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Location: Singapore, Southeast Asia & Mumbai, India

Hello there. This tiny bottomless box contains a plethora of thoughts and things. Eat slow and relish every bite! Join us as we feel loves, dream of decor and DIYs, find food, sway to the music, dabble in fashion and simply live a wholesome life.

Drop us a line at slowmotionthoughts@gmail.com to get things rolling.

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Work with Us
At Slow Motion Thoughts (SMT), we are always looking for new sponsors and mutually beneficial relationships.

Collaborations & Partnerships
SMT is a wonderful way of getting your word out. Promote your destination, restaurant, service, brand, event and more by collaborating with SMT. All reviews/collabs will include a full disclosure to the audience. 

Sponsored Posts and Ads
Text ads, widgets and banners are available and priced on a monthly plan. Get in touch to discuss. All posts will include a full disclosure to the audience.

SMT is open to giveaways. It’s a great way for brands to tap into an active and interested audience via blog posts and social media posts.

If You’re a Person
We love to feature people: Doers, go-getters, successful, talented, dream chasers. If your story is inspirational, we’d love to tell it. 

If You’re a Reader
Say hello, drop us a line. We promise we won’t bite. Tell us what you like, what you don’t and what you want to see more of.  

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