Meet Sumedha Sah

I’ve always had immense respect for artist and more so for the self-taught ones. To have such talent, to realise, develop and harness it …is rather commendable, don’t you think? So I couldn’t help but tip my hat to Sumedha Sah. All of 27, this self taught illustrator from picturesque Nainital has a Master’s degree in Sustainable Architecture. A keen eye for detail and a love for meticulous observation set her apart as is her affinity towards Mamma Nature. A moment with the young artist….   

Tell me about your inclination towards art and creation.
I was born and raised in the beautiful hill station of Nainital in India, traces of which I carry wherever I go. But my affair with illustrating began a little more than three years ago in Auroville, a universal city near Pondicherry. Inspired by the peaceful and mystical surroundings of this forest city, I indulged in doodling the mundane yet unique experiences of my daily routine in a little sketchbook that I carried with me. With each of my illustrations, I wrote a snippet or a story about why I chose to draw them. I drew my kitchen, I drew my dogs, I drew my friends… I drew them all. Somewhere along the way, it transformed into a passion and, as of today, I have over 30 completely filled sketchbooks that document my important life-moments, ideas, thoughts and dreams.

Walk us through your process.
I always start with a black fountain pen to draw out my sketch and after I am satisfied with it I use water colour washes on top. I also like using scraps of paper to make a collage on my artworks because they give a new dimension to my work.
As for my favourite subject, I absolutely love drawing boats because I like how they move and change direction with every coming wave. The dynamics is what I like the most. My favourite medium is watercolours; I love doing washes and really like how versatile they can be.

What motivates and inspires you to pick up that pen?

I think growing up in Nainital amidst immense natural beauty has made a deep impact on how I observe and see things. I am hugely inspired by nature, its many forms, colours and shades and its ever-changing quality. This innate love for nature and a strong desire to travel and to draw my way through the world are things that govern my life right now. The mountains have always astounded me, and I think they will continue to, as long as I live.  

As rightfully said by the Canadian poet, Elizabeth Brewster, I too believe that people are made of places. Places they are born in, places they pass through and places they desire to go. I carry within me hints of jungles and mountains, and in my mind, are acres and acres of misty Oak wood forests.

Your antidote to laziness…
A hot cup of lemon tea does wonders to any glum mood.
Favourite genre of music?
I quite enjoy listening to the new genre called modern soul and chill out. Bands like Jungle, Bonobo and Thievery Corporation.
A movie you feel like re-watching right now
Garden State for its beautiful music and also because it’s about everything and nothing at all at the same time.

If you could be an animal/bird, which one would you rather be and why
A bird of course, after all who doesn’t want a pair of wings!

Do check her website for more sketches or contact her for collaborations or inquiries at

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