Review: CupCake Factory, Bandra

We hit up the newest dessert parlour in Bandra on opening weekend last Sunday. Remember CupCake Factory from McCraig? The mother-son run brand now has their own standalone store near Mehboob Studios, Bandra. I was unwell that day so #theboy was the official taster for this review. Here’s what he has to say about about CupCake Factory…

The decor is pretty cool – whisks, ladles etc hanging from the entrance ceiling. There’s a stove that’s been turn into a light fixture. There’s a oven that keeps constantly one and also works like a fun light. The murals are super. The mural is hand painted to look like well…a cupcake factory! It’s fun and sweet. To think this little place was created by the owner Aditya and his friends and an posh interior designer…

From their McCraig days, we know CupCake Factory is famous for their centre filled variety. We had the Irish Cream Cupcake because we liked the sound of it. It was giant chocolate cupcake that was super moist and topped with a large-ish irish cream swirl and dusting. The icing was subtle but with a distinct irish cream flavour. Uff…

They innovated which I love. We tried their brand new experiment – cookie cup. We had the Cookie cup with Nutella and ice cream that was topped with a piece of delish fudge. Turns out the cookie cup was baked and an inner lining of chocolate was frozen into it. This prevented the chocolate ice cream from making it soggy and meh. So the crumbliness and texture of the cookie stayed intact till we finished the ice cream and made our way to the cookie cup. The ice cream was like any other chocolate ice cream but the fudge was pretty neat. It’s a bit of a messy eat and at the end of it we looked like 4 year olds with chocolate all over our hands and face  – so much fun! To be honest, we didn’t use a spoon like normal people and went in face first (haha).

Loved how both the things we tasted weren’t excessive sweet. Price points are super worth it. Most giant cupcakes are for 80 bucks only! Aditya also said they plan on having outdoor seating and will soon serve shakes, smoothies etc. There’s that’s something to look forward to.

CupCake Factory is located near Mehboob Studio on Hill Road, Bandra, Mumbai (Zomato)

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