How to Revive Old Coasters

So, I found these old black coasters in a box in the attic, where it was rightly hidden. Boring and rather ugly, these were begging for a facelift. Yes, I could’ve easily tossed them in the garbage but lately I find myself thinking and rethinking the amount of things I let go. This might stem from the fact that I am your regular hoarder but also out of a genuine love for re-creating and upcycling. And these coasters were easier than stealing a lolly from a babe. On painting them matte gold, I used them under candle votives for a rather festive look.


  1. Dull & boring coasters
  2. Old newspaper
  3. Spray paint (I used a gold)

1. Clean the coasters with water and soap. Make sure all the grime and dirt is out
2. Place a newspaper on the ground. Shake the spray paint can well and spray a little onto the paper.
3. Lay a coaster on the paper and spray from a distance of 15cms. The distance ought to be far enough to stick to the product without creating liquid puddles. Spray one coat from left to right, shaking the can at intervals
4. Let the first coat dry completely. Now apply to the second coat.
5. Let it dry and check if it needs another coating. If it doesn’t, you’re coasters are ready.

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