Postcards from Pottery Town, Bangalore

One of the best places to explore is your own home. Don’t get me wrong, every square inch of the countryside is stunning but do you really need to travel far and wide in search of beauty? There are so many nooks and corners in the cities we live in that are equally dumbfounding. All we need to really do is slow down and stare. Living in a city like Bombay is far from easy and the eye longs for allurement, symmetry, vibrancy and character. I try my best to capture the maximum city in all its minimalism on my Instagram.

In retrospect, I think this stemmed out of a photography class I took at my University in Bangalore. One such photowalk involved visiting a place called Pottery Town where (surprise, surprise) they made pots. Although all my pictures are taken from a phone camera or a point & shoot, these particular ones were click on a borrowed DSLR. I am saving up right now to buy myself my very own semi-pro DSLR. Any suggestions? 
Earthen pots laid out to dry in the unforgiving sun

I remember this was still wet. I touched it to check. You see that spot over there, that’s my doing.

Still in the kiln. Such symmetry and order makes my heart melt

Going somewhere?

We didn’t speak. I asked him for a photograph in a universal language. We signed to communicate. 

A torn, worn and rusted door. Wonder where this goes? 

In an endless sea of earth

All Images by Slow Motion Thoughts 

2 thoughts on “Postcards from Pottery Town, Bangalore

  1. Adi.. Your words.. Your photographs.. Are beyond beautiful. Everything you say is poetry and everything you click is art!!!

    Just love being on your blog!!!

    God bless!


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