Recipe: No Churn 3 Ingredient Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

I remember when I was about seven or eight years old, my ever experimental mom bought an ice cream maker from one of those teleshopping networks. I was forbidden to enter the dining room where she was attempting to make her first batch of homemade ice cream. Mom used to do all sorts of mad things back then. Despite having been given strict instructions to stay out of her way, I slowly crept up the long corridor in our old house and pushed aside the stiff door curtain to the dining room.

recipe easy ice cream homemade

I couldn’t believe my eyes. Maybe it was because I was so little, but to me it looked like there had been an explosion. White powder, water and ice were all over the place… on the floor, the table and on mumma. She chased me out before I could enter. If my memory serves me right, that was the last time we used that wretched ice cream maker. We still have it though, tucked away on a higher shelf in the kitchen where no one can (and should) reach. I don’t really remember the taste of the ice cream but I’ll never forget that scene. We still laugh about it.

ice cream homemade easy recipe

A few weeks ago Tupperware sent me the Speedy Chef to try out. While I was researching, I came across a recipe for a no churn ice cream that was too easy to be true. Flashbacks to my mumma making ice cream happened and I shuddered with fear. If I make a mess in mum’s kitchen now, I’ll have to clean up and that’s a scenario I’d best avoid.

recipe tupperware

It went on the back burner and I asked D.R.R TrollKill‘s mom for her famous yogurt dip recipe (coming soon). The Speedy Chef did a marvellous job with that. I was rather surprised at the power of this non-electric appliance and figured I’d try, for fun, my plan B.

I still cannot believe how simple it all was. This no churn ice cream recipe can be aced with only 3 ingredients. I kid you not. Three simple ingredients that can be found in India and anywhere else in the world. Nothing exotic – just heavy cream, condensed milk and Oreos. Yes, I’m a little obsessed with Oreos right now after making delicious no bake truffles. If you thought that recipe was simple, this one kicks that one’s butt.

And making it extra extra easy was the Tupperware Speedy Chef with its many whisk thingies.

Recipe for No Churn 3 Ingredient Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

cookies oreo cadbury silk ice cream

480 ml of heavy cream
400 gms of condensed milk (I used just 1 can of Nestle’s Milkmaid)
1 packet of vanilla Oreos
Hershey’s chocolate sauce (optional)


1. I bought a 500 ml pack of heavy whipping cream (unbranded from a random milk shop). Put almost all of it (left a little bit because the recipe said 480 ml) into the Tupperware Speedy Chef. Closed it and turned the lever clockwise a few times.

After the third circle, you’ll begin to feel the resistance…which essential means the running heavy cream is getting whipped…whipped good. By the fifth or sixth circle, you’ll instinctively know that you’re done. Open the Tupperware Speedy Chef to check for stiff peaks. You need that cream to form nice stiff peaks.

2. In another bowl, dump the whole 400 gm can of condensed milk. With a spatula, gentle fold the whipped cream from the Speedy Chef into this bowl. Mix with love till both these ingredients are well combined. Keep mixing till you stop seeing streaks of cream coloured condensed milk.

3. Break vanilla Oreo cookies into 4-5 pieces. I used about 10 cookies for this mixture. Dump that in and mix it up.

4. Pour this into a nice loaf pan and smoothen out the top. Push it into the freezer and leave it overnight.

5. Ta-da! Serve with a drizzle of chocolate sauce if you want to.

recipe easy cookies oreo milkmaid cream

So creamy, melt-in-your-mouth and deeeelish… I’ve already promised a three different sets of groups I’ll make this for them. Why? Because it takes only 3 ingredients (all under 400 bucks), 1 awesome non-electric appliance and zero mess. It’s that easy!
PS: Special thanks to my pal Bhops for lending me his DSLR camera.

Full disclosure: Tupperware sent me the Speedy Chef in exchange for an honest review. All of the content and opinions in this post are my own. 

chocolate sauce

4 thoughts on “Recipe: No Churn 3 Ingredient Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

    1. And you must. It’s sooo easy and you can make it with whatever you want – mangoes, pineapple, chocolate bits. Tell me how it goes…


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