Review: Moshe’s Apple Honey & Cinnamon Jam

On an impromptu trip to FoodHall, I spotted his little jar. Apples, Honey, Cinnamon: Three of my favourite ingredients put together to make a jam. What could ever go wrong? Consistency of the jam, unlike most gelatin filled jams in the market, is soft, which I liked. Super excited, I slathered it generously on my multi-grain oats bread and took my first bite.

It did nothing for me. Second bite. Again…nothing. I couldn’t taste/smell cinnamon…which was a big disappointment considering there is a piece of bark in the jar. As for apples, there’s no denying that’s there but what’s that tangy flavour I keep getting?
Lime juice. It’s a bit overpowering. I am big fan of lime but not when I’m promised cinnamon. Now that I have already bought the bottle, I need to finish it. Turns out it tastes slightly better when it is refrigerated and used. 
Price: Rs 105
Weight: 250gm
Ingredients: Apples, honey, cinnamon, sulphurless sugar, pectin, lime juice
Verdict: Maybe I set my expectations too high considering it’s Moshe’s and cinnamon. But if you say cinnamon on the bottle, a bark in the jar isn’t enough. I want more flavour and less lime. Or maybe, simply rename it to apples, honey and lime for accuracy.  
All images by Slow Motion Thoughts

2 thoughts on “Review: Moshe’s Apple Honey & Cinnamon Jam

  1. Hi Apeksha. Thank you for your comment. Yes, I've been following The Gourmet Jar even before you open your store. Have always admired your packaging and the ingredients you mix sound delightful. I shall surely try them soon.


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