Journal: A Free Ride

The strangest thing happened last Sunday. R & I were in South Bombay visiting grandma. We were late for the first visiting hour slot and had time to kill before the second. We went scouting for food and finally ended up munching on Leb-Mex food at Cafe Chikita while we wondered how in the world does Lebanese and Mexican food fit in the same menu.

It was almost 4pm and we had to get to the hospital. We stood on Causeway waiting for a cab. A cabbie, an older man, stopped and said ” It’s time for me to turn in my cab so I can’t take you where you want to go. But come along and I’ll reach you to cab for free.”

We hesitate. Looked at each other puzzled and quietly got into the cab. He drove ahead. We drove in silence. He found us a cab and we found our voice, said our “Thank you very much”. He grinned, said its alright and that he knew we had to get to the hospital in time and sped away.

We took a seat in the new cab. Looked and each, smiled. “Did that really happen?” I said. “Yeah, I think it really did,” R smiled. There was a warm sort of feeling in our hearts.

True Story.

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