

Review: Himalaya’s Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub

Let’s start with an open secret. No girl in her right mind can do without a face scrub. It exfoliates by cleaning dead skin…you know the ugly stuff you can’t really see, but is definitely there. It also helps remove stuff that you can see – the dreaded blackheads and whiteheads. It’s an essential part of any skincare routine – a step before cleansing-toning-moisturizing – and must not be missed. Having said that, scrubs are not to be used everyday. Twice a week is ideal.  I tried out Himalaya’s Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub (Rs 130) for 4 weeks before I came to the following conclusions.
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Review: Himalaya’s Purifying Neem Scrub


Gritty. Dirty. Polluted and icky. City life finds its ugly way onto me, and my skin is the first place it shows. Okay fine, I might be getting old. But I’m not talking about discolouration and crow’s feet. My madly oily face is a collector….of rubbish. To improve my skincare regime, I tried out Himalaya’s Purifying Neem Scrub (Rs 130 for 100gms) for 4 weeks and here’s what happened.

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Review: CupCake Factory, Bandra

We hit up the newest dessert parlour in Bandra on opening weekend last Sunday. Remember CupCake Factory from McCraig? The mother-son run brand now has their own standalone store near Mehboob Studios, Bandra. I was unwell that day so #theboy was the official taster for this review. Here’s what he has to say about about CupCake Factory…

The decor is pretty cool – whisks, ladles etc hanging from the entrance ceiling. There’s a stove that’s been turn into a light fixture. There’s a oven that keeps constantly one and also works like a fun light. The murals are super. The mural is hand painted to look like well…a cupcake factory! It’s fun and sweet. To think this little place was created by the owner Aditya and his friends and an posh interior designer…
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