Review: Nivea In-shower Skin Conditioner

My favourite season is here. Although Bombay pseudo winter is a sham, even the slightest change in temperature bring me joy. I’d take cold hands over sweaty ones any day. But winter also means crazy dry skin. As my moisturizing routine goes into overdrive, I tested this In-shower Skin Conditioner from Nivea (Rs 250).

The Dope
The body conditioner is meant to be used directly after cleansing. The instructions say you ought to leave it on the body for 2 minutes but I can never really keep track of time in the bathroom. Although I washed it off in what I thought was a minute and half, the result was still visible. My skin feels moisturized and plump, even after drying off. It rinses off easily so I didn’t have to put much effort into it. Cons, you ask? Washing the conditioner off is a lot like washing hair conditioner too, it leaves the bathroom floor a tad slippery. But the bottle warns you about that beforehand, so can’t really complain. The overall effect wears off after a few hours, but it is nice while it lasts.

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