H’appy’ Shopping!

On my way back in the local train everyday, the sights are pretty much the same. Tired women playing Candy Crush while those in groups passionately discuss office drama. Admit it, the rest of us sit there with a ear trying to decipher the conversation and another eye in someone’s phone judging them as they suck at the stupid Candy Crush. I cannot be the only one doing this. And I cannot be the only one wishing and hoping for something more interesting to do than counting the seconds between every station. But… my secret commuting prayers where answered by some genius techies.   
The nation’s newest past time is app shopping. Flash back to your last month, remember all those times you pretended to be busy texting or checking “urgent office emails” but you were actually looking for those palazzo pants at a great cost. I love how apps have made everything personal: from buying groceries and finding the right doctor to shopping leisurely for apparels and accessories…it is all between you and your phone. Speaking of which, did you know fashion giant Myntra is now going all app. You heard that right! Very soon the website is going to phase out its .com and concentrate wholly on the mobile platform. It makes perfect sense to switch to a more intimate and personal platform, especially when I hear that almost 80% of their sales come from the app itself. Think about it, we are not always on our computer (even when we are, we are busy hiding the screen from our boss) but we are almost always on our phones (ah, the perks of privacy).

E-commerce websites gave us competitive prices, choices and the comfort of shopping from home. Apps take it a notch higher: the same amazing prices, the same variety but now we can shop from anywhere…while smelling armpits in the train on our trek home, drinking overpriced coffee at a cafe or running that extra mile on the tread at the gym. 

Gosh, I can never get enough of technology. I sense a lot of these e-commerce sites are going to make that leap and go all app. But by the looks of it, Myntra is setting some major trends. 

PS: To initiate myself with app shopping, I went ahead and splurged a tad on the Myntra app. What do you think of this dress? Me likey, you likey?

Photography by Sirawon Khathing

One thought on “H’appy’ Shopping!

  1. Hi Aditi ,
    You’ve got a “Dress” fan right here  Anybody with that instinct for craft would for fall for the zesty beauty there (‘DIY Antique Bottle”)!

    Whoa…Nomad+chic+style = Bohemian chic (“Dark & Boho”)! That wardrobe in my room started looking brooding as an after effect of shophaholic…splash!!!

    Yes, we would love to show case your crafts/tips/decor/creations on our global platform.

    This is an exclusive space for your penmanship, where you can publish your quest for home & garden in the form of luring fashion blogs.

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    Sulekha.US would be glad to present your home decor ventures to the Indian communities living abroad. We would love to connect them through one of the most vital channels i.e. fashion & style.

    It’s all yours and you’re going to own an exclusive fashion blog with Sulekha to share your trending home & garden posts along with their back links.

    We would promote it across our wall and social media.

    Featuring your little creations on our home page would be a perk for our eager Indians, who are waiting for DIY home decors and green thumbs (garden).

    “One should never be the oldest thing in one's house”
    By Patsy Stone

    On the other hand, it’ll be our pleasure to feature your pods of stylish crafts on our home page.

    Sharing your passion for eye catchers might rejuvenate the senses of millions of Indians living abroad.

    Thanks & regards,
    Hamida, Content Manager, Sulekha US


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