Home Visit: Rukmini Roy’s Bombay Apartment

I am super excited to introduce Slow Motion Thoughts’ first ever home visit! A big hello to home owner Rukmini Roy, an Indian blogger, whose Bombay apartment will transport you to a cosy cottage somewhere on a secluded beach! Drenched in white with pops of colours, she has really paid attention to the details. Unfinished, rustic and dreamily vintage, this home is one to inspire…. 

White on white, this beautifully monochrome corner comes alive with colour (Thank you, roses). I love how a simple jam jar is upcycled to a pretty vase. 

Dotted with pink, her bedroom is fashionably feminine, don’t you think? She counterbalanced the bright pink walls with soft toned furnishings and all-white furniture. 

I know I said it before but I’m going to say it again, nevertheless. If you are paying close attention, this house has so many do-able ideas you can steal. So much to get inspired by. 
(See: Candle in a wine glass and Old wine crate turned into a coffee table tray) 

Rukmini’s favourite nook at home, this floor bed by the window is dreamy and delightful. A bunch of soft cushions, some herbal tea and a book or two and you’ve got yourself a laid back afternoon!  

A dining table for two! China in chintz and a playful vintage table cloth against sheer curtains, this dinner table doesn’t beg for attention… it demands it!  

I love whites and pastels and decorating around them, mainly because it is so easy and timeless. Check out that starry chair, the tiny table with succulents and the deep red chandelier that keep drawing my eyes towards it… Things that make me go ummmm!

Thank you Rukmini, for letting us peek into your lovely home. And say hello, Fluffy the adorable rabbit. Visit Rukmini’s blog TruMatter, where she transforms her little apartment by the creek into a world of good living… All in half the price! 

All images from TruMatter


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