Meet Nadia Azavedo

D.R.R TrollKill met her before I did. Not in real life but virtually. The three of us are a part of a highly volatile Facebook Group about Goa. D.R.R TrollKill thinks he’s Goan because he spent one year there and his grandfather was from there, I heard so much about that group from him that I had to join it and Nadia…well, she’s a young thinking Goan with an opinion and a cracking sense of humour.

I met her when a misogynistic creature decided to spew crap and neither Nadia nor I could hold back. We somehow joined forces in an attempt to talk some sense into him. The long, long fight ended with the admin blocking further comments on the post. More importantly, it ended with Nadia and I becoming friends. 

When I came upon her page Little Scrawny Dweeb comics, I couldn’t stop laughing. I learnt later that D.R.R TrollKill loves her comics because it reminds him of me. Her observations are insanely accurate, her humour is madly relatable and her visuals are funny as hell. And if we weren’t already in love with this talent bomb of a youngling, Nadia was kind enough to create a Little Scrawny Dweeb based us!

She asked me a bunch of simple questions where most of my answers started and ended with Pokemon Go. I’m going to say this on record: As of September 2016, this is by far the nicest thing anyone has ever done for Slow Motion Thoughts. Know more about this young Goan cartoonist and visual artist…

Were you always creatively inclined?
I’ll to be 23 this October. I’ve lived in Caranzalem, a village in Goa, all my life but my family’s roots extend to St. Inez and Divar (in Goa) too. I began to draw when I was 4 or 5. I remember watching The Powerpuff Girls on TV and thinking to myself…how do they make this stuff and I want to do it too when I grow up. I’d sit down to watch my cartoons with a pencil and paper and try to draw them out as accurately as possible. Drawing came very easily to me so there was no going back.

I really love character designing because of animation. There are just so many styles to choose from. I like trying out different styles every now and then and I always make it a point to play with different colour schemes. Apart from this, I like doodling and typography too.

Walk us through your process…

It’s pretty simple. I usually get an idea at random and if it’s crystal clear in my head, I proceed to draw it out and render it. If not, I jot it down and try to clarify the original thought behind the design with scribbles and sketches.
Mostly, I prefer digital art. When I feel like taking a break from the screen, I switch it up with traditional media like acrylics, pen and ink, poster paints and occasionally even watercolours. I’m partial to sketching with charcoal and brown colour pencils.  


Who is at the centre of most of your artworks?
My subject depends on what’s on my mind at the moment. I noticed this pattern in my artist friends too. We have these phases where we’ll be fixated over a certain colour, shape, person or art style and it somehow finds its way into our work. Right now, most of my work is a result of my obsession with comics and graphic novels.


Where does inspiration stems from?
When I initially began working on these comics, I wanted to create something fun that we could all relate to. The content of these comics stems from and is inspired by everyday life. It’s just a matter of knowing where to look, and most of the time some comics write themselves out. My characters are based on me, my friends and family, and of course certain specimens I come across. So, really these comics are just an extension of all of our personalities.

Your antidote to laziness
Patent pending, but my main ingredients are two parts self-loathing to one part guilt. Administer while constantly reminding yourself that you’re a pathetic waste of space if you don’t live up to your full potential. 

A talent you wish you had

Surfing, but I’m definitely going to try that out someday

The funniest person you know…
My friend Claire, for her poop jokes.

What do you collect?
I do not collect, I hoard….seashells, sketchbooks, shiny craft supplies and perfumes.


Do check her Facebook and Instagram page for more sketches. You can contact her for your personalised comic strips, collaborations or inquiries at

All visuals used with the permission of the artist. All rights are reserved with the artist Nadia Azavedo. If you want to reproduce these visuals, please ask the artist for permission first.


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