Review: Pure Sin Chocolates

To be extremely honest, I dislike homemade chocolate. I find it odd tasting and not at all pleasurable. And chocolate that doesn’t make you go “ummm…” is a phony and should be destroyed that very minute. So when the folks at Pure Sin Chocolate approached to review their creations, I was rather sceptical. But we’re not the kind to make hasty judgements, are we? So like a good food blogger, I said “Try me”.

Packaging: I love the understated packing of the assorted chocolates that I got. Predominantly black, the tiny stripped box came wrapped with a silver ribbon. One of my major problems with independent chocolatiers is their ghastly packaging: all the shiny gold and reds and what not. But my Pure Sin box was not loud or gaudy. On opening this said box, I found fun sized chocolates wrapped in pearl white paper with a dull gold sticker that stated its cheeky name and gave hints to my tastebuds. So, extra point for presentation!

Taste: I simply love chocolate that begins to melt with atmospheric heat. On this super sultry day, my almond rock began to melt onto my finger tips….just the way I like it. If you are looking for Royce like melt in your mouth chocolate, you may proceed towards the next exit. But much to my surprise, Pure Sin chocolates do tenderly melt with the slightest of pressure.

While digging into my little treasure box, I found a note. A small foldable booklet that told me all I needed to know about each and every assorted flavouring….from Baby Latte and It’s Dark on Marz to Berry Got D’Crunch and Chip Off The Ol’ Bloc. Yes, those names are endearing and made me smile wider. If I had to name my favourite, I’d have to say I am torn between The Dark Mint Rise that has subtle hints of mint cream mousse to flavour dark chocolate and Roses Are Brown that was a fresh rose petal cookies dipped in dark chocolate.

Verdict: Pure Sin Chocolates has been around since 1993 and they clearly are doing something right!

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