New Launch: Whisper Ultra Soft

Let’s talk about periods. It’s as much a part of our lives as breathing and burping (yes, girls burp ok). Hormones are all over the place but then again that’s why we have chocolates. For me, I’m constantly worrying about staining my dress or the chair I’m sitting on for 8 hours straight at work. Did I mention overall discomfort that leads to general crankiness? Yeahhh… add that to the list right next to checking the pad every few hours. Why am I tell you all this?

Because I truly believe that periods are not the end of the world. It’s no reason for us to stress or worry and it’s definitely no reason to stay away from normal activities that make us happy. According to me, the one thing that makes periods a trying time is the discomfort – physical and emotional. And we must do what we can to eliminate this feeling. We have chocolate, wine, books and Zayn Malik to keep us emotionally upbeat. In a bid to reduce the physical discomfort, Whisper innovated and came up with something cool.

Well, I celebrated International Women’s Day this year with Whisper. One of my favourite feminine hygiene brands, Whisper invited a bunch of bloggers to Tote on the Turf at Mahalaxmi, Mumbai for the launch of their newest innovation – Ultra Soft.

We met Radhika Apte who so eloquently pointed out that since we’re on our period for 1/6th of our lives, it’s about time we get comfortable in our own skin. I couldn’t agree more. Not only do we need to start treating it normally like any other bodily function, we also need to cut ourselves some slack. We need to be confident and comfortable enough to choose to do what we want and when we want it, especially when we’re menstruating. Because it’s not an illness or a disease, it’s just periods. It cannot and should not hold us back.

Gynaecologist Dr. Nandita Palshetkar spoke about how important it is for us to be hygienic, especially since it’s so crazy hot and humid in most part of India. And finally, P&G’s senior scientist who came down all the way from Germany, Edit Tilly walked us through their new creation – the New Whisper Ultra Soft.

It’s pretty crazy when you think about the amount of research, science, time and effort that goes into making a sanitary pad. Whisper Ultra is thin already. But the Ultra Soft is twice as softer. That’s amazing because one of our biggest issues with sanitary pads is that they can be corse to the skin and leave us with rashes.

To touch, Ultra Soft is like silk #NoKidding. Apart from having a two layer top sheet for softness, it also has these pores that soaks everything into the gel underneath. And its super gel binds, holds as well as kills odour.

Structurally, it’s wider at the back which is great because it lets you wear the pad longer without worrying much, especially at night.

I decided to take up the #UltraSoftChallenge. I’ve been using it for the past 3 days of my period and I can safely say it’s pretty comfortable. Not only is it thin, but it’s so soft and doesn’t hurt the skin even after my 45 minute evening walk.

Absorption wise, it’s good too. It does pull the wetness away from the skin which also adds to the comfy quotient. I also tend to have problems with the wings and how they sometimes lose their glue and come off. No such thing has happened yet with the Ultra Soft. The wings are pretty sturdy and keep the pad in place.

The New Whisper Ultra Soft is priced lower than the Ultra Thin at Rs 64 for 7 pads. It comes in 2 sizes: L and XL.

PS: Give this video a look-see to see how we celebrated International Women’s Day.

Full Disclosure: This post was created in collaboration with Whisper. All opinions, thoughts and views are wholly of the writer only. 

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