Review: GAIA’s Green Tea + Tulsi

When the folks at GAIA sent over their tea, I was curious and how. Green tea, on its own, is an acquired taste for most and add a dash of tulsi to it to make it healthier… well it could either go really good or really bad from here. I’ve been trying out green teas for a while in a bid to lose some meat and this one definitely goes in the “hmm…interesting” pile.

I take my green tea with a teaspoon of honey. Now, this tea bag doesn’t need more than 3 dips to change colour in pipping hot water. Tulsi has a tendency to make the concoction bitter so I stuck to 2 few second dips and I suggest you do the same, unless you like your tea strong. 
My favourite thing about tulsi flavoured tea is the earthy aroma that transports me to a rainy day by the hillside. And this tea didn’t disappoint there. I also like how the packaging suggests you save and refrigerate used tea bag as facial cleansers and eye packs. 
No of bags: 25
Price: Rs 150
Verdict: The other day, I completely forgot about my tea and it ended up cold. Before I could zap it in the microwave, I took a few sips (I’m adventurous like that) and guess what, it tastes great when its room temperature cold. When it’s hot though, I like it mild with honey. The tulsi can get a tad overpowering so dip with caution as per your taste.    

One thought on “Review: GAIA’s Green Tea + Tulsi

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