Postcards from Jaipur: Part 1

I happened to go to Rajasthan the other week and I stayed at the Fairmont Jaipur. The short two day trip to the dessert land left me mesmerised. The nights are darker, the stars are brighter, the sun is stronger and the wind howls louder. Although I didn’t get out much, I loved every minute of my stay. Here are some snapshots…

Bright like the scorching sun, these slip ons could walk a thousand miles

At 46 degree Celsius, waves of heat welcomed us. Fairmont Jaipur’s facade resembled an old
stereotypical Rajasthani fort that stretched towards the cloudy blue sky
Corners and look outs made for ideal vantage points. Birds lazed about, waiting for visitors 
Silhouettes are stunning 

Dreamy corridors that continued forever

Ceilings murals of an intricate nature

Heavenly patterns that could please an atheist  

Carved out of marble, bed time was a regal affair

An all white twin bedroom flooded…with sunshine

This little guy was perched beside my bed

Reflections that make you think
Fresh flowers that smile and wave

 All images by Slow Motion Thoughts

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