#HeckOfAHome: 20 Decor Tricks that Testify – Part 3

  1. Turn your garden into the ultimate unwind centre with low maintenance and high pleasure. Invest in completely weather proof furniture.
  2. For a rooftop garden, good water proofing is a must. You’d be surprised how many of us conveniently forget this tiny fact…
  3. Paving a pathway across the roof and have potted plants in your garden and revel in the freedom to change the setting to suit your whims and fancy.
  4. For a rustic garden look, grow flowers in drums and tubs. Water features are a pretty addition too.
  5. A splendid way to add pizazz your garden is by using different and colourful planters.
  6. Twist and shout! Do something unusual and unexpected with a space — a special piece of furniture accent, or artefact.

  7. Use resilient finishes that don’t need excessive maintenance. Fix it, forget it seems to be today’s mantra.

  8. We’ve got two words for you — Mood elevators. Include “scent” in the sensory experience that is your home by going for fragrant candles and oils wicks.

  9. Let the music do all the talking. Having a quality music system installed with a proper and professional placement of speakers and a good collection of music to suit different times of the day.

  10. So you are a clean décor and ultra modern chic kinda girl inclined towards the minimalistic school of thought. Go for quirky furniture and furnishing without hesitation to complement the look and add colour.

  11. Latest trend alert, Captain… Modern luxury homes are going for wooden paneling or logs to highlighting the central wall of the living room. Rectangular wooden blocks and circular logs give a renaissance yet modern look and team up well with dull brown or even cream upholstery.

  12. A lot of things maketh a man and home is definitely on top of that list. Let your furniture design and colour capture YOUR personality. Not that of a decor magazine or your neighbour.

  13. Want to maintain a conventional look in your modern style bedroom? A 4-poster bed will not only break the monotony but also give a refreshingly touch to an ultra modern bedroom.

  14. Give yourself a pep talk. Have confidence in your choice. Believe your instinct. If you like what you see then go for it.Don’t blindly imitate Mrs. Sharma from next door. She doesn’t know what she’s doing.

  15. Comfort is the key to a warm welcoming home. Your home should be for you and your loved ones. Make it inviting and beautiful so you feel happy being in it.

  16. This is your home. Not a showroom. Remember that. Collecting beautiful pieces is great but there should a place for everything.

  17. Sometimes it is okay to go for something you want versus what you need. Point is, you need to be a happy bird.

  18. Nothing like new cushions to inexpensively change the look of any home.

  19. An accent piece like a hand painted chest or a brightly upholstered chair can do wonders to any room

  20. Mayday, Mayday. If you see floral upholstery, floral curtains and floral wallpaper around you, know that you have gone a tad overboard. 

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