Review: Bath Etc…’s Lip Balm

I was at an exhibition recently when I came across a stall run by this young girl – Pushtiie Shakti – who owns a line of handmade products under the name Bath Etc…I don’t know if they have a store but I tracked down their website.

Coming back to the exhibition… After sniffing almost everything on the table (more than once), I finally came out of my many heady trips with one and only decision. I have to own a Bath Etc… product and I have to own it now. She had soaps, moisturisers, lip balms and what not. She said they were all handmade with natural ingredients.

I was short of money but that didn’t turn out to be much of a problem because the stuff was surprisingly reasonably priced. You know me and my crazy person unhealthy love for cupcakes, so it was only natural…almost predictable…that I picked out the Raspberry Vanilla flavoured lip balm.
Best. 100 bucks. Spent. Ever.

Image by Slow Motion Thoughts

Moist, it last long but sadly I end up inadvertently eating most of my lip balm (See: Hogger).
Now that I constantly get the aroma of a small bakery, I can rest in peace! And like Pushtiie said, I’m sure The Boy is going to love it as much as I do!

Image by Slow Motion Thoughts

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