Postcards from Dadar Market, Mumbai

Being the very centre of a cosmopolitan like Mumbai can take a toll on an area. Dadar, is and always was, the very core of hustle-bustle. It is never empty, never quiet, never dull here. The large marketplace sees vendors from across the city buying their produce in bulk. The streets are lined with leftover food the scent of which can wake up the dead, the sheer number of people buying things creates a noise so loud it touches din and the railway station being the junction of all four lines is perpetually overcrowded. But somewhere in the middle of this chaos there are fleeting moments of utter beauty. Visuals of fruits that make you wonder about colour, sight of flowers that intoxicate your senses and elements of architecture that trace back to a simpler time. So, the next time you are sitting in a cab cursing the traffic…stop. Unthink, unfeel, slow down and look around you. Your city will surprise you.

Like this photowalk in Bangalore, pictures were taken during a rather rushed errand at 7.00am on a Sunday. All images were clicked from an iPhone 4s, so pardon the lack of DSLR like quality.

A lot like love
The Great India Weighing System

Allergies, anyone?

It’s a (zodiac) sign

String Theory
The weighting scale tips every so gently. Have you ever watched it move?

This errand turned out to be extremely fruitful

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