One Minute DIY: Bottle Cap Fridge Magnets

I can’t begin to tell you how easy this DIY really is. So I love beer/cider bottle caps. I used to collect a few, admire them for a while and trash them. Mainly because I didn’t know what to do with them. Lately, I’ve been trying to be conscious of the trash we create in our home and have been actively seeking ways to recycle and repurpose things.

The other day while reorganising my accessories I put an apple cider bottle and an egg carton to good use. It was a Little Creatures Pipsqueak Cider bottle that’s a beautiful brown. It also has the cutest little bottle cap and I couldn’t help but save one. I love the illustration on it.

I contemplated making a keychain, pendant or whatnot out of it. But I didn’t have any of the tools and buying them just to make one pendant seemed like a lot of work. So I thought of this easy DIY.

Also when I say it took me 1 minute to make it, I’m totally overexaggerating! It literally takes a few seconds if you have the things handy.

Recycling like a boss! Never trash a cute beer bottle cap again, thanks to this easy 1 minute DIY. You’re going to make so many cute fridge magnets in a jiffy. No glue gun, no sandpaper, no cutting, no major tools required.

You only need 3 simple things
2 Round Table/Chair Leg Pads: These are essentially felt protectors to safeguard the floor. They minimize scratches and screechy sounds when you pull on a chair. They are self-adhesive and come in a pack.

They are also very cheap (which is why I’m using them) and you get them online/local stores. They come in various shapes but we need round ones for this DIY.

1 Magnetic Tack – Daiso has this big slab of magnets that are pre-cut into small self-adhesive pieces. If you can’t find magnetic tacks, feel free to use a small magnet.

1 bottle cap that you absolutely adore

Step 1: Clean the bottle cap well on both sides and dry it.

Step 2: 2 medium size chair leg foam pads fit right into the back of the cap. No cutting/adjusting required. Just peel the self-adhesive pad and stick. Stick two on top of each other. This gives us a nice protruding surface to stick our magnet.

Step 3: Stick the self-adhesive magnetic tack.

And donzo!

Wasn’t that just incredibly simple!WhatsApp Image 2018-03-09 at 10.43.37 AM (1)

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