Review: 3SqrMeals Food Service

Eating or ordering out always makes me feel guilty. I find myself cringing at the amount of grease or additives added to “outside food”. When 3SqrMeals approached me to review their service, I was struck by the fact that they aim to provide healthy eating options to working folks like me. Since they deliver in my area, I figured it would be nice to know if this new Mumbai based food service hits the spot.

They sent me one of their most popular dishes – the Quinoa Couscous Salad. Priced at Rs 200 for a chicken and Rs 180 for a veg, the salad was tremendous in quantity. I ended up having it for lunch and snack later in the evening. It came with a small box of flavour filled mustard vinaigrette dressing. All the ingredients were ridiculously fresh – the cherry tomatoes, french beans, lettuce and corn. The grilled chicken was well done and moist, in my opinion the hero ingredient of the dish, closely followed by those juicy cherry tomatoes. Overall the salad was mighty filling and refreshing – especially had cold. When I came to the end of the box, I felt rather proud of myself for eating a good high protein meal.

Along with the Quinoa Couscous Salad came half a loaf of brown bread with a spread and a banana. The entire dish comes in a disposable microwave friendly box, which is convenient don’t you think?

About 3SqrMeals: Their mission is unburdening busy professionals from the daily activities of planning and organizing balanced healthy meals. They are on a mission to make healthy eating delicious & effortless. Their menus are available online and can be ordered on a click. They also offer subscriptions that can be customized for a delicious wholesome meal to reach you daily. They currently cover all areas between Worli & BKC for Lunch.

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