Mini Review: The Pantry, Mumbai

Mumbai’s Fort area is probably one of the most charming places in the city. Into a tiny blink-n-miss lane, find The Pantry – a quaint little hideout where I stopped for some mid-evening tea. Draped with white and the faintest hints of olive grey-green, the place is a dream in the evening – from its open kitchen, casual seating to the recycled timber table tops and French cafe-esque ambience. Oh did I mention free Wi-Fi and good music?

Forks Up, Folks
Vintage tea sets on reclaimed wood table tops
We ordered precisely three side snacks as this was merely an impromptu stop-over to the main course. Bare in mind, this is a mini review. Started off with Kashmiri Kawah (Rs 145) that gladdened the corners of my heart with undertones of warm spices. 
Pardon the grains in the images, it was late evening. 
From the Grab N Go section of the menu, Pineapple Scone (Rs 95) was up next. I was expecting scones with pineapples and was a little intrigued when I was served scones with a side of candied pineapple and whipped cream. The scones were lighter than air. Team that with the perfect side of pineapple and I was sold. Accompanied with smack of cloud like whipped cream and those taste buds did a jig. And to end it all, it had to be a dessert. For how else are we suppose to judge a place but by its lemon curd? Lemon Yogurt Cake with Classic Lemon Curd (Rs 165) was the perfect size for a guiltless indulgence. Light and crumbly, it fell apart at the softest of touch while the lemon curd didn’t disappoint.  
Decor idea to steal: Old milk can, spray painted white, to be used as a flower vase  
  All Images by Slow Motion Thoughts

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