Wanderlust: Oman

The Middle East always caught my fancy. Oman, in particular, encompasses the true essence of Arabia. It’s refreshingly modern while continuing to be rooted in past, celebrating each moment of its bygone era. Exorbitantly rich in culture, there is so much to explore, so much to unearth in this land of contrasts. I admire how proud Omanis are of their homeland and the passion with which they have preserved their history.

If I could travel there, I would spend every waking minute absorbing all that this beautiful country has to offer. I do have a draft of things I would love do. 
1. Shutterbugging
An Iphone and a digital camera in hand, I’d set out into country and explore. I’ve already thought of a hashtag #PostcardsFromOman. Those colours and that light, I wouldn’t have to look far for beauty. I’ll be surrounded by it. 
2. Dunes Dancing
I’ve always been a beach person. I’ve been to Rajasthan only but once and I can safely say, I love the dessert. I would sink my feet into the melting sand and let it take me where ever it’d please. I’ll swirl with the wind, make sand angels and sit still as the sun sets kissing the sky goodbye.
3. Souk Searching
Ah, I’d wander little alleyways and smile at my fate of being in heaven. You know how I love to shop, almost as much as I love to travel. The mesmerizing merchandise will find its way to my Instagram account in real time. I’ll buy exotic memorabilia for myself and my friends back home. There will be bargaining, I won’t lie…I’ll bargain my little heart out. 
4. Haze of History 
I’ll spend the better half of a day at old Muscat or Sur, strolling through the Sultan’s palace and gawking at Portuguese fort. Starry eyes will admire even the minutest of ornate details. When no one is looking, I’ll run my hands along with walls and imagine century old Omanis doing the same years and years ago.  
5. Turtles and Treasure
I’ll find my way to Shaqiya region or the beach at Ras al Jinz to watch turtles in their natural habitat. I’ve always thought turtles have a strange aura of wisdom about them, like they are about to say something rather profound and meaningful. 
6. A Good Hike
To end the journey, I’d hike up the Western Hajar. When I get as high as I can, I’d sit back, sip of tea and look back on my #PostcardsFromOman with fondness. 
7. Food Finding
One of the best ways to understand a culture is by eating their food. I’d stuff face with Harees, Kahwa, Maqbous and everything in between 

This post is written for a “Beauty has an Address!” contest held IndiBlogger and the Ministry of Tourism of the Sultanate of Oman 

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