#HeckOfAHome: 20 Decor Tips to Trip On – Part 1

One of a five part blog series, these decor secrets will make you feeling rich… with information.


    1. Quick and cost effective way of refresh a bedroom? Updating the bed linen and adding plenty of cushions and throws.
    2. Measurements matter. Before buying any piece of furniture, check how much space it will take. To do this, take a piece of newspaper and make a template of the item. Place the template on the floor and fix it with masking tape to see if the dimensions work with your existing furniture.
    3. Accent colours can be used as complementary colours. Use bright and vibrant hues in small quantities for that “wow factor”. Try to keep most of your room in tones and shades of a single colour, then pick out a few objects that can be in the accent colour.
    4. Furniture with mirrored surfaces bounce light around and make a room look larger than it already is.
    5. Interior design books are full of huge sofas that look great but in a small room they can be very overwhelming and might make a room look and feel tiny.

  1. If reducing the size of furniture is not possible, having less furniture helps.
  2. Harmonise with your accents. A small object looks wimpy and unbalanced next to a large object. Create harmony by varying sizes and grouping smaller objects together to balance out the larger one.
  3. Getting a cramp in your neck while appreciating a piece of art on the wall. Not the brightest idea to hang the picture so high. Keep it eye level.
  4. Embrace negative (empty spaces) space in the house. Sometimes, the glass half empty is a good thing.negative space
  5. Myth slayers are in town. Myth: Furniture is placed against the wall, makes the room looks bigger. Debunked: Furniture placed into cosy conversational groups are a better bet.
  6. Make a distinctive use of budding magnolia clipping or unfurling fern, instead of the regular fresh flower or orchid arrangement. Use of summer flowers add a splash of cheerful colour and creates a homely feeling.
  7. When it comes to drapes and curtains, layer them on. The upholstery can have stark pink or shocking blue or emerald green as add on main background. Use layers of curtains in different shades but add only one heavy colour to draw attention.
  8. Looking to make your tough room lighter? Open with a joke. If that doesn’t work, consider decorative hanging lamps.
  9. For proper lighting you need dimensions of the room. Consider the construction of the ceiling and the floor  while choosing the lights.
  10. Stumped while doing up your studio apartment? Rule numero uno.  Pick out furniture and tables with metal or glass that’ll help visually expand the space.
  11. Open the windows and let the sun waltz through. Covering every window with blinds and draperies makes a small room feel dark, crowded and tinier.
  12. Studio apartment residents cannot afford to have clutter. Too many knick-knacks and too many pieces of furniture, simply crowd the room. Store everything in the cupboards far away from human eyes.
  13. Put a large entertainment centre on that wall and decorate it with beautiful accessories. This will draw attention towards itself and make a small room look larger.
  14. Another trick for a small space is to buy furniture with legs. The human eye will look under the furniture and add visual space. Blocky furniture that’s low to the ground will make a room appear cramped.
  15. Ruthlessly kill the clutter bug as soon as you see it. No matter how well your place is decorated, organisation is key to showing off great designs.

    This article written by me was originally published in The Ideal Home & Garden magazine, India in 2013.Image courtesy: Pexels.com

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