#HeckOfAHome: 21 Decor Pointers to Ponder Over – Part 4

    1. Small space woes? Three key words: Open. Vertical. Move. Keep things open and stay away from dense and dark. Consider using a ladder-inspired shelving system or have room dividers that double up as shelves too.

    2. Show off with style. Pick showpieces that are set in fall-resistant fibre, have the lustre of polished stone or ceramic for an instantly grand look.

    3. Get of that couch and start building your own collection of unique home decor items. If you are an art lover, invest in great painting. If you are aren’t, get digital work framed for your home. Who doesn’t love affordable art?

    4. Dig deeper and embrace those animal instincts. Animal-inspired art brings playful vibrancy into the living room. To loud for your Highness’s taste? Fret not! Look for products with colourful graphics.

    5. Those days where everything matched every other thing are long gone. Refrain from bringing back those days of yore from under the carpet that they are dusted under. No more matchy-match. Kapish?

    6. Geometric prints are all the rage these past few years. Looks like we’re all gravitating towards some sort of symmetry.

    7. You can always find more space, even if you have to dig for it! For smaller homes, use your walls to hang shelves or mount things that go back into the wall. Murphy beds are a wondrous.

    8. Change. Yes we can! Give a room a much needed facelift simply by moving things around. Change the direction of the sofa, shift the vase to another spot or switch the art to another wall.

    9. Dusty but durable, everybody loves their hand-me-downs. Take those precious family heirlooms and give them a whole new lease on life with new upholstery and a coat of paint. You don’t have to feel guilt about it.

    10. From the runway to your hallway, fashion knows no boundaries. Follow fashion trends for home décor inspiration.

    11. Be gone track lighting, there is no place for harshness in your home! Use halogens to highlight art.
    12. Rule of thumb for lamps: Low settings for conversations and high settings for reading. You can also consider coloured bulbs to enhance the mood.

    13. Long walls often cause tall design dilemmas. Here’s a way to combat that Great Wall. Stack your seating arrangement there with the sofa against the wall as the anchor.

    14. Odd number groupings are an aesthetic decision when decorating mantles. Combine objects of varying heights and leave a little space between them for that perfect look. Odd but true…

    15. Get a warm and cuddle feeling into your living room and bedroom with oodles of rugs.

    16. Party animals are nocturnal creatures, you ought to treat them to soft lighting. For daily use, you can bask away in direct lighting.

    17. A personal room with a personal touch. Areas like the den or the libraries exude a soft, more personal feeling when done up in wooden flooring.

    18. An open armoire is more interesting than a closed one. Even if it means a little extra dusting.

    19. As shocking as this might sound… There is NO rule that a living room has to have a sofa.

    20. Use wallpaper in unexpected places to add a touch of marvel. Think about it, you’d never expect to see wallpaper on the ceiling.


A version of this article written by me was originally published in The Ideal Home & Garden, India’s March 2013 issue. 

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