The 2017 Update of Slow Motion Thoughts

I did it. I moved from the painful clutches of to semi-painful I’m still not sure how right or wrong the decision was. All I know is right now, I’m not equipped to handle and the .com version allows me some time to concentrate less on the backend and more on the front.

This year is going to be epic. I’ve recently joined the Full-time Blogger and Freelance Writer and whatever-fun-things-come-my-way club. I’ve been in it for a grand total of 2 days and it’s been busy, liberating and even a little scary. As I mentioned in my recent Instagram post, this is perhaps the riskiest thing I’ve ever done. That’s part sad to think I haven’t done anything risky and also amazing because there’s always a start.

There’s a lot on the cards for 2017 – so many changes, so much evolution. For starters, I figured Slow Motion Thoughts ought to get a facelift too. Although I didn’t have the liberty to choose my own template from the web ( doesn’t let you do that), I picked this particular pre-loaded theme Toujours. I love how it embraces negative space and totally resonates with my current fave aesthetic of minimalism.

I don’t have Photoshop or image editing softwares, so when I needed to work on the Site Title and Site Icon, I found myself on this web editor called Fotor. It has an odd URL with H5 in it but it’s totally legit. A few hours looking for free vector online (in jpeg and not ai) and chewing the brains of my Designer friends (Sirawon & Ayushi), resulted in this.

Introducing the new dull gold, freckled Site Title.

Lifestyle blog about food, design, decor, travel, fashion

A giant dull gold bindi for a Site Icon does the trick. I wanted a simple geometric shape for I’ve always gravitated towards symmetry of sorts. I initially even considered watercolour smudges but my design advisors steered me away from a done-to-death look.

cropped-site-logo.jpgThe colour of the Site Header (Hex: #CBAF6E) is a shade of my favourite colour Mustard Yellow. The Site Icon is brighter (Hex: #E7AB00) a truer mustard versus the freckles on Site Title. If you’re wondering, the font is this delicious san serif that I found on Fotor – it’s called Parisish by George Williams (2012). I love that it’s retro like my soul.

For our Facebook page, the Profile picture is an adaptation of the Site Header while the Cover photo is tropical as can be. I plan to keep it seasonal/occasion-based. So for India’s sweltering summer, the Cover looks like this. I also repurposed it for our About Us page.

fb cover

I’m pretty psyched about this new look. I’d love to know what you think about it – Good, Bad or Ugly. Leave a comment.

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