Journal: Making a Home

Couple in Indian wedding clothes

As we inch our way towards our big day, date undecided, I find myself marvelling at the concept of marriage and making a home. We’ve had eight years to know each other as two separate entities. As we stand on the cusp of a new life stage, I guess I’m not mighty concerned about the legality of it all. A piece of paper, a few random rituals and a couple of signatures don’t make a marriage, do they?

In the “civilised society,” it does. From where I stand, it makes a wedding, maybe a few nice photographs but certainly not a marriage. To me, marriage is more like the second definition thrown up by Google: “a combination or mixture of elements.” It’s an amalgamation by choice that riots against everything to continue to be an amalgamation. A coupling of the mind and heart and soul that cannot comprehend life as a singularity.

So here we are making a home together with our family and friends as witnesses and equally important participants in our story. And you guys, of course.

In the next few months, you will see us trying to figure the first leg of the rest of our lives. You will see us trying to take a house and turn it into a home. You will see trying to do-it-ourselves and make the most of a cosy apartment in the middle of Mumbai. You will see us debating on the colour of upholstery and framing art. You will see us making a home…

I’ve been an interior and design writer and lover for six years now, so my love for home decor is plainly evident like the sun in the sky. But I never in my wildest dreams expected D.R.R TrollKill, the boy I’ve known and loved since I was 20, to be a decor enthusiast. And to make matters extra exciting, we have two different and often conflicting ideas of “beautiful”. This is going to be fun to watch… for you.

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P.S: Everyone has a couple hashtag and I want one too, even if it’s as lame as #PaoBottleMasalaMisalIdliForLife

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