Friday Finds: Christopher Poindexter

Today isn’t Friday. But forgive me as I try to rewind a wee bit. I missed last week’s  Friday Finds as I was preoccupied with Goa (a post on that soon).

His words make me swirl. I have been reading his work for a while, falling slowly in love with his mind. His poetry penetrates realms that lay somewhere in-between the head and heart. The simplicity and depth that they exude… oh, how they make me travel into dreamland.
I’ve been trying to stalk this boy all over the internet but by the looks of it, he is a bit of a phantom. There is precisely one image of him on the net and one etsy store where he sells prints of his poem typed on hemp paper. Go on and support this wordsmith: link

4 thoughts on “Friday Finds: Christopher Poindexter

  1. Good post. I suppose he's quite a phenomenon, and the poems remind me of Bukowski, though unlike you, I never tried looking for the guy.
    One of my favourites, for its sheer simplicity, is:
    nothing brings
    to life
    a forgotten
    like fragrance


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