Table Decor: 1 minute Apple Votives

Throwing a dinner party or setting up the table for date night? Candles are a given to up the warmth quotient. Simple, do-able and very cool – this DIY idea is a no brainer, indeed. 
Apples: 4 nos
T-light candles: 4 nos
Knife: 1 
Pencil: 1
Spoon: 1
Elastic bracelets or votive rings (optional) 
  1. Choose your apples wisely. Make them stand upright on the table and make sure they stay without aid
  2. Wash and wipe the apple. Buff it with a clean cloth to make sure its nice and shiny 
  3. Trace a t-light using a pencil on top of the apple
  4. With the help of a knife, cut out a circle that’s the circumference of the t-light. Approximately measure the depth and scoop out that much flesh. Lesser is better as you can adjust the t-light.
  5. Prop the candle in, throw on a votive ring (if you have one) and you are all set to go.   

Image by Slow Motion Thoughts
Created For a Valentine’s day shoot for The Ideal Home and Garden done with Mana Vidyalankar

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