Look: Pep Talk

Shit happens. Most times, you don’t see it coming and the other times, you’re in deep denial of its arrival. But like it or not, painful unpleasantness is as much a part of this wretchedly beautiful life as is unconditional love (care for some short poetry).

So, what does she do when her meticulous plans go down the drain? She deliberates in silence. “I’ve got two choices,” she tells herself. She can cry, wallow in self pity and roll up into a ball of despair only to hibernate for months. Or she can adult. She can allow herself to feel bad for a day or two, but then she’s got to pick up the pieces, mend the figurative cracks in her previously perfect plan and improvise. Why? Because we must.

Yes, black mourns. But black is also elegant, strong and powerful.

Style Guide
This dress pretty much breaks 3 rules of chubby short girl dress and still looks great. Here’s why…

1) Strappy: My sausage arms are out there for the world to see…SO WHAT? I don’t give a…
2) Midi length: At 5 ft nothing, this dress might (according to fashion rules) make me look stubby. But it doesn’t. Read the point below to know why.
3) Elastic band: The ever painful elastic band that cuts the silhouette in two. I love that this band is a few inches below the bust area and well above the navel. I’m so over those that cut the body in half making everything look unflattering. This one dissects in such a way that my lower half looks longer.

Midi dress and stacked rings: Forever 21 (similar on Myntra)
Gum boots: Amazon.in (wearing them all monsoon)
Choker: Simple thick black ribbon

Photography by Sirawon Khathing 

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