When I drank mango beer and painted a Husain at a pub…

I haven’t picked up a paint brunch since I was 20. That was a long long time ago. So I was rather intrigued when I got an email from the PR representing a new art-social called Paintstorm. When descriptor read as “a social event at a pub where you can drink, eat and paint”…who wouldn’t wanna know more!

Last month, a bunch of us were invited to attend an MF Husain sesh by Paintstorm at The White Owl. I rarely attend events on weekdays (ahem, I rarely attend events but aim to change that soon) but curiosity got to this cat and I showed up with a friend in tow. Turn out, Paintstorm was started by 4 young people who just wanted to spend time out at a pub doing something fun. I love how simple problems birth inventive solutions. So for a price, you get paint supplies, booze, finger food and a good time.

I didn’t realise how much I missed painting till I picked up that big brush. We were recreating an MF Husain classic and were walked through step by step by one of the founders while the rest of them walked around helping us. Best part? No rules. Sure, she was showing us exactly how to recreate the painting but they encouraged us to make it our own.

I went in thinking it would be fun to touch canvas again. Little did I realise how I missed painting and how incredibly de-stressing it is. All with a glass of Mango Ale Craft Beer in hand with some delish tapas from The While Owl…

Oh, I also got to take my masterpiece home.

Facebook: paintstorm.in

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