When the good folks at asked me to review their new website, I was rather curious. I love discovering new sites like any self respecting 20-something and I have a crazy Sale radar (digital and real life) that constantly baffles The Boy. So finding a new website that lists out all the e-discounts in India and allows for cashbacks on most of them was delightful.

I decided to buy this pretty little sling from that happened to give the highest cashback. If you are following me on my Instagram account, you would have seen this bag making an appearance now and again.

How it works is, you have to sign in to and go via that to a site of your choice. Choose the coupon of your choice and the cashback offered gets credited to your account in 3 days. To understand it better, read this.

Sometimes, like in my case, the purchase doesn’t register with the CashKaro. All I had to do was fill in a ticket where they asked for invoice details. This takes you to a waiting period where the guys at CashKaro verify if you really did go through their website. In a couple of weeks, stuff gets sorted and money gets credited to you account.

Once the monies is in the your digital account, you can transfer it to your bank. That’s the great part about this website. Discounts get converted to real moolah. Verdict, you ask? I like what I see. I wish it didn’t take so long though. But a little waiting never killed anybody…

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