Adriel George’s Playlist

I’ve been terrible these past few months. Ever since I’ve got that neck and back problem, I’ve been ignoring my commitments and promises and spending precious time writhing in bed with a cold pack. But enough. Enough of pity, enough of pain sensitivity, enough of ignoring my blog/friends/family/life. It’s 2017 dammit. My 28th chance to finally get it right.

So, meet Adriel George. I met him over nine years ago when we were studying in the same college. I remember watching him with my jaw on the floor as he danced during our graduation party. Although he studied IT, Adriel chose to string together his own path, note after note. He’s now a music composer (a damn good one at that) and producer for films, theatre and those Youtube ads that you sometimes can’t skip and end up liking.

That’s our man on the keyboards

A much sought-after piano teacher, he loves sneaking into hotel lobbies and malls with grand pianos and serenading late-night guests with his renditions of famous movie themes. Although I’m yet to catch him in action, I have heard him tune out the world and drown in chords at his studio in Santacruz (W), Mumbai.

On a regular day, you’ll find him writing hauntingly touching orchestral arrangements or obscure dance music, while smothering his cat Lilith aka Lil’ Kitty (she’s ghetto like that) with love and affection. I’ve admired his choice in music for years. Varied as it is, I somehow seem to connect with several songs that he suggests.

He was kind enough to create a playlist for this post that has been long loooonnngggg overdue. But to hell with pain and nerve compression, you are going to hear this compilation and you are going to hear it now!

Listen to his original compositions on SoundCloud:
And stalk him on Facebook:

Tell us what you think of his six song playlist for January.

Adriel George talks about his January Playlist for 
The first two songs on my January list are by Glass Animals, an English indie rock band from Oxford with a very groovy sound and strong catchy melodies. “Youth (2016)” is from their album How to be Human Being and “Pools” is an older track from their 2014 album Zaba.

The third song “Diddy Bop (2016)” is by 25 year old Fatimah Warner, better known by her stage name, Noname. She’s an American hip hop recording artist/ poet from the Bronzeville, Chicago.

After her track, listen to “Professional Rapper (2015)” by David Andrew Burd, better known by his stage name, Lil Dicky. He’s an American rapper and comedian who admittedly began his rap career to merely get attention comedically and eventually fell head over heels with the genre.

Up next is “Au pays d’Alice (2014)”, a jazz musical inspired by Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. Accompanying French-Lebanese musician Ibrahim Maalouf is the rapper/poet Oxmo Puccino. A stunning adaptation of Carroll’s iconic story, it features various musicians including a thirty piece classical orchestra and a children’s choir. My favourite one from the album is “Jamais quand il faut” that’s followed by the entire piece performed live.

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