*New Series* Monday Muse

I could never write poems when happy. For me to generate words, misery was necessary. Or at least I thought it was for the longest time. But the other night, as I tossed, turned and floated in and out of a dream-like state, a muse found its way to me. I didn’t grab on to it nor did it push it away. It took its course and I let it be. In a semi-sleep stage, I typed out a few short poems on my phone.

Having written while under the spell of sadness, I can safely say that writing while happy gives a much better feeling. Yes, churning out poems when blue is cathartic and there is no denying the weight that comes off your shoulders. But penning when content elevates happiness to a whole new level. I, for once, felt light as a feather and slept like a baby with a smile on my face. I highly recommend it.Do you write when you are glad or sad?

Now on, Mondays are going to be about happy things and happier thoughts with this new series. I really hope you like it.

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