5 Project Wood designs to love + 20% discount code

It thrills me no end to see the product design scene in India is suddenly on an adrenaline rush. It’s like watching a garden bloom on Discovery channel time lapse video. I’ve been writing on design and interiors for five odd years now, so I’m constantly coming across new brands, labels, studios and designers to admire.

Recently, I came across a new furniture design studio called Project Wood. No brownie points for guessing that they love making things with wood. Run by Kanika Pahwa, Project Wood organically grew out of Studio Ezube, New Delhi based interior design firm.

Styled and photographed by Aditi Gaitonde

“As an interior designer, I’m constantly on the lookout for accessories that I can use for projects. Since I often couldn’t find accents to suit my requirements, I began designing and making my own accessories and furniture pieces,” explains Kanika about Project Wood, a 2-month-old product design studio. Most of their creations are handmade and almost all of them can be customised too.

Newer products are added every fortnight to the e-shop, I’ve already made a wishlist of my favourite five. Use the Code: SMT20 to get 20% off site wide discount on ProjectWood.in.

1. Pyramids Wall Frames – Set of 3
Their form instantly remind me of teepees and Red Indians! These dip dyed frames have small shelves that can hold a curio or two. Although it was designed for a kids room, I think its minimalistic silhouette works even for adults. Made of white ash wood, the colours can be customised.
Cost: Rs 5,000 for a set 
20% off with code SMT20: Rs 4,000 for a set 

2. Sand Dunes Console
Love how this console’s design plays with light and shadow to create a visual treat. The front of this console is made of rubber wood while the rest of it is crafted from commercial ply. Two toned in natural teak and white ash, this too can be personalised to suit the dining or living room.
Cost: Rs 35,000
20% off with code SMT20: Rs 28,000

3. Hook Hill Hangers – Set of 2
These wall accessories were crafted as hangers to hold bags, scarves, clothes, jewellery and what not. Personally, I’d use it wall art. Minimalistic in design, these white ash wood hangers are fitted with ceramic hooks that come in four patterns – red, green, brown and blue.
Cost: Rs 625 for a set
20% off with code SMT20: Rs 500 for a set

4. The Rolling Lamp 
This contemporary lamp is made out of woven yarn and it about 10 feet long. The sheer length and the neutral colour lets you get creative with its placement. I like the idea of using two of these to create a headboard art in the bedroom where the bulbs dangle on each side of the bed.

If you need an angle or anchor to hold the light in place, Project Wood can custom make one for you too. They also plan to release this product is different colours. Also is it just me or is there something delightfully boho about this lamp.
Cost: Rs 799
20% off with code SMT20: Rs 640

5. Trio Frame Shelves – Set of 3
Clean lined, functional and versatile, these wall frames can hold knick knacks just like the Pyramid frames. Made of teak, their colours can be customised as well. I love that they were made with the idea of introducing plants indoors. If you ask me, together with the plants…the setting almost looks like a 3-dimensional work of art.
Cost: Rs 1,800 for a set
20% off with code SMT20: Rs 1,440 for a set

Images courtesy: Project Wood

Full disclosure: ProjectWood.in sent me the The Rolling Lamp in exchange for an honest review. All of the content and opinions in this post are my own.


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