Journal: Stirred & Fried

I most genuinely don’t see the point of cooking for hours and days just for the food to disappear in a matter of minutes. The impermanence of it all is scary to me and mighty unmotivating. It’s especially daunting now that I’m taking extra efforts to make our lives healthier and cleaner.


Having said that, if I’m not the one behind the stove, hell I’ll eat the most complex dish that took days, an army to make and is dripping with calories. Because YOLO.

But when to comes to everyday lunch and dinner scene, this novice home-cook prefers simplicity. Simplicity in thought, ingredients, time and effort. Just because a dish has 3 ingredients doesn’t make it any less special. A minimalistic approach to cooking can be amazing and healthy too.

I enjoy making simple dishes while pretending to be hosting a cooking show, complete with witty dialogues inside my head while I’m at it. I enjoy knowing that I didn’t waste too much time into concocting a tasty and calorie-laden meal. I enjoy knowing that I’ve put an effort into making a meal that’s healthy and wholesome.

Written in Jan 2018. Lost in the chaos of my Google Keep.

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