Review: Himalaya’s Purifying Neem Scrub


Gritty. Dirty. Polluted and icky. City life finds its ugly way onto me, and my skin is the first place it shows. Okay fine, I might be getting old. But I’m not talking about discolouration and crow’s feet. My madly oily face is a collector….of rubbish. To improve my skincare regime, I tried out Himalaya’s Purifying Neem Scrub (Rs 130 for 100gms) for 4 weeks and here’s what happened.

The Dope
I cannot stress enough on the importance of a good scrub. If you are cleansing, toning and moisturizing often, you’re already doing a lot to help you skin. Add exfoliation to that routine and the difference is pretty magically. It can make a big difference to your skincare. You’re out in the city everyday and you might not notice it but your skin attracts a lot of the pollution. Plus, it also sheds dead skin to make room for new skin, which is a normal thing. Both these things tend to work together to make your skin look blah. A regular face wash can only do so much. A good scrub down, twice a week, can make your face look brighter and more alive.


Creamy and neemy, this one is gentler compared to its cousin- Himalaya’s Gentle Exfoliating Walnut Scrub (link to that review). Neem is great for the skin. It’s one of those super ingredients that does so much good. It’s antibacterial and anti-fungal which means it helps reduce acne and infections. It’s anti-inflammatory and antiseptic, so even if you have pimples, it doesn’t do anything to aggravate it and even helps in lightening the marks left behind by blemishes. In fact, it kind of calms it down. It even helps to tone your skin and reduces the fine lines, thanks to its regenerative properties. Why should you care? Because you are never too young to start your anti-aging routine. They say you should jump on the anti-aging skincare routine as early as 25.
I could use it thrice a week and easily see some visible results. Although milder in comparison when it comes to granules, this neem based scrub has apricot to gently scrub away dead skin and grime. Blackheads and whiteheads also reduced after a couple of washes. I found I got the best results from both the scrubs when I used them after a quick face steam.
Steaming helps open pours and help circulation beneath the skin. Using the scrub after steaming helps removes all the gunk – oil, dirt, dead skin, left over make up and what not – from inside your pours as well as on the surface of the skin.

For some odd reason, I was breaking out on my forehead (I blame body heat) and this scrub really kept the oil in check. In turn, zits retreated to their secret dungeon. Neem’s antibacterial property does that. If only I could use these scrubs more often, but it’s ideal to use them twice a week to avoid excessive scrubbing (yes, it’s a legit thing). The scent of this scrub is very neemy,  and in a strange way, I like it.
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