#Wanderlust: Travelling with an Indian Passport

My New Year Resolution (you can read bits of it here), like every year, is to travel more. But this year, we’re making extra efforts to see this resolution through. I’m writing this post for purely selfish reasons. I’m hoping that by putting abstract ideas into words, it will somehow magically make my resolve stronger and serve as a reminder of sorts. Because let’s face it… resolutions have a nasty reputation for dying a tragic death before the end of Jan.

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If you’re anything like us, I bet you’re feeling a strong sense of wanderlust too (it’s a millennial syndrome). So this year, instead of hashtagging every other picture of your vacay from 2016 with #wanderlust, let’s do something about it. Let’s dream big, plan obsessively, book those non-refundable tickets and discover this third rock from the sun.

If you have an Indian passport, this post is going to make you really happy. It might even kickstart your next vacation like it did for us.

Below, find a list of 61 countries and regions where an Indian Passport holder can travel visa-free or with a visa on arrival. Print it out, stick it on your fridge, screenshot it, turn it into a desktop wallpaper – this right here is pure gold. This right here is inspiration times 100.

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  1. Bhutan, Asia
  2. Macau, Asia
  3. Nepal, Asia
  4. Seychelles, Africa
  5. South Korea (only Jeju island), Asia
  6. Maldives, Asia
  7. Haiti, North America
  8. Jamaica, North America
  9. Dominica, North America
  10. Fiji, Oceania
  11. Thailand, Asia
  12. Mauritius, Africa
  13. Indonesia, Asia
  14. Micronesia, Oceania
  15. Cape Verde, Africa
  16. Ecuador, South America
  17. Guyana, South America
  18. Jordan, Asia
  19. Laos, Asia
  20. Saint Lucia, North America
  21. Senegal, Africa
  22. Trinidad and Tobago, South America
  23. Tuvalu, Oceania
  24. Saint Kitts and Nevis, North America
  25. Palau, Oceania
  26. El Salvador, North America
  27. Nauru, Oceania
  28. Djibouti, Africa
  29. Guinea- Bissau, Africa
  30. Bolivia, South America
  31. Burundi, Africa
  32. Cambodia, Asia
  33. Comoros, Africa
  34. Ethiopia, Africa
  35. Grenada, Caribbean
  36. Madgascar, Africa
  37. Malawi, Africa
  38. Marshall Islands, Oceania
  39. Mauritania, Africa
  40. Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Caribbean
  41. Samoa, Oceania
  42. Somalia, Africa
  43. Suriname, South America
  44. Tanzania, Africa
  45. Timor-Leste, Asia
  46. Togo, West Africa
  47. Uganda, Africa
  48. Vanuatu, Oceania
  49. Belovezhskaya Pushcha National Park, Europe
  50. Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus
  51. South Ossetia, Russia
  52. Svalbard, Norway
  53. Transnistria, Russia
  54. Réunion, French department
  55. Saint Helena, Island in the Atlantic Ocean
  56. Kish Island, Island in the Persian Gulf
  57. Palestine, Asia
  58. British Virgin Islands, British Overseas Territory
  59. Montserrat, British Overseas Territory
  60. Cook Islands, Island country near New Zealand
  61. Pitcairn Islands, British Overseas Territory

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