Journal: Bring It On

Warning: Emo post coming your way

Birthdays are miserable. And so are New Year’s eves. The build up to these two days, the days themselves and weeks following them are soul sucking. They are a painful reminder of what we haven’t done and what we will never do. Wretched are the seconds where the mind and heart dwell on the lost. Lost time, lost opportunities, lost experiences, lost fun, lost travels, lost conversations, lost anything that could’ve enriched your soul…

Both these days are upon us. Our birthday have come and gone and New Year’s eve is a precisely 24 days away. I’ve been drowning the voices inside my head with TV shows and music and food and rubbish website. None of it has really worked. The last few months have been tough on my health and that’s got a grey cloud right over me. Now I find myself here… pouring emotions into a blog post as my heart aches for everything I’ve not done.

Do I have the time to do things? Is my priority to absorb life in its every essence or is it to pass the time till it’s up? Do I have the inclination to do things? And why haven’t I done them yet? If I didn’t have the time and inclination then, do I have it now? Will next year see a better version of me?

Tough questions. Easy answers

Anyhoo, how have you been doing?

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