#HeckOfAHome: 20 Decor Ideas to Imbibe – Part 5


  1. Keeping upholstery neutral is great for someone who loves change. Are you listening, Obama?

  2. Do not use heavy drapes in a small space, it’ll makes the room look smaller. Light curtains give a sense of more space and airiness. Go sheer.

  3. Lamps and yellow light can warm up any space and give a beautiful glow

  4. We love multi purposes furniture. Like a chest with storage instead of a regular centre table, benches with storage etc.

  5. If you happen to be blessed with space for a garden, adorn it with attractive sculptures. Make sure you light the sculpture from below. Everyone likes the spotlight. If you can, conceal the light source smartly.

  6. Grandma knows best! Her décor style is back in vogue. Carved and traditional furniture define the character of a space.

  7. When east meets west, brilliance happens. Blend together contemporary and ethnic style. Yes, we know you have your reservations about it but you never know, the result might surprise you.

  8. When doing up your home, plan your budget smartly. Be wise about your decisions and take into account everything that ought to be bought, including artefacts and decorative items. Compromising on them in the last moment might lead to an epic fail.

  9. Wrought iron furniture in a humid and rainy climate is a big no-no. Lesson learnt: The climate of the place dictates the choice of furniture and accessories.

  10. What can be better than the real thing? Always plan in your interior with natural light coming from outside. Dark and dingy rooms make for a dull environment.

  11. You don’t cross the road before knowing where you’re headed, right? Having a design concept in mind before implementing design is just as crucial. Deprive inspiration from your interior or exterior space itself or even from a piece of art of furniture.

  12. Who are we kidding? Many believe that space is the ultimate luxury. Creating the illusion of space or opening out spaces always makes an interior space more beautiful. Period.

  13. Have a room that looks like it’s built for Thumbelina? Create the magical illusion of height by hanging curtain and drapes higher than the actual window edging.

  14. Soft, subtle and oh-so-very soothing… ahem…We are talking about overhead lighting! Remember never to place it directly above seating area as the glare can make people uncomfortable. However, overhead lights above coffee tables or art work can help create high drama.

  15. Like your mom always says, “Surround yourself with happy things.” Choose meaningful and inspiring art over ones that are negative in tone and subject. Visuals have a big impact on the conscious and subconscious mind.

  16. Turn your world inside out (pun intended). Interior colours must be chosen to fit your surroundings and climate. For example, it is wise to opt for light colours in a hot climate.

  17. Taking a cue from to every diet in the rulebook: Less is more, especially when it comes to embellishments. It gives you flexibility to evolve with time.

  18. Bring a sense of unity in harmony by using colours from artworks in your accessories and cushions. It invariably creates a feeling of comfort.

  19. Bring home the greens with some indoor plants. They look pleasant and help cleanse the air as well, especially plants like Arica.

  20. Repeat after us… Subtle repetition of a design detail reflecting the concept creates rhythm and harmony.

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